social networks

  1. dreadpixel

    ★MAGIC CONTENT★➡CREATE 1000's of Images/Video in mins & SCHEDULE to ALL Networks ➡FB/IN/TW/WP/YT/RSS

  2. Jalenworldwide

    Instagram Comments / Engagement

    Hey BHW! Any panel out there that offer instant custom comments from realistic looking accounts? If any one has any recommendations or if you're a provider please let me know. A lot of the panels now-a-days are experiencing issues when it comes to IG.
  3. Jalenworldwide

    Instant Instagram Views / Customer Support

    Hey BHW ! I'm a recording artists with a blue check mark verified Instagram account & I'm looking to make posts on my IGTV. I would need a lot of super-instant views & I noticed a few panels out there are not providing instant services. Any one here that can provide instant views? I don't...
  4. fpzshka

    Adult Tube with social networks

    Hello, BHW. I have adult tube and want to know if social networks will help me gain some traffic or not? I heard social networks hates porn and ban it. I probably need someone who will manage all social accounts. Is it right way or just waste of time and money? What I need to do? Just putting...
  5. vexxatu

    How do you handle social accounts on your PBN?

    As the title says, I'm looking for a way to get all my social accounts for each of the sites in my PBN with some activity, posting new articoles on each social network etc. However, so far (as I know of), there are only 2 possibilities: 1. Subscribe to a service such as Hootsuite or Buffer...
  6. b6ainy

    Invest in Youtube

    hi everybody love your community and would love any feedback from any one who have any expert on youtube. i have amount of money and would like to try Youtube, i have two channels what should i invest in other than content: Subscribers, Views or Likes or you have other ideas thanks in advance
  7. Thenaigga

    Best social networks to make money

    Good day fellow Black Hat, I am currently on a journey of development of social networks to obtain $ through them. Currently have an IG account which I have 2500 followers focused on foot fetish content, I would like to know in that point I can start your monetization and which method. I've...
  8. S

    Twitter Followers

    Pls can anybody help me on how to get 100,000 followers on twitter?
  9. l0m1S

    Update: One account, almost one year old all manually

    Here is the original post Hey some updates! .... [still doing all manually] : I am on 17K , the Ig account is almost a year old, good engagement and posting every day or two. From my initial 6 facebook acc...
  10. Unrealworld

    Why facebook sucks

    Hey guys in the past i made money from fb, 1-2k+ per month only from fb traffic using crakrevenue network.Until one week ago they did not had limits to accept friend requests, but now we can't accept more than 100 friend requests per 24 hours, my earnings now almost close to zero, because my...

    What to do with 2 old youtube accounts.

    Right so this isn't really a serious thread more just a bit of fun, back in my early days of IM i was trying everything at the same time and failing in it all, now a few years down the line im making good money on and off line sticking with a couple good projects. Out of curiosity I checked...
  12. J

    Any interest in these bots

    I have created a few bots that run on the client side. They include but are not limited to. Linkedin mass adder Linkedin mass viewer twitter mass follow twitter mass unfollow tumblr mass like tumblr mass follow Are any of these bots of interest to anyone and if you have any ideas for other...
  13. rootjazz

    Increase effectiveness of search and follow using SERP notes

    This only just came to my attention and is giving good results, so it could be a well know technique, but if I was oblivious to it, I guess others might be as well. When you search for terms in Tumblr, then action on those results, you are actioning (follow / liking etc) on the content...
  14. rootjazz

    main social network sites that you actually use

    Am looking for the major social network sites that people may want to syndicate content from to other sites So far I have * twitter (via 3rd party) * facebook * youtube * wordpress * pinterest * imgur * tumblr are there any other major ones? Am not looking for a list of any and...
  15. G

    Any ideas about where to find people to promote my app?

    Hello everyone, I am new and this is my first post, but always heared good things about BHW so here I am :) I am about to finish a web and mobile app, and I need promoters to sell those ads. I know about the usual forums and job boards to post the job, but I was aiming a bit higher, trying to...
  16. C

    Is This A Good Way To Snare Potential Customers From Your Competitions On Social Networks

    Hello Folks, Do you reckon the following is a good way of attracting leads from your competitions from Social Networks ? Let's say, I am selling "fat loss" solutions and I want to snare my competitions potential customers. (Yes ""snare"! Lol!). Now, here's how I would go about hunting leads...
  17. T

    Black hat youtube video unlimited views on social networks(facebook,twitter,google+,etc)

    Friends this black hat method does unlimited youtube video views on facebook,twitter,google +,myspace...)but i dont know how is work it?please help me how can i do it?(please look my picture). i asked i man he said me this is black hat method.Ä°n 4-5 days it is being 1 millions organic...
  18. infocraze

    VA Required - Urgent Manual Web2.0 Account Creation + Posting

    I am looking to hire someone reliable who could assist me with some of my projects. At this point, need manual web2.0 account creation and posting. I will supply content, will want you to post them for me on web2.0s that meet my criteria. If you are experienced in it, please PM me. Thanks.
  19. C

    Looking for an Expert Facebook Scraper

    I have several clients who are demanding data such as emails and user ids to be scraped from certain Facebook pages and apps. I'm looking for someone who has experience doing this and can do it easily and quickly. There will be a lot of opportunity for future work of this nature if you can help...
  20. zoomsixx

    Top 20 Social Networking Sites for 2013

    I though there was a list for this here. Searching for it I couldn't come up with anything so I decided to look into it and come up with my own list. So here it is. Top 20 Social Networking Sites for 2013 1. Facebook DA: 100 Page Rank: 9 Alexa Rank: 2 Unique visitors: 1 Billion 2. Google...
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