1. J

    Hello to all !

    My name is Juan, I am from Argentina. I discovered this website a short time ago. I am interested in sales and business of all kinds. I hope I can learn and contribute to the community. Greetings to all and thank you very much for welcoming me in your community.
  2. T

    Online purchases with Argentine pesos abroad

    I live in Brazil and I need to shop online on Argentine sites, but they don't accept paypal and only accept Argentine credit cards. Are there any ways to bypass this? Argentina virtual card or something?
  3. Franco Gabriel


    Hello forum, how are you? I always wanted to be able to subscribe to an English-speaking forum, I adore it... Thank you for accepting me here, I was born and live in Argentina, the country that is an example of total decadence and pride combined with ignorance... inflation melts our brains...
  4. D3mian

    Does ANYONE provide this SMM service?

    Hi guys, how are you? Just a simple question, does anybody in this forum provide Facebook Page Likes and Instagram Followers? I need them specifically from the following countries: - Argentina - Bolivia - Chile - Paraguay - Uruguay
  5. Advocatus

    Hello World from Argentina.

    Hello, folks. How are you all today? I am Advocatus from Argentina. The land of Fangio, Ginobili, Messi, Gardel and Maradona. The land of the best cows meat (an traditional wood grill called "Asado") and the best Malbec. The land of Yerba Mate and Sweet Milk Spread (dulce de leche) and Fernet...
  6. R

    Hi BHW

    Hello,i am from Argentina I register in this forum because he is the best in English and has excellent fame in Hispanic forums Thank you for reading and sorry for my English.

    Hello from Argentina!

    Hey you! So this will be a basic introduction. I'm from Argentina, a country which is located in South America, you've probably heard of it because of a football player called Leonel Messi which was born here and as some of the best analysts might suggest, he's currently "the best football...
  8. Edie Ficio

    Not so newbie

    Hello everybody, i live in Argentina and im reading about "earning money online" since 2014. I have two blogs, one with affiliate (cell phones) and the other with adsense (health) but i havent earned money yet :-( Six months ago i started a Seo Course online with a lot of techniches and im...
  9. l0m1S

    Update: One account, almost one year old all manually

    Here is the original post Hey some updates! .... [still doing all manually] : I am on 17K , the Ig account is almost a year old, good engagement and posting every day or two. From my initial 6 facebook acc...
  10. l0m1S

    Join my instagram Journey From Argentina

    Hello, I ve been around for some time doing research, and i finally took some action to create some independence!:cool:, I manage to link my small Nightclub and Events PR Business ( i invite people and get paid if they are on my list) with IM FB and Whatsapp , what i have done so far is one...
  11. planetsupernova

    Greetingsssss from Argentina

    Hey guys I have been here for a cuple of weeks. I work in Argentina, I'm sort of a SEO. And... okay I really like this forum lots of things to read and learn. And, well, thats it. Saludos desde Argentina! :rofl:
  12. K

    Netherlands vs. Argentina

    Hey guys what's up! :) So today is a big day for everyone who loves football (like me) as the second finalist will be decided. Who do you think will win today? And what was the best bet you saw about this match? Cheers and may the best team win! :)
  13. TheMasterOfMoney

    Another Success Story in this Awesome Forum!

    Hello BHW Members! First to all, thank you so much to BHW and everybody who writes in this forum. I want to tell a little about my history of success. I am Brian, 16 years old, and after 2 years of try methods and reading a lot (I had an old account here and it got deleted and I opened...
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