Update: One account, almost one year old all manually

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    Here is the original post http://www.blackhatworld.com/seo/join-my-instagram-journey-from-argentina.803171/

    Hey some updates! .... [still doing all manually] :

    I am on 17K , the Ig account is almost a year old, good engagement and posting every day or two.

    From my initial 6 facebook acc, i got 4 left, the others got banned but the ones still holding on, are filled with clients and still growing.

    Facebook page its almost 3k and everytime i post from instagram i share with fb page and twitter.

    3 whatsapp list with 250 people on each,

    Snapchat growing aswell.

    2 facebook groups that i started from 0 and its about 5k plus each.


    Moneywise i have not invested a penny but i did invest a lot of time, earning its hard to say because this is always boosting my offline business which is Pr Promo.


    1) I am starting a second acc on different niche, can i manually follow / unfollow on both acc, doing it from my phone on LTE? for example: 15:00 Pm Follow on one acc 30 ppl and right away unfollow 20 from the other acc.

    2) Hashtagging on comment is better that on photo? or it doesnt make a difference?

    3) Currently thinking of switching the name to something regarding my name because people look for a real person on the Promoting PR business.

    4)Right nw i am bit scared to pay for proxys and i dont understand all that, what if i get another phone and simcard with a data plan to make 2 more accounts?

    5) What else would you recommend for me to keep growing?

    6) How About making some more baby accs to grow on the same niche.

    Thanks. and i apologize for my english as always.

    Kind Regards From Argentina