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    Scammed me for $200+ for Bing Ads JV. Never paid even though he showed me he had the money/btc to pay. Probably was a fake screen shot.



    Full chat log dialogue
    [4/29/2017 10:12:44 AM] me: You there?
    [4/29/2017 10:44:57 AM] me: When are we starting again
    [4/29/2017 10:57:14 AM] Ganie: hey man
    [4/29/2017 10:57:20 AM] Ganie: Let me send you BTC first
    [4/29/2017 10:57:24 AM] Ganie: Then we start again
    [4/29/2017 10:58:06 AM] Ganie: Can you send me access bro ?
    [4/29/2017 10:58:12 AM] Ganie: I need to check a thing real quick
    [4/29/2017 10:58:39 AM] Ganie: I won't Resume ads, just need to check Voluum Tracking URL
    [4/29/2017 10:59:29 AM] Ganie: There bro
    [4/29/2017 10:59:30 AM] Ganie: ?
    [4/29/2017 11:05:00 AM] me: Yeah sorry just a sex
    [4/29/2017 11:05:03 AM] me: Sec lol
    [4/29/2017 11:06:54 AM] me: 98829xxx
    [4/29/2017 11:07:30 AM] Ganie: Lol
    [4/29/2017 11:07:36 AM] Ganie: Damn auto correct
    [4/29/2017 11:13:10 AM] Ganie: Cool
    [4/29/2017 11:13:15 AM] Ganie: Give me 30 minutes to send you BTC
    [4/29/2017 11:13:20 AM] Ganie: It's kinda hard to get here
    [4/29/2017 11:13:26 AM] Ganie: I need to ask friends always
    [4/29/2017 11:13:32 AM] Ganie: But will send you 100% before I start
    [4/29/2017 11:13:35 AM] Ganie: Alright my bro ?
    [4/29/2017 11:13:55 AM] me: Sounds good. Same btc address
    [4/29/2017 11:14:20 AM] Ganie: sure my man
    [4/29/2017 11:14:37 AM] me: xxxxV6c3WTFLweF28oJjDbQ217Ycuxxxxx
    [4/29/2017 11:14:48 AM] Ganie: Got it
    [4/29/2017 11:15:27 AM] me: Ill be on the road all day but ill have my computer on and stuff when ya need it
    [4/29/2017 11:16:10 AM] Ganie: Thanks bro
    [4/29/2017 11:16:20 AM] Ganie: Appreciate all your efforts
    [4/29/2017 11:16:42 AM] me: No problem just want to make some money!
    [4/29/2017 11:20:03 AM] me: Get everything you needed?
    [4/29/2017 11:20:16 AM] Ganie: I a ready
    [4/29/2017 11:20:23 AM] Ganie: Just waiting for my friend to send you BTC
    [4/29/2017 11:20:29 AM] Ganie: Then I will resume the ads
    [4/29/2017 11:20:35 AM] me: Ok
    [4/29/2017 11:22:46 AM] me: How much did we make?
    [4/29/2017 11:23:55 AM] Ganie: tbh, I didn't made any profit due to a server crash at my clients work place. But I am going to send you profit, despite the situation.
    [4/29/2017 11:24:04 AM] Ganie: But I am 100% sure, we will make good oney today
    [4/29/2017 11:24:12 AM] Ganie: And day-1 is always testing and all
    [4/29/2017 11:24:20 AM] Ganie: Day-2 = Boom !
    [4/29/2017 11:25:16 AM] me: Ah gotya ok thanks. Thats a lot of traffic if ya arent ready for it
    [4/29/2017 11:43:14 AM] Ganie: Yee
    [4/29/2017 11:43:19 AM] Ganie: Don't know why.
    [4/29/2017 11:49:19 AM] Ganie: Hey man
    [4/29/2017 11:49:24 AM] Ganie: Btc will take time.
    [4/29/2017 11:50:16 AM] Ganie: Can you take paypal for just yesterday?
    [4/29/2017 11:50:18 AM] Ganie: Please
    [4/29/2017 11:52:30 AM] me: Can you buy btc with paypal? Easy on localbitcoins
