I’ve Got a Bunch of Specific Questions About TikTok, Can Somebody Making Money With TikTok Right Now Help Me Out?

Apr 9, 2020
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So my absolutely barebones process is going to go:

a. make many accounts niche-specific
b. post link in bio niche-specific
c. follow/like/react to targeted groups of people's posts
d. get follows back, people will come to profile, click on link in profile, etc.
e. profit

Relatively straightforward stuff.

And my questions are:

1. Regarding (a), if you have accounts you've created at scale, have you found better success personally in deploying many spammy accounts you expect to get banned in a short amount of time then maxing out follow/like/comment limits, or deploying higher quality, longer aged accounts, not hitting follow/like/comment limits and riding them out for a longer period of time?
2. Is there currently a public, working TikTok bot available right now? If there are more than one, what are there names? I heard that Jarvee is bugged, is that still true?
3. What are spam filters like generally? Are they doing the standard email spam check > follow spam check > PVA > follow block > ID verification funnel that Instagram has been doing the past few years?
4. Are they checking IP's for datacentre/residential/mobile affiliation or do they not care as long as you're not IP-flagged?
5. Are link cloakers needed for posting links in bio's/comments at scale? How many cloaked links can I push through 1 domain without running into trouble?
6. How much does account age play into relaxation of spam filters, and is there a certain threshold of time an account can be aged for wherein filters seem much more relaxed?
7. If account age matters, is it beter to home-grow accounts on rotating residentials or just buy pre-aged ones at a premium? Additionally, any sellers you'd recommend specifically, and if so, why?
8. Does the video medium change the funnelling process all that much compared to marketing on places like Facebook, Instagram, Craigslist, etc? Like are spam filters/stolen content tighter/looser for video media, is there automated copyright/DCMA stuff to deal with now? etc.
9. If an account gets banned, is there any way to cheese the unban process at scale?
10. Aside from the obvious, what would you say are the main demographic/marketing-related differences between people on older platforms like Facebook/IG and people on TikTok? Does any aspect of marketing work particularly better, or not as well?

Thanks in advance, all!
I would go with not hitting the limits so that the accounts will last longer and possibly be worth something when I'm done pushing the method.
True Jarvee is currently bugged. Their reposting function was one of the most effective in growing accounts. Hopefully, they'll fix it before TikTok becomes harder to bot.

That's all I have for now.
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