1. metalfingersdoom

    About to go on my first tiered link building! Couple Questions:

    I will number my questions for the readers convenience, Please correct me if I'm wrong on any part down in the comments, from what I gathered, T1 should be: I get that I should add web 2.0's over here along with the foundation backlinks for diversity. My conversation with a power user at...
  2. TheHumanElement

    I’ve Got a Bunch of Specific Questions About TikTok, Can Somebody Making Money With TikTok Right Now Help Me Out?

    So my absolutely barebones process is going to go: a. make many accounts niche-specific b. post link in bio niche-specific c. follow/like/react to targeted groups of people's posts d. get follows back, people will come to profile, click on link in profile, etc. e. profit Relatively...
  3. Turbo B.

    Namejet & Snapnames caught domains age?

    Does dropchatching domains on Snapnames or Namejet ($79) reserves current domain age ? Or domains gets newly registered as after simple drop ?
  4. krychaj5

    Instagram account age checker 2020?

    Hello, I'm looking for working IG age checker, no one from "search" or basic google research is working for now. Most of them won't load any result and one of them is always giving the same date so I think IG changed something and these tools have not been updated yet. Is there any fresh...
  5. hideath

    Domain age or number of backlinks to avoid sandbox?

    I'm trying to buy few domains to use as PBNs Can i buy an aged domain (1 year+) without backlinks and start building links to it? Will that help to avoid its sandbox?
  6. Ecodor

    Get what people search on google in terms of age?

    Hello, I want to figure out how can I find what people search on google in terms of age. For example, I want to find out what is most searched by people who have 20 years in the last 6 months. Is there some tool like this? - Thanks
  7. PowerPath

    Best Age Range To Target For CPA

    Hey guys, I just wanted to ask what you thought is the best age range to target for CPA. By this I mean the age range (e.g. teen or 13-18) to target for CPA, mainly based on EPC. I am doing content lockers CPA. This is for IG+CPA If you guys can help me out that would be great.
  8. O

    New IG Scraper?

    Need a scrapper, that can scrape followers, gender, whitelist , likes etc and scrape fast bonus if it can scrape age and stories
  9. kapetankuka

    Domain age calculated

    Hello! I have a couple of questions regarding the domain age. If i register it today, in 2016, is my domain 1 year old after 1.1.2017? Also, does the domain age count from the day i bought the domain OR since i uploaded some files on it and indexed it on google?
  10. B

    How to create stealth accounts

    Hello, My name is Ron and this is my first post in the forum:D I want to create ebay stealth accounts and later sell them, I looked at this subject in the forum but I don't know very much about VBA, VPS, VBN and proxy... I write this post to ask you for help. I need to know from where could I...
  11. M

    Domain/Site Age Factor for Google

    Hi All I started my first site about 8 months ago and within the last two months I started seeing some real changes in my traffic and leads, strictly white hat, no packages or anything. Now I just started another site and wanted to know how long does it take for a site to age appropriately...
  12. J

    Dumb Question : If you have a video that you uploaded set to private or unlisted???

    If you just uploaded a video and set it to private / unlisted and you send backlinks to the video will the backlinks still count. Most importantly, when you set a video to unlisted or private does the age of the video stay marked as new until you set it public. ex. upload video as private two...
  13. R

    How to get Micro Niche Domains ?

    How to get Micro Niche Domains Which have age and PR ?Where to find them? How to check the PR is real? I have looked into godayy auction and some other domain auction sites to find the way of getting lots of MNS Domain but i cant find a proper way to find the it :( I saw many people buy this...
  14. L

    Domain Age and Youtube-Backlinks Building

    - Hi ! We know that we can build more backlinks and faster if the domain is pretty old. The thing is I promote Youtube videos (in French but whatever). Youtube is 4 years old, so can we consider that I can build more backlinks and faster for my videos (as if I had my 4 years old own...
  15. I

    Domain age weighting

    I've had a quick search for this but no real luck, I'm hoping someone has the answers. Basically, I'm interested in how important domain age is to Google. I know G likes old sites, but how does that balance against good copy, good use of tags and high quality backlinks? I've got a domain...
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