1. RyuLion

    Hi, I haven't posted in a long time!

    I've been a WebMaster for Adult since 2000 but have been a tech since out of High School back in 95'. I will be posting more often, have a great weekend!
  2. P

    This is what I have. Help me narrow my focus please

    Hello, I own a small "virtual" IT (sole prop). I did not choose or purchase most of these domains. Most were given to me a few yrs ago, from a web company I consulted with. I have most of the front pages done, and just need to fill content. I own several rental car domain names, and want to...
  3. nohupt

    Which SEO metrics are the most important to you in 2023?

    i keep reading people naysaying DA, DR, TF, CF and other metrics, while others still talk about these metrics as if they are hugely important. i'm not a big SEO guy. I use it when i see an opportunity to capitalize on a keyword, but i usually focus on the on-page SEO and getting authority...
  4. polanskys

    (HELP) Ad networks that have TORRENTS websites traffic sources?

    1. (HELP) Ad networks that have TORRENTS websites traffic sources? 2.Ad networks to promote TORRENTS offers?
  5. Kenrik

    As you believe, Which platform is the best for drawing a large audience?

    Which social media platform do you believe offers the most reliable and high-quality service for a reasonable price, considering that we are familiar with popular platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, among others?
  6. P

    Getting southj american traffic to website

    I am based in the United States, but the website I have is for South American products. I am trying different ways and would like tips or feedback on how to gain specific traffic more so from this region. So far I have the website translated in Spanish and English, I have used some key words on...
  7. V

    Where to buy blogger traffic?

    Hi everyone, I would like to know the best way to buy influence/blogger traffic. Are there any sites or aggregators that publish bloggers or their blogs/channels. In general a service that makes it easy to buy this type of traffic. I would be grateful for recommendations.
  8. ciphercipher1

    [JV] My python automation skills + your monetization methods

    Hey there, I have posted several JV posts here on the forum but all of them failed due to not taking the projects seriously. It is really hard to find reliable partners in today's time. But I am far away from giving up so here I am again: Looking for someone who has an idea/method that is sure...
  9. K

    Achieve organic traffic 550k in two years

    I found a website that was started in 2021. I checked on semrush today that its organic traffic has reached 550K, and the number of backlinks is also an astonishing number. How did it do it? The website is
  10. Akinyande ayo

    More Backlinks Wins in March Update

    It seems the March 2023 is a correction of some past updates. Checking across my sites, and KWs ranking, I realized that pages with More Backlinks Rank Higher than Pages with Longer Content or Quality so to say. What's your experience and take on this?
  11. Chillinwith

    Looking for ONLYFANS traffic from social media

    Hey! Looking for traffic to OnlyFans from any social media sources Contact info:
  12. A

    I am looking for someone to conduct a high-level traffic SEO project targeting Korean websites

    I want to rank up on Google Korea search rankings through high-quality traffic. Please leave your contact information in the comments, and we will contact you sequentially.
  13. H

    I'm interested in traffic SEO and would like to chat with experts in the field!

    I'm waiting for traffic experts. I want to talk about business with them.
  14. M

    I need friends to exchange traffic with my adult niche tube site

    Hello all. i run a adult porn tube site with around 3500 - 4000 unique visitors per day and 45k pageviews. Recently i have noticed that my competitors are exchanging their traffic with other tubes. for example if you take a look at this porn tube you can it has a friend list. My question...
  15. A

    Growing an Online Music Business from Scratch: Need Advice on Driving More Organic Traffic

    Hello! For about 2-3 months now, I've started an online business that caters to music producers. On the website, I sell sound packages and other audio libraries. I'm writing this thread because I think I need advice from someone more experienced. In these months, I managed to bring in...
  16. syconet

    Thinking to Promote CPA Offers Through Paid Traffic

    I am thinking to promote CPA offers through paid traffic services like RollerAds, propellerads, etc. Can anyone tell with their experience which websites are good to buy traffic to promote such offers through campaign like Push, OnClick, Calendar, etc.? I think these websites might have...
  17. S

    How do you guys drive OnlyFans traffic?

    Hello, I am struggling with driving OnlyFans traffic. How do you guys do it? Any tips, guides, and suggestions, anything is more than welcome!
  18. Porter.parter

    Looking for advertising specialists at OnlyFans [My models = your traffic]

    We are a modeling agency at OnlyFans, at the moment we have about 18 models that we promote. We have our own traffic and chatting. At the moment we are looking for specialists to scale the results, looking for those who already have experience in the field of OnlyFans. If you are interested in...
  19. O

    Sudden loss in traffic

    Hello everyone, I would greatly appreciate your input on the following situation: I acquired an expired domain with a good history and decent backlinks. Initially, the site performed well, with approximately 15,000 daily impressions and around 3,000 monthly traffic within the first three months...
  20. blue_lime

    Keyword Difficulty And Search Volume

    Hello, I'm coming for advice as little newbie in some ways. I would like to figure out if my keyword research will go fine or I'm wrong and using wrong parameters. Goal is finally bring traffic to site after months. I'm blogging on almost new website 6month old+ and I always try to find low...