affiliate links

  1. duuldademon

    My roster of models + your traffic

    I am looking to partner with traffic providers. The partnership will be 50% of subs you bring in and 50% of every transaction the sub makes on the account for a lifetime.
  2. M

    [Question] Banned Affiliate Links On FB

    Trying to figure out a cheap solution to post my affiliate links on FB (which FB automatically stop). Cloaking software is way out of my budget at the moment. My question is: Would a pre landing page to my affiliate link work? Or would it banned pretty quick? For example: FB Ad with link to...
  3. inclaminated

    Cloaking affiliate links

    Hi, I am trying my hand at some affiliate marketing, mainly click bank and amazon at this initial stage. My question is about cloaking your affiliate link. I have read a lot of people say your link should be cloaked on here. I don't really understand this despite searching and reading...
  4. Heresiarch

    Buying Quora Ads for CPA. Has anybody done that?

    I was thinking about buying advertising on Quora to promote CPA offers, but their advertising policies say, "We do not allow affiliate links to be used as landing page URLs." Here is the page of their policies that states it...
  5. Rumborak

    Losing money because of "noopener" links?

    Are we losing money because the Wordpress editor automatically adds "noopener" tags to our affiliate links (and thus removes information passed on to affiliates)? I tried to find a clear answer on the webs but I'm still confused. Apparently Amazon links are not affected. But, what about Udemy...
  6. JonnyCicci

    Are affiliate link buttons bad for SEO?

    Hi everybody, I am hearing different opinions about adding affiliate buttons along the content. Given that all affiliate links are set as nofollow, do they hurt SEO? What about comparison tables with affiliate links in it? Does Google really hate them? If yes, how many buttons are recommended...
  7. Gaz

    Amazon affiliate link disclosure

    Hi everyone. Just had a quick question. I live in the UK and just started putting affiliate links to products I already recommend customers buy for certain household problems on my websites. My question is do you have to declare that your sending the viewer through an affiliate link to the...
  8. J

    Different ways to promote

    What are all the different ways to promote affiliate links can I promote on blackhatworld can I use AdWords
  9. J

    Can my affiliate network trace the origins of my traffic?

    I am curious as to how far an affiliate network can trace where my traffic is coming from. I have my own website and I use other social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Fiverr to advertise. If I was to direct users from my Facebook to my website, and then from my website to my affiliate...
  10. lucas07

    How to earn money using affliate program/links and Pinterest?

    Hi I need advice, I want to earn money using Pinterest and affliate link. I don't know how to start and I also don't know how to use an affliate link. Please advice. Your comments is/are much appreciated. Thanks
  11. ergoprime

    Amazon Affiliate Mobile Commission Problem

    I heard that many people who browse on their phone through the web and click on a affiliate link, which redirects them to a amazon product, close their web browser and buy the product with the amazon app. Now my question: Do I still get the commission? The Tracker-ID of my affiliate link is...
  12. A

    New here! Over 10m followers on Insta and still struggle

    Have over 10m followers on Instagram and around 150k snap views. 10-30k on fb/tumblr/twitter I don't do much with. Used to make bank on Instagram with affiliate links, and tried to gain Snapchat to do the same there. The fun didn't last too long since I'm now struggling and could do literally...
  13. J

    Need some guidance on link Masking or clocking for affiliate links

    Hello All, I am new here, if I am wrong then please correct me. I am facing an issue with the link masking. I am using API of a comparison website and create my own website based on that API. I will try to explain below - 1. I copy this kind of Affiliate link from "buy now" button which is on...
  14. I

    How to track Easy Azon cloaked links in Google Analytics?

    Hello all, I recently started using Easy Azon for my Amazon affiliate links. It allows you to cloak your links to a subdirectory of your website, like this: /go/productID/US/amazonID/ I do not have access to those subdirectories to add GA code to them. Is there a way I can track these links...
  15. F

    should I use private proxies to signup to affiliate programs?

    Should I use private proxies to signup to different affiliate programs to be remain anonymous if someone clicks on my affiliate link?
  16. shezboy

    Affiliate Links on Landing Page - Quality Score Issues?

    I read a few bits from various sources about what you can and can't do when it comes to having affiliate links on your landing page when using AdWords to send traffic to that landing page. Does anyone know from experience how using aff links on your landing pages directly affects your quality...
  17. T

    The Chicken or the Egg - do affiliates get paid if the person already visited the site?

    Using a basic example - if I am promoting Wix website builder, it's likely the customer has already visited the Wix site before seeing my content. Will I still be paid if someone clicks on my aff link and subscribes to Wix within the relevant cookie period?
  18. H

    Amazon Affiliate Links on Blogger Blog?

    Can i put Amazon affiliate links on Blogger/Blogspot blog? Is it against Blogspot TOS? Please let me know. Thank you for the help blackhatters : )
  19. C

    [TUT] BULK/MASS Tier 4 Cloaked Affiliate Links - Make Anonymous Affiliate Links

  20. Chrisrock

    Testing affiliate links to see everything is setup correctly - Software/Tool?

    Hi, Is there a software/tool to test affilate links to see everything is working from my site + affiliate program = visitors site, so I know that the my affilate cookies is all setup? - I don't want to place a java script on my site. Hope someone have some great tips and advice on how to...
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