How to promote a CPA offer without a website ??e


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Feb 19, 2012
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I have an a/c with adscendmedia but recently my hosting a/c got closed due to some reason. Therefore, I do not have a website.

How can I promote cpa offers without having a website. Can I buy country specific traffic at some place ? Does it convert ?
Some cpa offers have their own landing page.
You can also use direct link if the offer allow you to do that.
Google free webhosting you will find tons of free hosts.
wouldn't it be easy to get another hosting account? Hosting for a month nowadays equals to the money of a beer and even less..

If you want to make some serious business online you will need a hosting at some point :)
If you are doing CPA you should use content locker which should convert more of your visitors.
You can....
Through email listing.
Posting your CPA Links to facebook page
Why not just get another hosting account? if money is the issue, I saw someone in here last week offering free web hosting to those that need it.
You can get a free hosted website from
You can use:
- PPC ads.
- Email marketing.
- Forum posts.
- Youtube videos to promote your offer (You can use all video sites).
- Create fb page/twitter account, get friends/followers and promote your aff link to all.
- Classified ads sites.
Just make your choice.
My advice is to save some $ and make a ownhosted website. This is the way to hit the sky. ;)
Good luck!
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I can help you to provide you a good (mobile) landingspage! VPSMobile operates in nine countries! PM if you are interested!
If you have a direct link for the CPA offer you can promote it on any site like Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram without the need of a website.
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