anchor diversity

  1. Lutja

    About anchor text ratio

    Hey guys, As we know that google finds/crawls the web by pages and not by websites, is the anchor text ratio calculated per website or per page only? It might sound like a weird question, but I'm never sure about that sorry if you find it stupid. Tdlr: should I optimize my anchor text ratio...
  2. P

    [Reading] A Complete SEO Guide to Anchor Text Optimization for 2019

    I found very good article to optimize your Anchor Text. Bit lengthy but worthy to read and implement.
  3. nihalsad

    [GUIDE] Balancing Anchor Text Density For Your Backlinks to Get Crazy SEO Results!

    One of the biggest questions I see being asked a lot by people trying to rank their site is, "What should be my anchor text density?" and the crazy part is there is no definitive guide. Well, now there is! I am going to breakdown the anchor text formula that has worked wonders for me and helped...
  4. moneyflower

    Anchor Text Dilution - 301 Redirect Expired Domain?

    Hello all, I just discovered that a particular site I'm working on has been over optimized for a certain anchor text. All other keywords are on #1-#4 on page one of Google. But this particular one bounces between page two and three without bulging despite all Off-page activities done to it...
  5. FormerBoxer

    Anchor Text Percentage

    I'm trying to rank a keyword for a inner page that has 11% exact match for my anchor. Is that too high? I was thinking about using the exact match keyword for a PBN post. What should I use to get that keyword bumped up from #9? Thanks
  6. nnetwork

    What's a good anchor profile and kw density in 2015 ?

    Hello BHW, I have seen contradictory opinions on what a good anchor profile is and what sort of keyword density is good to use, and what is "overoptimized", in your opinion, in 2015 : - How should a good anchor profile look ? (%of exact kw in anchor, % of generic keywords..) - Is it safe to...
  7. H

    on page keyword density vs anchor outbound backlink

    Hello, as you read from title: just wondering i have 5000 backlink with anchor "keyword 1" and 10000 backlink with anchor "keyword 2" so my question is how much have to be the keyword density on the page for "Keywrod 1 and keyword 2" and how i can count it right thanks all
  8. T

    confused with anchor text ratio. can anyone help me clarify?

    Let's if my site is about best widget and i keep my onsite keyword density is below 1.5% for any word. When i build backlinks, i may use anchors like "best blue widget", "best red widget", "top widget" and so on. So nearly every anchor includes the word "widget". does this result stuffing to get...