    [4/29/2017 11:52:42 AM] Ganie: Is it instant?
    [4/29/2017 11:52:58 AM] me: Yeah
    [4/29/2017 11:54:31 AM] Ganie: Issue is
    [4/29/2017 11:54:42 AM] Ganie: PayPal to PayPal in India isn't possible.
    [4/29/2017 11:55:08 AM] Ganie: And I checked localbitcoins india
    [4/29/2017 11:55:11 AM] me: You can send it to any country
    [4/29/2017 11:55:14 AM] Ganie: They all asking bank transfer
    [4/29/2017 11:55:30 AM] me: Doesnt have to be india
    [4/29/2017 12:27:55 PM] me: Figure it out?
    [4/29/2017 12:28:34 PM] Ganie: I am new there
    [4/29/2017 12:28:48 PM] Ganie: and almost no one accepts paypal from new account member
    [4/29/2017 12:32:10 PM] me: My paypal accounts have holds right now cuz they are new so i cant accept pp right now
    [4/29/2017 12:32:21 PM] Ganie: fuck
    [4/29/2017 12:32:28 PM] Ganie: See
    [4/29/2017 12:32:36 PM] Ganie: I have messaged my both clients
    [4/29/2017 12:32:38 PM] Ganie: i m trying to arrange the btc
    [4/29/2017 12:32:51 PM] Ganie: That guy is waiting for BTC
    [4/29/2017 12:32:58 PM] me: Ok
    [4/29/2017 12:33:01 PM] Ganie: Actually I have my BTC wallet which ditched me
    [4/29/2017 12:33:08 PM] Ganie: let me show you
    [4/29/2017 12:33:17 PM] Ganie: First we need to upload Money via Online banking in that wallet
    [4/29/2017 12:33:24 PM] Ganie: then we can buy BTC from them instantly
    [4/29/2017 12:33:43 PM] Ganie: They aren't showing Money in that BTC wallet yet
    [4/29/2017 12:34:00 PM] me: Oh so the money hasnt showed up from the bank?
    [4/29/2017 12:34:14 PM] Ganie: Yes
    [4/29/2017 12:34:16 PM] Ganie: it hasn't
    [4/29/2017 12:34:23 PM] Ganie: where as money has been debited from bank
    [4/29/2017 12:34:30 PM] Ganie: But these are reputed people
    [4/29/2017 12:34:35 PM] Ganie: so money won't go anywwhere
    [4/29/2017 12:35:09 PM] Ganie: you see that deposit order at the top, it's still pending coz the money isn't showing in my Wallet yet
    [4/29/2017 12:36:10 PM] me: Yeah that sucks. What time is it there?
    [4/29/2017 12:36:53 PM] Ganie: 10 PM
    [4/29/2017 12:37:23 PM] me: Maybe its too late?
    [4/29/2017 12:37:31 PM] Ganie: not sure
    [4/29/2017 12:41:18 PM] me: Well if we miss a day no biggie. Still money to make tomorrow
    [4/29/2017 12:41:28 PM] Ganie: Man
    [4/29/2017 12:41:35 PM] Ganie: Weekends are very important
    [4/29/2017 12:41:58 PM] me: Ok good to know
    [4/29/2017 12:42:39 PM] Ganie: Yeah
    [4/29/2017 12:46:33 PM] me: How come you dont open a bingads account yourself?
    [4/29/2017 12:50:30 PM] Ganie: I once got banned
    [4/29/2017 12:50:40 PM] Ganie: and tried once again
    [4/29/2017 12:50:43 PM] Ganie: and banned again
    [4/29/2017 12:51:28 PM] Ganie: So I don't want to go thorugh from that story of changing IPs and MAc Address, Billing address and all
    [4/29/2017 12:51:33 PM] me: Can you call the company that converts to btc?
    [4/29/2017 12:51:43 PM] Ganie: I tried
    [4/29/2017 12:52:04 PM] Ganie: Their Customer Service Number is Not available
