1. S

    The number of AMP coverage does not increase.

    The number of AMP coverage does not increase. My site has more than 5500 page but it shows only 3040 page is covered. Besides it is decreasing day by day. Why? [Mod edit] [
  2. sageshark

    [Need Advice] Shall I Remove AMP from my Site?

    Hi friends, I need some serious advice from you. I have come to the point where I need to decide whether to AMP or not AMP! I have a website with around 1500 pages and I have included AMP plugin (as I always do for my all websites). But today I am thinking of removing AMP plugin and see what...
  3. kuldeepsingh689

    AMP pages creating 404 error

    Hello Friend, I used amp plugin before, now i delete that plugin. I saw 404 error on GWT. How can i solve these error. Redirect amp pages to current page or robots txt disallow amp pages example: Disallow: /?amp Disallow: /?noamp=mobile Disallow: /?nonamp=1&amp Disallow: /?nonamp=1...
  4. GNews

    AMP Token | Another Gem | Steady Rising on All Graph Time Frames | Secures BTC, ETH, Smart Transactions

    AMP Token | Another Gem | Steady Rising on All Graph Time Frames | Secures BTC, ETH, Smart Transactions Just got in on this at .06................ Shoe money play. Interesting fact about this coin, it's not taken a loss on any time (1day, 1 week, 1 month, 1 year, etc) according to...
  5. cubitly

    If I Install AMP On My Website Will It Decrease My rankings?

    My website is eligible for google discover but my new posts are not appearing I want to do experiment of enabling AMP but I want to know will it do any negative impact on my already ranked posts? As far as I know installing amp changes the permalink of posts for mobile does that means my link...
  6. cubitly

    What is your opinion on AMP?

    Guys mostly I have mobile traffic should I use AMP? Will amp remove my backlink juice?
  7. LatestPhoneZone

    Is there a better way of implementing AMP?

    My Amp page through the amp plugin looks urgly and I don't know much about coding. Is there a better and simple way of implementing amp with just HTML, CSS, or JavaScript codes and get exactly the design as the non amp pages.
  8. Asirir88

    AMP Effect on a Website

    I have questions regarding the AMP usage on a WP site. I would like to get your insight from your experience and expertise :) 1. Does AMP plugins reduce the overall Monetization revenue compare to normal URL ( I am having Adsense) 2. Are there benefits of having AMP URLs instead of normal once...
  9. sandandkush

    Google to pull back benefit to AMP-enabled Websites

    Four years after offering special placement in a “top stories carousel” in search results to entice publishers to use a format it created for mobile pages, called AMP, Google announced last week that it will end that preferential treatment in the spring. “We will prioritize pages with great...
  10. General Haan

    Best Practices For Showing Same Content On Different

    Question regarding similar or different approach on same URLs but different versions (desktop, mweb and amp) Some websites use different approaches/user behavior for Desktop Mobile and AMP, like on mweb, browsing using a layered approach (on click, a page layer opens with may have lesser...
  11. LilMosey

    What AMP Plugin do you use? (Wordpress)

    Hi, what AMP Plugin are you using for your Wordpress site? Decided to make my Site AMP compatible, but i'm not sure which plugin should i choose. Thanks
  12. S

    AMP for Wordpress Blog Experiences

    Hello BHW members! I would like to hear about your experiences about enabling AMP version on your wordpress blog/news website. Did you notice some increase in website performance, number of pages per session, bounce rate, rankings, etc..? I would like to hear both good and bad experiences(if...
  13. H

    AMP: Subdomain vs. Folder vs. Parameter

    Hey guys, I was wondering if there is any best practice for the URL structure of AMP pages? If you use a subdomain or a folder in the upper level, you can have a better possibility for analysing on Sistrix and Google Analytics. But I was wondering if there is a benefit for Google, if you put...
  14. mightymikey

    AMP: Yay or nay?

    Okay, so I've been debating the actual use of AMP on any of my currently running projects, I even refused to use it on clients websites for a long time now. I've been asked by a client to implement it onto their website, now the issue is I don't like using things that I've never used before...
  15. SimonBC

    Adsense on AMP

    hi all, I am getting a lot of impressions on my amp pages and an increasing number of clicks. I have added adsense adverts to the pages and that is all fine but i am not getting any clicks? Has anyone here had any success with adsense on AMP or is it a waste of time? thanks in advance
  16. LatestPhoneZone

    How do I solve " Linked AMP version is invalid” issue?

    Hello, I use newspaper 10 which comes with an AMP plugin. I also installed and activated the official AMP for WordPress. My issue is that almost all my posts, when search on console has Linked AMP version is invalid” issue. How do I solve this? It Has affected my traffic real bad
  17. cmghostbuster

    AMP Failed

    Hi, First of all Happy New Year! Second i need a little help here please. I didn't know where to post this thread to ask for help so i did it here..where i think i could get good answers. I have installed the AMP plugin for faster page speed and according to google better rankings ...but i get...
  18. F

    Fastest paid theme both for mobile & desktop? Please help

    Hello, In last few days my traffic has dropped thanks to amp (accelarated mobile pages) significantly. I am trying to fix these issues but so far no luck. I would like to continue building this site and hopefully fix the amp issues. But I would also like to target same kwd on different expired...
  19. F

    [Help please] How to set adsense ads only for NON AMP pages?

    Hello, For some reason search console after months have trigered errors on my site due to ads. I finally fixed the issue and for my amp version of the site the ada are displaying the way they should. For that I am using ads for wp. But I am facing with issues how to serve ads for the rest of my...
  20. F

    Did anyone else experience LESS AMP traffic?

    In last week or so AMP version of my pages conpletely disappeared from my google analytics. Which is quite wierd, since almost a month ago accelerated mobile pages version of my pages were out performing my regular pages in google analytics. So it is only me? Or anyone else is on the same boat...