1. AllyBarns

    Should we consider it a scam or clever way to make money?

    I stumbled upon an Upwork gig. Take a look: The guy is offering content writing work. $100 per 1000 words and 3+ articles per day. At first, it sounded...
  2. A

    Proxidize - Beware of this scammers

    After being a proxidize customer with a license for over 2 years, they have decided to disconnect my service overnight leaving me stranded and making me lose thousands of dollars. I have read similar cases on the internet. Their customer service is pitiful. I am making this post to warn everyone...
  3. grant young

    Instagram bs ads

    This is getting ridiculous. I engaged with one of these Tik tok guru kids who say they can can make you Tik tok viral, all you have to do is pay $100 per video. Yeah you read that right. Clearly bought account, running ads and shitty fake social proof, and I find it hard to believe people are...
  4. W

    Scammed by Divisoria for $300 (JR VIP)

    Hi, The user @Divisoria offered to sell us a verified Stripe account. We initiated conversations on Skype and he showed us the account on AnyDesk. He even confirmed via BHW DM's that it's his real Skype account and he's selling the Stripe account to us. We asked to pay half first, but he...
  5. T

    MK_hossain is a scammer

    I bought seller feedback service from this guy, paid him, and never heard a peep from him again. This was about 3 weeks ago. Won't respond to messages. If you look at his bio he has had multiple accusations of scamming. This guy should be shut down.
  6. B

    Scammed by @HarYpos

    He was selling me google accounts and I sent him $350 and he took and ran, blocked me, deleted me from telegram etc. Admins need to block/ ban his profile. I have proof that I sent him the money too if needed His profile which has now blocked me...
  7. Exchanger

    Florida Pastor Accused of Running Multimillion-Dollar eBay Scam Ring With Halfway House Residents

    Robert Dell, the former pastor of The Rock Church in St. Petersburg and an operator of a halfway house for individuals recovering from drug addiction, has been accused of stealing branded products from Home Depot stores in several Florida counties to then sell them on eBay under a store called...
  8. N

    CAUTION: Don't use for your private proxy needs

    Hi there, Been purchasing proxies from proxy-store for a while, but lately they decided to stop caring about customers, customer support and quality of the proxies. I was buying private proxies from them at $2.57/pc (lower with their generic promo code: BONUS30 - not affiliated ); advertised...
  9. R SCAM website (2023) don't use their platform

    Hello i have used famebolt to sell an account and the buyer he got the account and everything but after that i wanted to get my money out (540$) so i contacted them because it's on pending since a week i sent them my id for verification and they ignored me again for 2 weeks which got the buyer...
  10. Brickbat1

    Have you ever lost money online? - be it a scam or a silly investment mistake, don't be shy, tell us the story

    Well a lot of us learnt the hard way from the "University of hard knocks". Like it or not, it has helped shape you to what you are today, so tell us the story, might help a fellow traveler learning how to make money online - or maybe how NOT to make money online. I have had a few experiences...
  11. A


    Please dont deal with the guy name Omha tel id@homhaa This guy took money from me for USA VISA BIN and gave me incorrect details.
  12. Dahmane Zakaria

    I have been scammed in Fiverr! ( I'm seller )

    A buyer requested a specific service from me, and he told me that he was in a hurry and to deliver it as soon as possible. I did my job and submitted the order . After a day, he extended the review to additional days above, and the review period that Fiverr gives to the customer became 8 days...
  13. lulolulito

    Got scam letter from

    Today a client of mine texted me an invoice he got from asking for $288 for a listing, they make it look like if they have signed up before and this is a recurring invoice. I wander how many suckers have fall for this.
  14. Panther28

    Don't deposit any money into the crypto scam that is the Milton Group

    If you are in crypto or thinking about it, avoid this company or anything like it. checkout this Just watching the video documentary about it. Pretty shocking that so many people in crypto got scammed, and even as big as Spanish and Leeds football...
  15. Mankar Camoran

    Nord VPN Scam ?

    i have a new channel with around 390 subscribers and i just recived this email , they wanted me to download a file , i think once i download it on my pc it will got nuked with some virus , did you guys recived somthing like this before ?
  16. Pixel Fund

    [SCAM ALERT] Site and are scam

    Two days ago i found out interesting page for YouTube keyword research with name I tried to subscribe for early access of tool but i found out there using phishing metode to clear whole MetaMask wallet. They only accept crypto, but there is no wallet where to send. I will explain...
  17. S

    Scammed by (stay away!)

    Hey, just a quick public service announcement. Few days ago I was looking for a Sam Woods AI copywriting course. I stumbled upon on a sub-reddit called GreatXCourses where the owner recommended heading over to their website to get it. Followed the link, scrolled to the bottom where I found...
  18. PinnerMe

    Warning: Fraudulent Seller on the Forum - My Experience with @svensbr

    I am writing to share my unfortunate experience with the seller svensbr, who I believe is a fraudulent seller. I purchased an account from him and sent a 250 EUR payment using Wise, but after receiving my payment, he disappeared and stopped responding to my messages. I trusted his VIP account...
  19. J

    Seotooladda, Flikover scam?

    Hello, I have been using seotooladda and everything was clean. Now, if I want to access Ahrefs, they are requesting manual verification - demanding phone number, Facebook profile, and other social profiles links I have seen only one comment saying that he got hacked by them (by using their...
  20. fizzapong

    I seem to have met a liar

    Hi Guys, I seem to have met a scammer. I'm looking for a Guest Post. $600 order. But paypa buyer protection seems to have frozen the payment. This person asked me to pay him on another account. And he seems to be very eager to withdraw the balance. I have been looking for a partner at BHW for...
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