    [4/29/2017 1:26:09 PM] Ganie: I dun wanna waste today's day
    [4/29/2017 1:26:19 PM] Ganie: Is any of your Friend accepting Paypal ?
    [4/29/2017 1:26:27 PM] Ganie: Just for yesterdays payment
    [4/29/2017 1:28:04 PM] me: No the one guy i had is under review because he has done over 200k of transanctions within 12 months
    [4/29/2017 1:28:16 PM] Ganie: damn
    [4/29/2017 1:29:46 PM] me: You can make an Ad on LBC looking to buy btc
    [4/29/2017 3:05:59 PM] Ganie: See
    [4/29/2017 3:06:07 PM] Ganie: People ain't accepting new members
    [4/29/2017 3:37:31 PM] me: Gotta read the trade info
    [4/30/2017 9:43:21 AM] me: any update on btc?
    [4/30/2017 9:57:49 AM] me: nice
    [4/30/2017 10:08:17 AM] me: Looks like they processed it to btc?
    [4/30/2017 10:17:26 AM] Ganie: No man
    [4/30/2017 10:17:31 AM] Ganie: I sent it to them
    [4/30/2017 10:17:50 AM] Ganie: It's screenshot of my bank
    [4/30/2017 10:17:57 AM] Ganie: that payment has been sent to them
    [4/30/2017 10:18:11 AM] me: Oh missed the note up top
    [4/30/2017 10:18:20 AM] Ganie: yes
    [4/30/2017 10:18:31 AM] Ganie: I opened a ticket with their customer service
    [5/1/2017 9:19:39 AM] me: Still nothing?
    [5/1/2017 2:32:19 PM] Ganie: still waiting for them to update balance
    [5/1/2017 3:01:37 PM] me: I have an account I'm willing to let ya try on that doesn't have a coupon or anything and is a week old if you think it might work
    [5/1/2017 3:02:05 PM] Ganie: I understand bro
    [5/1/2017 3:02:14 PM] Ganie: But I haven't paid you your old balance yet
    [5/1/2017 3:02:40 PM] Ganie: It's a stupid system
    [5/1/2017 3:03:16 PM] me: Yeah but i know you will pay it. This account wont get charged so wont have to pay anything just what we make on it.
    [5/1/2017 3:03:36 PM] Ganie: What kind of account is it?
    [5/1/2017 3:03:47 PM] Ganie: Invoice account?
    [5/1/2017 3:03:51 PM] me: Made with vcc a week ago. Has clicks/impressions
    [5/1/2017 3:04:02 PM] Ganie: How much can we get out of it ?
    [5/1/2017 3:04:07 PM] Ganie: What do you think??
    [5/1/2017 3:04:13 PM] Ganie: $100 or $200 or what ?
    [5/1/2017 3:04:17 PM] me: As fast as you get clicks, at least 100
    [5/1/2017 3:04:33 PM] Ganie: I can suck atleast $1000 in 30 minutes if it allows
    [5/1/2017 3:04:49 PM] me: Well that could definitely happen
    [5/1/2017 3:05:06 PM] me: Can't hurt to just try right?
    [5/1/2017 3:06:33 PM] Ganie: yes
    [5/1/2017 3:06:35 PM] Ganie: I guess
    [5/1/2017 3:07:20 PM] me: This account only cost me $10 so no biggy
    [5/1/2017 3:07:39 PM] Ganie: And one request
    [5/1/2017 3:07:53 PM] Ganie: to please delete the campaign from that account for now
    [5/1/2017 3:08:04 PM] Ganie: I guess it won't happen today as well
    [5/1/2017 3:08:14 PM] Ganie: Coz it's already 1 am here
    [5/1/2017 3:08:21 PM] Ganie: and they have't replied yet
    [5/1/2017 3:09:57 PM] me: Ah ok. Deleted
    [5/1/2017 3:12:58 PM] me: 98829xxx
    [5/1/2017 3:14:55 PM] Ganie: What's the number?
    [5/1/2017 3:15:00 PM] Ganie: Anydesk Login ID ?
    [5/1/2017 3:15:10 PM] me: Yeah
