1. chifriwice

    Promoting my business

    Hello all! I hope we're doing well, i have a question for the experience people that have most likely been in my position: How would i promote my business? It's spotify premium for life I've tried Twitter Instagram Facebook Reddit Youtube Seo Twitter : Twitter is okay but it seems like my...
  2. RighteousMan

    Is promotion allowed on BlackHatWorld?

    Hello, I am new here And I am wondering whether the promotion is allowed here I see some people promoting their services and adnetworks Just wondering what are the rules (don't wanna get banned) Thank you and stay tuned
  3. Y

    How to promote new Telegram Channel for Vapes Wholesale?

    Hello, I wanna promote my new Telegram Channel where I offer Wholesale disposable cannabis cbd and hhc vapes and cartridges. I dont know how to get subscribers and people to order through my telegram channel. Please help. I am willing to spend also money on promoting it.
  4. D

    Promoting casino offers!

    Hi, i promote casino offers via VPartners and i made 600€ from promoting on tiktok in my geo, however its not working anymore , i think it got saturated , what do you think i should promote casino offers so i can start making money again, what is your opinion , any tips will help! Thanks!
  5. C

    [FREE SERVICE] Related subreddits

    The tittle says all, use this tool for free without sign up or annoying, popups or ads to find related subreddits based on participation and subscribers. it's been useful to find the right audience for mt posts. (replace example with your sub)...
  6. Q

    How do i promote my ero subbreddit?

    Hi im new to this whole affilate marketing stuff. I made 2 subreddits with ero content and im wondering how should i attract people to it. One of them is currently at 4 members and another still at 1. I know that i can crosspost but most subreddits have disabled corsspoting so is there a tool...
  7. Dolmaa

    getting new clients

    Hey people! what are some ways you promote your business and get new clients aside from promoting it on BHW? I have a website development business and i am looking for some new ways to get clients
  8. R

    Telegram Adult Promotion / Engagements Groups

    Are there any good Telegram Channels, that offer Promotions for Adult related stuff, like webcamgirls etc? No realy 18+ Picture stuff or so. I just wanna push my own Channel and let it promote. Anyone knows there something or offering a reliable service?!
  9. mayadd

    (JV) My Method + Your YouTube, Facebook Or Instagram Account

    Hello. This is a great opportunity to earn some money for both me and the partner who is alright with all the conditions. What I will do : I will provide a genius method that requires some traffic. I have no idea how or where to get traffic, so.. What you will do : You must have a YouTube...
  10. zapo

    Youtube prmotion

    Hi, I am a new YouTuber. My channel is about me riding a motorcycle in a first-person view. Today I will upload my first video. I want to know how and where are the best places to promote my channel or my video (for free if possible). Is there any forum especially for promoting youtube videos...
  11. zaogord

    Promoting My TV Business

    So, I (my dad) own a TV Brand of our own. We are currently distributing only on a small scale. I want to take this to large scale, which means i will need promotion on Social media Platform. I'm starting slowly by making videos about the brand, Posting Product details on different platform. But...
  12. A

    How a brother can promote his Fiverr account

    ve been having a problem getting gigs on fiverr, does anyone have an idea on how to promote my gigs?
  13. R

    CPA(Maxbounty) + Website + IG

    Hi there! I started to read nearly every day for a year so far BHW topics and I think it's enough reading and I should start doing something. As I am a noob in the industry my idea is to find some hot offers on Maxbounty, do some keywords research and then build a website which I want to be a...
  14. phydev

    ClickBank Products ??

    Hello guys I would like to know if some products on clickbank are very popular, For exemple: Organifi, CB University, ... and many people already bought these products, does this make them consumed and very hard to promote. Thanks in advance
  15. deBling

    How to promote my child instapage

    Hey i want to promote my other page from my mother page (15k). How to do it safetly and succesfully at one time?
  16. ShiningWarrior

    Not getting conversions

    Hello, I need some help on getting conversions. Things I am doing - 1) I'm promoting ClickBank products with gravities above 70 in all but I'm NOT getting any conversions. However, the hop impressions are around 65, 88, 45, 55, 31, 70 etc and only made two sales in these 2 months. (Screenshot...
  17. T

    How to promote a Minecraft server? Ideas please!

    Hello peeps, I dont really know where i need to post this thread but here is my story: About 1 and a half year ago i started making a public Minecraft server. I learned java in order to make plugins so my server would be unique. I have a team that helps me with builds and development. the...
  18. justmeseo

    I am looking for ICO review writer.

    Greetings, I am looking for someone who could provide full descriptive reviews for few ICO's I have personally invested. Writer must be preferably from US-UK Writer must have English (British or american) and main Language. Writer must have experience with ICO's-blockchain Writer must know...
  19. S

    Facebook promotion game.

    How to get to the application directory? Recently approved all possible applications. But I do not understand why no one comes into the game at all. 1. I can not find my application in the facebook, why? 2. Facebook does not give any traffic to new games? All just through advertising?
  20. lebumcrimp

    Facebook page promoting gambling advice

    Hi there I have a potential client who owns several Arcade Amusements with gambling machines. Does anyone know the safest ways to promote these online? I'm not directly asking for money on Facebook just making people aware of our machines/ offers. I found this online; Guidelines for Gambling...
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