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    Apr 15, 2016
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    Hey guys,

    Since i joined the BHW community I learned alot. So i started my own jewellery e-commerce business. I followed most of the journeys here.:D

    Firsty i registered 10 different instagram accounts, which are close to the niche i am operating. Also i made one main account in order to operate the brand through it.

    Then i purchased several proxies and massplanner. I automated everything such as likes and follows. However i am not getting enough traffic in order to generate sales weekly.

    I read a lot of articles concerning traffic, so now i am working on a subscription to a mailing list. But in order to generate email list i need traffic.

    Can you guys give me some ideas that have worked for you on how to generate more leads to my site. Moreover i have Twitter and Facebook page of the brand. Can you also give me some tips on how to build up some audience on Facebook, except using paid campaigns. :(