1. Johnik

    [JV] My Token Creation Tool + Your marketing to crypto audience

    I've created an online tool to create BEP20 tokens and I need someone who can drive traffic that will convert. I am willing to split 50/50 for every sale you bring in. Please, contact me only if you already have experience with marketing to the crypto audience.
  2. OliverLukac

    Your Best Joint Venture Partnership

    Curious to know What is the best JV Partnership you got involved in? You don't have to specify, if you don't feel like it Just give us some numbers and a little bit of a backstory if you can
  3. prey24

    (JV) Your Digital Agency's Client Base + My Services = Your Growth

    So, you have started your agency and also started getting some primary clients maybe local ones or from friends and family. And now you need designers, developers, or marketers (acc to your client's need) to complete the order. Most of the fresh agencies face this problem of employees because...
  4. EloquentGentleman

    Gain Additional Income w/ My ORM Software + Your Local Business Clients

    I have an Online Reputation Management software that I charge $249 per month to clients (If you want you could charge client more). Looking for people who would like to partner up and provide this software to their clients and we can split revenue 50/50. I can even complete the setup process for...
  5. R

    [JV] Your google threshold account + My campaign

    If you have a google threshold account that doesn't get suspended (payment issues or circumventing policy) then I would like you to be part of my JV. My campaigns are usually breaking even when running on a normal google ads account that why it would be better for threshold account to get more...
  6. prey24

    [JV] My services + Your Fiver/Freelancer/Upwork/Seoclerk accs = $$

    Hey, I can provide you social managing and web designing services and I need someone who have accs on freelancing sites in a good standing. I can split profit into 50/50 You can contact me for more information about my services, pls only if you are super interested.
  7. jeffro89

    You bring the High Quality content + i do the rest

    Looking for a long term content creator, better yet, a full blown copywriter. Nt holding my breath finding one on BHW but you gotta try! Looking to go into aff sites hard. Need someone who will have the same hunger and need for the site or sites to succeed. Not someone who is looking to write...
  8. fxkool

    [JV] Your Product + My Bing account

    Hi There, I need people who'd want to promote their products/services/CPAs/affiliates with Bing Ads. My account is on good standing now and I am also willing to pay for the ads when needed, but the ROI should be reasonable enough so that I'll cover my ads expenses and of course make some...
  9. Elvlin

    Looking for partner to resell my Handmade Product.

    i have handmade accesoris like hairpin, headband, baby headband, hairclip, bracelet . looking for someone to help me resell the product. btw i dont' have store at etsy atm. example of product Pm me your offer, and how to cooperate.
  10. ripmyfriend

    My Clients+ My Traffic+ My Apps and Your Females Models= $$$/Week

    Hi Folks, Here's a Good Money Making JV. I manage a couple of Dating Apps on the Google Playstore. We have more Male users base than females. So, now we need females user base. What I have: 1. Dating Apps 2. Traffic (Males User base) What You Need To Provide: 1. Female Members (Age...
  11. anton609

    Boom 5 months later I'm back with another OnlyFans thread, hoping to JV with some of you

    So my last post was around July back then i was just getting the hang of OF first time i ever heard of OF -_- one of my gf's asked me to help her with her OF since she knows i'm in the online industry bla bla bla you can read full story here -->>...
  12. Josh Saga

    [JV] My Course Vault and your Ads

    Hello all, I have a Course Vault and it currently has $250,000+ worth of Digital Marketing courses + e-books and access is priced at $29 It is updated bi-weekly to monthly (depending on releases) I'm currently running FB ads on this but sales are slow- I haven't optimized properly yet with...
  13. fmbaba01

    [JV] Your 1-click/Sweeps/Auction et al Offers & Engagement + Our SMS (multi countries) leads = $$$$

    As the Joint venture implies, if you have capacity to engage multiple thousands or millions of SMS/call leads and have good 1Click/sweeps/auctions or others, we might work together. We can supply multiple countries leads on an agreeable terms and with good monitoring/tracking, while you...
  14. iloveubanij

    [JV] Looking for someone who can generate traffic from websites.

    Currently, I've one site which has the potential to get niche-specific traffic but I'm failing in it as I'm not the one who is good with it but, I would like to do jv with someone who is experienced enough to generate traffic from websites. I've offers for the traffic, all I need a developer or...
  15. GainTheImpossible

    Ok so my website just got approved by Adsense, want to JV to increase traffic and income? We share 50/50!

    Well, you may be wondering, "Ok, so what am I supposed to do?" The website is one month old(1 and a half at best) almost all the traffic comes from US/UK/DE(Tier 1) Already ranks for 35 keywords(100+ organic traffic). The pic shows 50, but it's yet to be updated. THE WEBSITE HAS POTENTIAL...
  16. GainTheImpossible

    My Medium Partner Account, My Articles + Your Traffic = $$$$$ (We share 50/50)

    As the title says. Looking for people who could bring lots of targeted traffic to read/view the Medium articles. What I got: -Medium Partner Approved Account(With real ID, Address, Tax Info) - Living In Germany. - Articles(I usually write myself or just get someone to do it; you can help...
  17. GainTheImpossible

    Your Clients + My writing skills = $ Let's JV for a better life ;).

    This time I will make it simple so everyone can understand my idea of JV. For some time, I've been around here and saw and learned many things while just watching people argue. I open this JV intending to create something out of nothing. Yes, it is possible! My idea consists of combining our...
  18. GainTheImpossible

    MY KGR(a.k.a rank instantly keywords) + your website = $

    Hi, I am looking for someone willing to get easy-to-rank Keywords(KGR) and rank their article faster than it'd usually be. Are you sick of paying serious $$$ for KGR? Then stop! I am here for your website now. Your skills(requirements): No necessary skills. Have a website that gets already...
  19. GainTheImpossible

    Your management + My website + AdSense = $

    Hello there! I have been lookin for someone to manage one of my websites on VPS. What i expect from you? Daily writing, manage the Facebook, etc. This is a website : techsall.com -> I got the VPS paid for 1 year. A really decent VPS! You will get access to wordpress only as administrator...
  20. igotitfirst

    [ JV ] My high converting offers + Your Adwords Threshold accounts= 50/50 profit

    Hello guys, I am looking for someone who can create an unlimited Google Ads threshold account ( either with VCC or Paypal) as a partnership (Joint- venture) with me. I have high converting pay per call offers, and we can easily make some $$$. This is how it will work: 1) You create a Google...