1. B

    adscendmedia scammed 1.2k usd from me

    Hi fellow bhw members, I was sending traffic to adscendmedia offers for a month now earning around 1200$ Today I got this message: "Your Adscend Media account has been suspended due to a breach of our Terms of Service. Since this is a serious breach, or because your leads themselves are...
  2. E

    Banned from Adscend Media - Lost $1,500

    I was earning $150-$200 (Whitehat - within TOS) daily and asked my account manager Ilyssa to be paid on a faster schedule than NET30. She looked over my account and put me on a bi-weekly payment schedule. All was good. Then I get an email out of the blue saying I was banned and will not be paid...
  3. E

    OMG adscendmedia is shaving like hell!!!

    I am using the same offers from different networks and started split testing to see if it would make any difference in each network. And guess what I am getting a 0.06 epc with adscendmedia and 0.20 - 0.50 with other networks. I am using same offers, same lockers, same content. This clearly...
  4. V

    How to promote a CPA offer without a website ??e

    I have an a/c with adscendmedia but recently my hosting a/c got closed due to some reason. Therefore, I do not have a website. How can I promote cpa offers without having a website. Can I buy country specific traffic at some place ? Does it convert ?
  5. Adscendmedia Download Button?

    I have a file that I want people to be able to download from my website by first completing an offer. I want it so when they visit the page, they first have to click the download button (which is a picture of a download button) then a content gateway comes up and they have to complete an offer...
  6. E

    Can someone please do a quick favor!

    I just want someone form the US to give me a screenshot of this cpa offer landing page. That's it! Pm me as I dont want to get banned from the cpa network if I post the link here.
  7. P

    Application to Adscend media. Need help, information!

    i'm totally new in CPA business. it will be my first CPA application. i'm interested in Content Locker Pro v2.0 product so i need to get accepted by adscend or other incensive-able cpa network. i need some questions, i also asked them in CPLv2.0 thread. 1)im signing up as publisher, right? 2)i...
  8. eunicemartinez_21

    Need Help! Setting up adscendmedia offers on CLP (subid & postback problem)

    Hope someone who has done this can help me. So I just bought CLP and I really need a big help setting up subid and postback thing. I am having a hard time understanding what's on the manual and already tried their forum but no luck. Their support is taking too long to respond that's why I...
  9. eunicemartinez_21

    [Need Advice] Anyone use adscendmedia offers in content locker pro 2?

    I was very interested in buying CLP 2 because I have a strong feeling that it will give me more earnings than what I am currently earning now with adscendmedia. I was almost gonna buy it but it comes to my mind to approach my AM first. I know that there's nothing wrong in using adscend offers in...
  10. I

    Need an adscendmedia account. Tell me prices!!

    Hey guys, I wanna buy one adscendmedia "Publisher" account. If you got any account that is just lyin' off without any use, and are willing to sell then please PM me with the price. :) Also please note that, I should be able to change my country address, phone number, email and paypal email...
  11. dharmasp

    Question about Adscendmedia's content locker

    I'm doing some iframing between two domains, in order to fake the referrer. I'm also passing variables for the adscendmedia's cl with explanations for the users. Does anyone know if those variables are captured by adscendmedia and reviewed later, because what I'm passing as info when the cl...
  12. cricket1

    Sharecash & Adscendmedia - HOW?

    I just don't understand the fact Sharecash can publish Adscendmedia offers by locking the content (in this case downloads) uploaded by their users. How is it possible if 95% of the downloads they provide are either copyrighted or fake (i.e., game cracks, keygens and all that illegal stuff). I...
  13. finerpleasures

    I need AdscendJeremy's Attn.

    Hey Jeremy, Howzit going? I'm an affiliate on your network and i need some info. I receive payments through paypal, even though i have not used my account for a while. However, i recently setup a small site and things are moving fine . I went into my profile, hoping to edit my paypal...
  14. X

    AdscendMedia Affiliates?

    Are there any affiliates here that clear minimum +$100 a day using AdscendMedia network? I read a lot of reviews that they shave to hell and would rather not waste my time if that is the case. If you are specifically using there "credit card submit" offers I would like to hear about your...
  15. T

    How do i get accepted to adscendmedia......?..

    I have tried multiple times and have failed to get accepted. Any tips?
  16. wpbacklinks

    [WTB] Help me setup simple adscendmedia file gateway php code! $10

    Hi, How would I get this file gateway php code to work with wordpress? Im using mediafire to host the files. You may use this code within your PHP projects to create links on-the-fly in an encrypted form. The code below is customized specifically for your account. <?php function...
  17. P

    which offers in Adscendmedia or CP@LE@D to promote with minuteworkers plz help me

    how to find incentive offer which we can keep in minute workers to complete survey or offer in adscendmedia or in CP@le@d surveys. Please help me how to find the incentive offer to be done by minuteworkers or microworkers . do i need to put the offer or survey in the blog or directly paste the...
  18. C

    Help me to get approved by adscendmedia and peerfly

    Hi bhw member i very very need your suggestion how to get accepted into 2 affiliate network(peerfly and adscendmedia). I had rejected 3 times by peerfly. They said that my application was denied, and also i was rejected 3 times by adscendmedia. They said that my promotion method is not in...
  19. utkarshpaliwal

    Does adscendmedia offers "email submits"?

    Hi, I have been just accepted at:adscendmedia Does this offer email submits...? I was not not able to see any email submit offer there!!! Thanks, Utkarsh
  20. macdonjo3

    Is AdscendMedia A Scam?

    I have been using them, made $9 so far but I got my friend to test a email submit, and didn't give me anything, its been like 4 days. Anyone used or is using adscendmedia?
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