1. xneet

    Shitlist Against @thetraveller

    Proof of Contact: Summary of Dispute: I purchased Publication on ThrVerge From @thetraveller but somehow he is not able to do that so he was agree to refund my ammount but now he denied and he was using someone else paypal account he scammed that guy as well Proof Of Purchase: Evidence of...
  2. SEO Duke

    How to avoid scam in guest posting?

    Recently I had an bad experience. Paid for guest posting to the webmaster of (in advance) After the payment he is not responding. Payment method is paypal but its not mine, sender wont dispute the transaction for hassle. How to avoid these kinds of scammer? any tips?
  3. Bigblast

    COTP now finally scammed all money ?

    Hey, finally COTP scammed all the money. No one can withdraw or transfer other account to anywhere.
  4. harveyspecter123

    @opensea scammed me for 500$

    @Opensea not replying and not answering after I paid him 500$ for the ad spend for more than 3 days. So we had a deal and I made sure to formalize everything and made the deal on bhw private message as attaching all screenshots below. We agreed to do BH campaigns Google Ads and he agreed to do...
  5. D

    I Got scammed On Facebook What should i Do ?

    I am a amazon affliiate Marketer I had a group with 8k + Members But Last Tuesday i had recieved a message on my page Which was linked to the group That you will have to post my video and i will give you $500 per week so he made me his buisness account manager and he tell me to add my page when...
  6. eaglehunter

    @NFT scammed me for 1,000$ and wouldn't reply to me anymore.

    Hey there, I never expected to be typing a shitlist thread for anyone nor would I have expected myself to get to a rock bottom situation with a VIP member on BHW. @NFT suggested he can grow my discord server with 2,000 real and interested degen NFT members. I was uninterested at first...
  7. F

    Been scammed by user botsignal and people are still being scammed

    Firstly not sure how the heck this sales thread managed to get approved when clearly this is a bot system and OP is lying to people saying its organic traffic. I decided to buy the 150k hits package to test the service since it sounded to be amazing is the traffic was real i would be getting...
  8. S

    Scammer- NecroSEO

    Please beware of this guy, - NecroSEO. He ask me contact him in skype. He ask me transfer money to him and buy a venmo account. End up he scam my money. He is under the VIP.JR
  9. E

    Have I been scammed?

    I had a pretty good experience with this seller, I would buy and he would always deliver. I've been buying from him for approx 2 months and 80$ each product every week but last week I decided to put a bulk order. I bought 5 products for 300$ total and he said he would deliver in 2 days (normal)...
  10. SeoArrowLTD

    Scammed of $3520 by @oceanadsaccs

    On the 1st of June, I contacted @oceanadsaccs to check his accounts from his sales thread here and on Telegram from his sales thread. I asked him about his "Standart White Hat" because I run a white hat campaign but Google Ads is hard these days and out of nowhere the ID verification popped out...
  11. TomyGun

    Get scammed :(

    Hello Friends. I have bad news. My mom was scammed on a fake investment website (link redacted by mod)) :weep: Started with 100€. After that the fake broker offered to invest € 10,000 to earn more and faster. My mother did so because she wanted to improve living conditions for herself and her...
  12. B

    I've been scammed. What should I do?

    I made my second online exchange on Reddit and was scammed a few hundred dollars. All I want is my money back. Here's the story The guy that scammed me was clever. He used an aged Reddit account and talked in a clueless foreign manner which made me allow behavior I otherwise would not allow. I...
  13. hemd45

    Tippestream / TipeeeStream is scamming its Users (Dont use them)

    I just want to warn you guys. Tippestream is scamming its smaller Users. I created an Account there because i had started a YouTube Channel and i wanted to recive Paysavecard Donations over them. After a few Donations i wondered why i wasnt getting the Money paid out (After 8 Weeks). I then...
  14. hemd45

    Sue YouTube View seller? (Scammed for 50€)

    Hi, I bought YouTube Views for my Music Channel from a seller. I paid him with a Banktransfer 50€ (We both live in Germany) He only delivered 50% and he is now refusing to refund if me. Should i sue him? He says that i do that he will expose all our Chats in Google if someone searches for my...
  15. C

    I have been scammed - What can I do?

    Hi, I have been scammed by two people trying to buy Youtube channels on I have navigated more on the site and I can tell there is more scammers than we could think of (there are some patterns, etc.). I was wondering if someone know what I could do in this situation. Can I report...
  16. anton609

    Never give your phone to strangers*** Venmo support is AWESOME**

    So this past weekend I was in Chicago celebrating NYE. After some drinks & a long night of partying made a quick stop at some food place to grab a bite & sober up. Random dudes next table started to talk & they seem pretty cool, totally got my attention after they mentioned they also work online...
  17. Leader777

    Cpalead Scammed Me Big Time As an Advertiser

    Hi guys, I got scammed by Cpalead as an advertiser.. So i created a cpa campaign on cpalead and wanted to test their traffic based on cpa so the campaign was approved but for some reason when i boost it with $30 it diden't get boosted and diden't receive any traffic at all ! I tried to call them...
  18. OrangeMaster8695

    Scammed $60 BTC by @busyangel

    Hello, I was in a deal with @busyangel over the purchase of a TransferWise account. There were no initial signs that this was a scam. Quick Rundown: On November 21, user busyangel saw my thread and contacted me via DMs asking how much I would be willing to pay for a working account We went...
  19. TheSingh

    Scammed Out Of 320 GBP - manpreet

    hi. Got scammed out of 320 GBP from @manpreet I was paying to use his google account for a project of mine & initially he said send over a bank transfer, however he wouldn't only turn on the campaigns when he got the money. Not unreasonable but i needed them to be on stat, so i said i can...
  20. P

    SCAMMED by mani.dxb007 - So called Killer PBN

    It's been more than 40 days and there is no refund. This so called Rank or Refund, if the SERP's don't increase service from @mani.dxb007 is a big scam: First...