    [5/1/2017 3:15:29 PM] Ganie: OK
    [5/1/2017 3:15:32 PM] Ganie: let me cnnect bro
    [5/1/2017 3:16:40 PM] me: Actually try this
    [5/1/2017 3:16:48 PM] me: 379263xxx
    [5/1/2017 3:17:16 PM] Ganie: ok
    [5/1/2017 3:40:23 PM] me: Getting clicks?
    [5/1/2017 3:40:30 PM] Ganie: not yet
    [5/1/2017 3:40:40 PM] Ganie: Will update you once they start
    [5/1/2017 3:41:29 PM] me: Should be. Shows it is running
    [5/1/2017 3:41:56 PM] Ganie: not seeing clicks yet
    [5/1/2017 3:43:01 PM] Ganie: got disconnected
    [5/1/2017 3:43:08 PM] Ganie: should I connect again ?
    [5/1/2017 3:45:15 PM] me: You should have 1 click at least because I clicked the ad on my computer
    [5/1/2017 3:46:18 PM] Ganie: 1 click isn't what I am looking for
    [5/1/2017 3:46:33 PM] Ganie: my cloaker will turn on ONLY when I have more than 50 click
    [5/1/2017 3:46:37 PM] Ganie: Real User Clicks
    [5/1/2017 3:46:42 PM] me: Ahhh ok
    [5/1/2017 3:46:49 PM] Ganie: JUst give it time
    [5/1/2017 3:47:08 PM] me: Just tellin ya the ad is running so you knew
    [5/1/2017 3:47:48 PM] Ganie: thanks for the heads up bro
    [5/1/2017 3:58:21 PM] Ganie: It started
    [5/1/2017 3:59:15 PM] Ganie: An stopped
    [5/1/2017 3:59:25 PM] Ganie: I see Trafic slowed down abrubtly
    [5/1/2017 4:00:01 PM] me: Yeah sometimes it stops to not exceed the budget
    [5/1/2017 4:00:18 PM] Ganie: But I made $100 budget
    [5/1/2017 4:00:20 PM] me: I Always do accelerated budget
    [5/1/2017 4:00:58 PM] Ganie: Same here
    [5/1/2017 4:01:01 PM] Ganie: I also do accelerated
    [5/1/2017 4:01:11 PM] me: Oh ok.
    [5/1/2017 4:01:31 PM] me: I just know sometimes it stops because they dont want to exceed the budget
    [5/1/2017 4:03:48 PM] Ganie: The weird thing is
    [5/1/2017 4:03:54 PM] Ganie: I have another account
    [5/1/2017 4:03:59 PM] Ganie: which also is LIVE
    [5/1/2017 4:04:11 PM] Ganie: And that account also stopped traffic
    [5/1/2017 4:04:15 PM] Ganie: The same time as this account
    [5/1/2017 4:04:38 PM] me: That is strange...maybe they are looking at accounts
    [5/1/2017 4:05:56 PM] Ganie: maybe
    [5/1/2017 4:14:59 PM] me: Does this work on adwords?
    [5/1/2017 4:17:16 PM] Ganie: yes
    [5/1/2017 4:17:21 PM] Ganie: better on adwords
    [5/1/2017 4:19:20 PM] me: Probably goes under billing review?
    [5/1/2017 4:20:30 PM] Ganie: bang
    [5/1/2017 4:20:34 PM] Ganie: here goes the account
    [5/1/2017 4:20:41 PM] me: Yep
    [5/1/2017 4:20:42 PM] Ganie: blocked !
    [5/1/2017 4:21:25 PM] me: I have adwords accounts if ya want to try those but I would think they go under billing review
    [5/1/2017 4:22:07 PM] me: They do have clicks
    [5/1/2017 4:23:11 PM] Ganie: Are they coupon accounts ?
    [5/1/2017 4:25:27 PM] me: I have both
    [5/1/2017 4:26:20 PM] Ganie: Is that an old account you're talking about ?
    [5/1/2017 4:30:05 PM] me: A couple weeks old
    [5/1/2017 4:37:03 PM] me: Get any leads from that?
    [5/1/2017 4:38:29 PM] Ganie: will get report in morning
    [5/1/2017 4:38:35 PM] Ganie: around 2:30 am here
