1. C

    Need tips on how to deal with Trustpilot

    I am having issues where my page on Trustpilot is beeing bombarded by spam fake bad reviews. Trying to fight back with my own good reviews is a dead end since Trustpilot is targeting all my proxies(Or maybe other things im not aware of). Would very much appreciate any information that will...
  2. Jaordas

    September 2023 helpful content update (less strict on AI, what does this mean for you?) First of all, didnt see a thread for this exact update, forgive me if their was one. However im creating this because I want to ask BHW members how they are doing and how they feel about the updated Guidance on Machine...
  3. curious_

    Figuring out Twitter Topics algorithm

    Hey guys, I'm super curious to find out how to get a tweet trending in a certain topic. Here is what I mean: Step 1: a twitter user follows a topic: Step 2: the twitter user starts to see tweets from the topic he/she started to follow: (I already highlighted a keyword that someone used...
  4. B

    [Q] is tag spamming hit an algorithm on YouTube?

    Hi BHW My question is Placing excessive tags in the video description (“tag stuffing”) is it new to get views on youtube? Even youtube algorythm is promoting those tag spam video everywhere. Dont you think it's a good way to get maximum views in 2020. use tag spamming for 24 hours and...
  5. A

    Buying a tik tok account

    I found someone who wants to sell their tik tok account and I’m debating whether or not it would be worth it. Does anyone have any experience with buying accounts? My main concern is that the account is in a different niche than mine would be, so I’d be worried their followers might not like my...
  6. 4

    Algorithms & Sportsbetting? Journey to a steady income

    Hi Guys! I've been lurking and reading a lot! But haven't posted yet (well 1 post). Been also busy working on a personal project. I'm a developer (well started out as a hobby) but want to make some (serious) money with these skills. More then 1 year ago I started creating an algorithm for...
  7. H

    [Chrome Dinosaur] A new type of livestream video is on the rise

    Lately I have been seeing this in my recommendation chrome dinosaur games livestreamed with insane amount of live viewers some times more than 15k. Several channels are playing the same kind of livestream. They have titles such as: - Every LIKE makes DINO faster | Playing Chrome Dinosaur game...
  8. Taylanubati

    {Tik Tok} Checklist for a Viral Video, Avoid Shadowbans, Algorythm

    Hey, I just quickly want to give out a little Checklist you should always look at before starting a TikTok account which I got from testing out a lot of things with more than 20+ accounts now. Checklist for a successful account: Only one niche or a combined niche Same hashtags and strong...
  9. D

    Algoritm bot for new music platform

    Hi Guys, We need someone who can help us with the development of our new, low entree, minimal, "discover", "listen" and "share" music platform. We have a designer, we need you to code the algoritm needed to feed our platform. More details?, please PM. Already thanks for your reaction(s) Daniel
  10. P

    Youtube Ranking!

    Hey there... Does anyone have a way rn to rank on the first page for any keyword on youtube? Ik that youtube views likes etc have been fixed since the recent youtube update. Please lmk! Thanks, Pulaski
  11. ialmahmud

    Lost Organic traffic from my website

    I have lost almost 60% organic traffic from Google 16 October update. My website is Amazon affiliates based. Can anyone please suggest me how can i get back on my track. Thanks
  12. proofoflife

    Is the a planned schedule for the google algorithm updates this year?

    My account was stung badly with the Brackets update in March and I am being outranked by absolute garbage competitors. i want to anticipate when the next update will be so i can prepare, or is this a fruitless task? Does google just launch updates as and when ? if I was a guessing man, I...
  13. Z

    Best powerlikes service????

    I am looking to buy a powerlikes service. Please hmu if you have any good powerlikes services or if you have your own service.
  14. bmanfacts

    [IMPORTANT!!!] Facebook Faces Feed Change Fallout

    Facebook shares closed down 8.4% Friday following the social media giant’s announcement that changes in store for its “News Feed” could result in less time spent on the site, CNBC reported. The key area of the platform where advertising is placed will now favor content from friends and family...
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