1. KoolTimes

    [GIVEAWAY] FREE Ahrefs Report - Site Explorer / Keyword Explorer

    I currently have access to an ahrefs account. Since I have generated all the reports I need for myself I wanted to share what's left with BHW members. You can choose between two reports: - Site Explorer (Export in CSV and PDF) - Keyword Explorer - Filtering Available (Export in CSV) I can...
  2. C

    Question regarding PBN and Ahrefs indexing

    Hi, I have my own PBN with around 20% of the domains indexed on Ahrefs. 100% of my PBN domains are indexed on Google Search Console (I see the links) But on Ahrefs the link never seem to show up, giving that DR/UR boost. I run speed links, post on social medias, social signals etc, domains...
  3. SashaPavelMisha

    So I thought I scored a great domain ... but Ahrefs disagrees ?

    Hi i was checking a wikipedia article, clicked on a link and thus found this domain, maybe someone forgot to pay for it, i don't know, but i bought it for myself. it's some kind of auto tech stuff, internet archive says it has been around since at least 2009, it's a .com domain, and ahrefs ...
  4. 0verflow

    ✅ $99/one-time ✅ Essential SEO Tools you will ever need! ✅10% BHW Discount✅

    Tools: Rank Tracking Keyword Tool Competitor Keywords Backlinks Tool SEO Audit Agency Features Lead generation For any Inquiries: Drop an email at: [email protected] Demo Reports: Rank Tracker: https://sharing.brandoverflow.com/projects/628b74ec7b4a9c485fa5ea86 SEO Audit...
  5. J

    Ahrefs DR is 38, UR is 89 for my domain - is that good?

    Hi, my (money site) domain's Ahrefs DR is 38, but the UR is 89 (main homepage like https://example.com/) its an tech-internet niche site, with 5 pages. ahrefs say I've 25% do-follow backllinks. Not much backlinks point to other 4 pages. Main links receive to homepage Why big difference in DR...
  6. adityaradea

    5 Powerfull SEO Tools from AHREFS you might not know about and its totally Free

    Ahrefs is the most powerful and also most expensive SEO tools especially since they remove 7 days trial subscription. Here is 5 Ahrefs free SEO tools you might not know that will help you with various SEO tasks, such as keyword research, on-page SEO, link building, and more. Here is the...
  7. Alma

    Working Ahrefs Group Buy?

    Hey, Anyone knoes a working ahrefs group buy? Thanks
  8. dmister

    Thank you brotha Elon

  9. Zooha

    Flikover (group buy SEO tool) alternative

    Hey everyone, So for around the last year I've been using Flikover as a tool to use Ahrefs, Semrush and more. What I now notice though is that they increased there prices a lot. (doubled - tripled). Next to that, it seems like there are a lot less searches possible with Ahrefs, that makes...
  10. HIccup

    [GIVEAWAY] Ahrefs Report for Free

    I will give any reports that Ahrefs can generate to 10 to 20 people or maybe more. But I am not that expert. So please PM me exactly what you need and how I can generate that report for you. Anyone can get the report. 2 exports per person. Thank you.
  11. hercai

    I need professional help finding keywords

    Hello, I need all the keywords that can give me an idea on the topic and tag related to a few games in my country. I would love to buy a few hours of Ahrefs, but I couldn't find it. Since I don't have a friend around who uses Ahrefs, I couldn't ask for help with this need. As a last resort, I...
  12. HIccup

    How can I make some money with Ahrefs and Ubersuggest?

    I have two accounts of Ahrefs & Ubersuggest (not free version) and they are not stolen. I cannot give them to anyone or rent them out. I was wondering if I can do something with these accounts to make some money. Maybe make reports and sell it as a service. I know why these sites are used, and...

    Ahrefs New Pricing Disclosed - What is your opinion?

    Ahrefs just now updated their pricing and to be honest I don't get what they are trying to do. So as far as I understand you can only have now 500 Reports ( Searches ) for all the tools. So that means even if you do 1 search in keyword it would count as 1 report. For additional report you would...
  14. harrywilliams

    Ranking for KD: 62 Keyword Without Backlinks - SEO Confusion

    There is a valuable keyword in my niche which shows 62 of Keyword Difficulty with 1800 monthly searches in US and 6000 global searches (according to Ahrefs). I've checked top ranked 10 pages and 8 of them have articles less than 600 words. And the Wikipedia (Position: 1) page has 821 words and...
  15. Jetstars

    Long time lurker, first time poster

    Hi all, I have been a member for a while and gathering good info from some members (thank you) and watching interesting discussions. Haven't felt the need to post until now. I have a been an internet marketer since 2008 with a number of successful ventures under my belt. Launching a new...
  16. davids355

    Building and ranking a niche website in 2022

    First things first; when you get started on your project you need to have your head in the right place. Think BIG, think POWERFUL, think of your niche website as a samurai sword - you want to keep to the original specification of a sword, you don't want to over-complicate it or turn it into...
  17. Eternalman

    How to find a niche on Ahrefs?

    Hey guys, I have been reading a few articles and threads on finding a niche, but none them seem to work for me. Anyone knows how to find a blog website niche on Ahrefs? I'd greatly appreciate any help or even directions to the correct guides. Thank you
  18. Archie the Unicorn

    Are websites with boosted metrics worth anything?

    I see many sellers offering links from websites with really good metrics. But most of these sites have their metrics boosted artificially. Typical: 1. Someone buys an expired domain 2. Throws thousands of links at it 3. The metrics goes up 4. He starts selling backlinks from that website But I...
  19. Deadlight

    Determining a "home run" keyword

    Trying to narrow a list of keywords down to only the ones that are guaranteed to rank with strong content. Using aHrefs. Criteria I'm using: 0-5 KD Volume at 100+ Long-tail search term (4+ words) No featured snippet No products No real competition (determine by manually looking at SERPs) The...
  20. qandeelfahad1


    Hello brothers and sisters, Is there someone here who can provide me his script of downloading videos from tiktok and uploading it to youtube. I have been doing it since past two days but the script works only halfway, and gets stuck in the middle. On top of that I dont know how to make it on...