    [5/1/2017 4:38:54 PM] me: Ok cool
    [5/2/2017 6:46:39 AM] me: Did ya find out how much we made?
    [5/2/2017 12:13:40 PM] me: You there?
    [5/2/2017 12:20:28 PM] Ganie: Hey I am here
    [5/2/2017 12:20:32 PM] Ganie: Just reached office
    [5/2/2017 12:21:14 PM] me: ok cool
    [5/2/2017 12:32:09 PM] me: Did they let ya know how much we made yet?
    [5/2/2017 12:45:09 PM] Ganie: It was very low
    [5/2/2017 12:45:17 PM] Ganie: coz we kinda spent around $55
    [5/2/2017 12:45:19 PM] Ganie: right bro ?
    [5/2/2017 12:46:08 PM] Ganie: There ?
    [5/2/2017 12:46:09 PM] me: Yeah
    [5/2/2017 12:46:17 PM] Ganie: Can I check account?
    [5/2/2017 12:46:22 PM] Ganie: The bing one?
    [5/2/2017 12:46:25 PM] me: It's dead remember
    [5/2/2017 12:46:30 PM] Ganie: I got to send you money for Friday I guess
    [5/2/2017 12:46:40 PM] me: Yeah did that btc go through?
    [5/2/2017 12:47:08 PM] Ganie: Yes
    [5/2/2017 12:47:10 PM] Ganie: today
    [5/2/2017 12:47:13 PM] me: Cool
    [5/2/2017 12:47:17 PM] Ganie: Not the bing
    [5/2/2017 12:47:24 PM] Ganie: The first one we worked with
    [5/2/2017 12:47:33 PM] Ganie: the one on which I asked you to delete the Campaign
    [5/2/2017 12:47:41 PM] me: Yup
    [5/2/2017 12:47:46 PM] me: here is my btc address
    [5/2/2017 12:47:46 PM] me: xxxxc6nQoJRWUVLrsm4VJWamCJL2hGxxxx
    [5/2/2017 12:56:13 PM] me: I gotta get this to my bank account I have someone buying the btc for us
    [5/2/2017 12:56:30 PM] Ganie: Sending now
    [5/2/2017 12:56:31 PM] Ganie: wait
    [5/2/2017 12:56:33 PM] Ganie: And bro
    [5/2/2017 12:56:40 PM] Ganie: is the first bing even alive?
    [5/2/2017 12:56:46 PM] me: It was last night
    [5/2/2017 12:56:53 PM] Ganie: Can you check please?
    [5/2/2017 12:57:02 PM] me: I'm not home at the moment, will be in like an hour
    [5/2/2017 1:01:15 PM] me: I think we spent $60 yesterday so we should have made at least $80
    [5/2/2017 1:10:01 PM] me: You there?
    [5/2/2017 1:16:51 PM] me: Just got home gonna login but have to leave again
    [5/2/2017 1:24:34 PM] Ganie: ok
    [5/2/2017 1:24:40 PM] Ganie: Send me access to check account
    [5/2/2017 1:25:46 PM] me: 98829xxx
    [5/2/2017 1:25:54 PM] Ganie: What is it
    [5/2/2017 1:25:57 PM] Ganie: teamviewer?
    [5/2/2017 1:25:59 PM] Ganie: or ANydesk ?
    [5/2/2017 1:26:00 PM] me: Anydesk
    [5/2/2017 1:27:31 PM] me: Shit
    [5/2/2017 1:28:06 PM] Ganie: What ?
    [5/2/2017 1:28:24 PM] me: Dead
    [5/2/2017 1:31:14 PM] me: So what now?
    [5/2/2017 1:34:00 PM] me: The account is dead
    [5/2/2017 1:38:43 PM] me: You send btc yet?
    [5/2/2017 1:45:32 PM] me: How much did we make yesterday?
    [5/2/2017 2:17:57 PM] *** Call to Ganie, no answer.
    Send video message ***
    [5/2/2017 2:42:09 PM] me: Did you send to the right btc address?
    [5/2/2017 7:27:10 PM] me: What's going on man
    [10:10:04 AM] me: Hey
    [12:58:05 PM] me: If you aren't going to send me money just tell me please
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    Shitlist Request Approved

