1. michaelProg

    Bing ads

    Hello everyone, Is there any other way for a Bing ads account to survive suspension? As I know we need advertiser verification, have to verify either as a business or individual and have to fill all the details correctly and send them ID or passport but it seems like now it's very difficult to...
  2. WhiteHatWorlds

    Your Best /Creative Way To Prevent Clickfraud on Google/Bing?

    Hello everyone! I'm dealing with competitors clicking my ads, I know its a cost of doing business but it has been something that I know other people are dealing with as well once you scale. Ideas on how to prevent click fraud? Here's what I have so far: Don't show ads to users who visited...
  3. WhiteHatWorlds

    Your Aged Google Ads & Bing Accounts + My Proven 100% Working Monetization

    Hello folks! I currently have a profitable campaign and am looking for partners who have an aged google or bing ads account. I have a travel agency and will use your account to run the ads on. What you provide: Aged Google or Bing Ads account with spending history What you get: $1,000 per...
  4. deathhunterroi

    Cloaker for Bing ads

    Hi, I want to know is there any cloaker for bing ads that is comparatively cheap and works good as my ad buget is also limited for testing.
  5. genpota


    how to make this script running using query we search? example : so get content for seo plus one
  6. F

    Bing Keywords Getting Disapproved

    Hi everyone, I have a Bing ads account in Gambling sphere, and it has been working for some time. But there is a problem that the keywords are getting disapproved constantly with online gambling, though the account works. Everytime I remove the keywords, and add them again. Usually there is...
  7. bizman1

    Looking for Bing Ads Clicker Bot (Macros/Software)

    Target of software is click on competitors ads and spend theirs budgets without factual positive affects. contact me telegram @hrcent
  8. S

    Bing Ads Problem, Please Help

    I run Whitehat Ads campaign In microsoft After 3 Day i got this message in my account Do you know what problem here? i use agency account with 200$ daily budget
  9. S

    do you know why i dont get click in bing ads?

    i created a bing campaign in 48h ago but i dont get any update , impression , clicks do you know whats problem?
  10. Madison Chan

    ✅ Bing Ad Account For Sale

    Hello guys, We're selling Bing ad accounts, you can use the accounts for all countries, please contact us for details if you are interested. Price: $350 per ad account;10% top up fee. Refund Policy: -We will refund if we can't deliver the account within 3 days. Otherwise, no refunds. But we...
  11. Deimos455

    Need someone to run my Microsoft ads campaign

    Hello! I need a person who can run a ready for launch ads campaign in Bing (only download it and start). The problem is that Microsoft doesn’t allow it on new accounts. So I’m looking for someone with old and working account (digital agencies with big spendings will be a perfect solution). I...
  12. W

    how to reindex my website in bing?

    suddenly i notice that bing deindex my website from Bing search engine. is there any way to get my website reindex at bing? Thanks
  13. S

    Were you able to successfully appeal the suspension?

    Hello everyone, Seems that many people are having their accounts suspended, and I’m curious to hear about others’ experiences. Were you able to successfully appeal the suspension? I’ve also heard about people selling Bing accounts. While I understand that this may be tempting for some, it’s...
  14. L

    Microsoft Ads - Syndicated Network

    We're running a lot of accounts on Microsoft ads, however, the leads' quality when we opted in for the syndicated network is really bad and we lost a couple of buyers due to this reason. Whenever we target only Bing-owned networks, the quality improves and Bing becomes higher quality than...
  15. justmeseo

    Google's Game-Changing Move: A Major Blow to Mass-Created Worthless Articles and Summaries

    From Nerd Paradise to Search Engine Showdown Brace Yourself as ChatGPT and Bing Join Forces to Hunt Down Automated Article Creators!, be careful and try to invest more time on your posts.
  16. Turbo B.

    My Bing ranking method + your time & work

    You should have experience of making good on-page SEO sites and fast indexing them on Bing. You should have time for it. PM.
  17. Turbo B.

    Looking for someone who knows Bing

    You should have experience of making good on-page SEO sites and fast indexing them on Bing. You should have time for it. PM.
  18. happytime107

    How do they index Bing?

    Hi, I've been trying to index in Bing for the past 3 months using Bing Webmastertool. but can't create index at all, not even 1 index But this is a website that I came across, where they index a lot by using Sub Domain, how did they do it? He's really good because each of his keywords ranks...
  19. onlinework

    Is Bing a joke?

    3 years old website, whitehat, clean backlink background (all natural), monetized with Adsense, great user experience and all of a sudden the bot decided to remove it from the index. Or it had been reported by the competitors idk. When I inspect the url is just show url can be indexed...
  20. H

    My Bing ads accounts + your profitable offers/campaigns

    Ready to work with people who run white/grey hat offers on bing but are not able to set up accounts or avoid suspensions, I have multiple stable accounts with approved campaigns. Dm me and we can talk more about the details.
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