    @Peter Wilson has been notified he has 48 hours to respond to this post.

    PS. Reminder to all who have current issues, keep it PROFESSIONAL. No name calling or other insults.

    Reminder to everyone else:

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    Little update today finally. He seems to be in a tough spot at the moment which sucks. We have all been there one way or another. Maybe he isn't a scammer, just in a bad spot right now. The whole Iraq thing was to give more info to basstrackerboats so he could check IPs related to him if possible on the backend of the forum if he had more profiles etc...


    [10:28:44 AM] me: You from iraq? Saw your comment on that thread
    [10:33:46 AM] Ganie: Why you worried ?
    [10:34:02 AM] Ganie: You gonna nuke me for scamming you of $200 bucks
    [10:34:07 AM] Ganie: Your account was shitty
    [10:34:11 AM] Ganie: So had to stop business
    [10:35:33 AM] me: Thats probably what you say to everyone you scam
    [10:35:46 AM] Ganie: It aint a scam
    [10:35:52 AM] Ganie: You are wasting my time
    [10:36:10 AM] Ganie: Go and paste this screenshot as well
    [10:36:15 AM] Ganie: You are a waste my bro
    [10:36:21 AM] Ganie: The account lasted 2 days
    [10:36:28 AM] Ganie: That's now that a SOLID account is
    [10:37:05 AM] me: That account lasted for over 2 months and even had a payment on it.
    [10:37:20 AM] Ganie: But it didn't
    [10:37:31 AM] Ganie: and I kept telling you to accept Paypal
    [10:37:38 AM] Ganie: But you were insisting for BTC
    [10:37:46 AM] Ganie: Your bad!
    [10:38:06 AM] me: How am i bad? Im not the one not paying someone.
    [10:38:45 AM] me: Dont blame this on me when you are the one not owning up to something.
    [10:38:47 AM] Ganie: I was paying you
    [10:38:53 AM] Ganie: You denied
    [10:40:34 AM] me: You agreed to btc
    [10:40:51 AM] Ganie: You opened shit list
    [10:40:53 AM] Ganie: sort it there
    [10:40:58 AM] Ganie: Don't bug me
    [10:42:43 AM] me: I didnt accept paypal because mine has holds and now im glad i didnt because you would have charged back. You respond here but not on the shitlist thread?
    [10:43:32 AM] Ganie: Well, you've already choose your option. Why bothering me here now?
    [10:44:41 AM] me: To try and get you to understand scamming people out of money is not right
    [10:47:50 AM] me: And because it was 50/50 i would accept the $100 loss if we didnt make anything on it because thats the deal
    [10:48:46 AM] Ganie: I am not a scammer buddy
    [10:48:47 AM] Ganie: Alright
    [10:48:54 AM] Ganie: So stop talking to me like one
    [10:49:03 AM] Ganie: I owe you $250
    [10:49:08 AM] Ganie: I will give you that much
    [10:49:14 AM] Ganie: I am just stuck in life
    [10:49:21 AM] Ganie: With some fucking family issue
    [10:49:23 AM] me: You didn't pay so yes that is scamming someone out of money
    [10:49:26 AM] Ganie: You do whatever you have to do meanwhile
    [10:49:29 AM] Ganie: Ban me or whatever
    [10:49:35 AM] Ganie: I don't give a damn
    [10:49:43 AM] Ganie: I get free, I will send you your money
    [10:50:58 AM] me: Well im sorry to hear that but it would have been nice to know before now
    [10:51:29 AM] Ganie: No need
    [10:51:34 AM] Ganie: people are just mean
    [10:51:41 AM] Ganie: You want money from me that I owe you
    [10:51:46 AM] Ganie: No need to show sympathy
    [10:51:56 AM] Ganie: You don't even know my real name
    [10:52:13 AM] Ganie: I will give you your money
    [10:52:31 AM] Ganie: Send your BTC address again
    [10:52:39 AM] me: Sorry I care about my relationships with others even if it just business related
    [10:52:49 AM] Ganie: But I will send after my BHW account will be banned
    [10:52:52 AM] me: I dont want them in bad spots
    [10:53:02 AM] Ganie: or else you will think I paid because I was scared of getting banned
    [10:53:46 AM] me: No I wouldnt believe that at all. Id believe you did it because it is the right thing to do
    [10:57:52 AM] me: xxxxc6nQoJRWUVLrsm4VJWamCJL2hGxxxx
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    I've been scammed/harrassed by this sucker for a bit of time as well.

    I only wish his presence to the worst of my enemies for how annoying he is.

    He didn't pay me as well for 150$+, then kept pretending for favors and harassing me with constant messages: You there bro? You don't reply immediately bro?

    Well, I tell you what, BRO, we'll get you banned from here, that's the very minimum we can do. I'll post some other Skype proof if this aren't sufficient.

    What a waste of time and air he is.
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    Nov 17, 2010
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    I hate to see people coming forward because that means you have lost money. But I am glad to see you standing up with me.
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  6. guidediet

    guidediet Regular Member

    Apr 14, 2011
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    Yes, this guy scammed me too. He told me that sending traffic to his page. After sending some traffic, i ask him how about traffic. They said why I send him traffic.
    This guy is completely scammer.
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  7. 2939

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    Mar 15, 2017
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    I will echo the above comments regarding this guy. He has a foul mouth and very annoying/rude. I couldn't stand him at all. The only thing he's good at is insulting people.

    I did some more research on him which leads me to believe he has had multiple IDs on BHW in the past and he got banned on all those. He also got in trouble over at another forum where he tried his same childish/rude behavior.

    If you do research on him you will definitely find more about him.
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  8. redarrow

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    Apr 1, 2013
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    How did you pay him , can you do a snatch back.....

    Use paypal or credit card only with these guys ...

    Paypal protects
    Cards protect
  9. Tim Roth

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    Mar 30, 2010
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    Just an add to my post: he didn't pay me out of 150$+ and used about 80$ worth of traffic on an Adwords account, plus banning me 2 other accounts not following my instructions previously. Then kept harassing me, ignoring my request of paying me the traffic, wanting other accounts, other favors (opening Bing accounts), introductions to other people etc.

    In short, a total shit.

    He probably deserve a full Shit List just of him, not just a thread.
  10. BassTrackerBoats

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    Mar 10, 2010
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    Generic Human Being
    As Close to Heaven as One Can Get!
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