1. IM-Rafi

    [JV] My VA + Your client

    Hi, As title says, I have a team of 10 people. They knows HTML, CSS, Basic WordPress (Installing, little customisation, migration etc) Scraping, Lead generation etc etc. Basically they are Jack of all trades master of none. Let me know if you are interested. So we can discuss and start a JV...
  2. Promise Obi

    JV with Stripe

    I'm looking for a JV with a stripe account holder. My country doesn't support Stripe, so that's why I want the JV. Stripe account should at least be a month old, Payments are weekly summing up to at least $5k Only Jr VIP.. send a message let's discuss more
  3. GainTheImpossible

    My Marketing + Hosting + Advertising + Writing and Your Game Cheat Developing Skills

    This goes easy. I have a great idea from which we can get a lot of income. I need a game developer. You must be good at: Developing cheats/hacks for games You must KNOW how to bypass anti-cheats You must NOT be a reseller I will bring: Advertising for the cheat Overall, a complete...
  4. Pythagore

    [JV] Your NSFW Sites + My Sales

    Hello, I am looking for partners with one or more NSFW sites for sale. I know a very good place to sell them. People have big budgets there. You must be ok to accept payment through an escrow (escrow.com, Flippa escrow...or whatever you want) We can discuss the %, but I'm going for 30%...
  5. oFuel

    [JV] My NFT Collectibles / P2E Project + My Development Skills & Artwork + Your Marketing Skills

    Hey, I have kick started a NFT Collectibles + Play-to-Earn project for which I have already completed the art work, web site development and significant work on smart contracts. I am at a stage where we can start distribution of NFT collectibles in exchange for BNB and BUSD, and the buyers can...
  6. GTRZ

    Our 3D/ 2D NFT's/ NFT Design Services - Your Marketing Skills

    Hi, We need some people who are willing to promote our services or NFT's where possible and share profits. We have been creating 3d/ 2D Nft's for the past few months and looking to expand our services and art. We have already sold hundreds of NFT's on Opensea and are Also, currently selling NFT...
  7. sony1

    [JV] My digital ebook about YouTube Monetization + Your traffic

    Hi, i have created a digital product (ebook) based on my own personally tested method for completing 1k subs and 4000 hours watchtime in 10-15 days max without spending any money. I have written the Ebook with screenshots to explain everything. I do not have much experience and traffic...
  8. Geth_Prime

    [JV] My Unlimited Valid B2B Emails + Your Sending Capability

    Hi guys. To cut to the chase, my offering: Unlimited B2B emails (first name, niche/industry, company, location) Verify those emails My service offerings or yours Optional: I can help you warm up your emails too What I need: Your B2B sending capability (SMTP and experience) Your email copy (...
  9. WarLords

    My Paid Ads Network Sources | Domains Hostings| and Affiliate Networks + Your Proven Technical Setup | High Converting Offers = $$$$

    So am going to make this quite simple and short :), I can provide ad networks with some payment solutions(reloadable my vccs). What I Can Bring to the Table? Small Budget Traffic networks include: FBAds Old Google Ads ( Rare but I have some now to start with) Some Native Ads Networks Like...
  10. splendiddog

    My High Ticket Offers + Your Work = Lots of $$$$

    I'm in agency space for a while now with few people and we are looking to scale very fast. We have proven offers, case studies, websites and templates already. What we don't have? TIME. That's where we need you to helpus scale very high and fast. What type of persons am I looking for? 1...
  11. paulomackta

    JV - You market a portfolio of new crypto tokens, you get 50% profits

    Thanks for considering my jv. I am looking to jv with a marketing expert who can create the hype and market our portfolio of new crypto tokens. You get 50% profits, we add 40% to liquidity, and the rest goes to continuous development. DM me if you're interested, and I'd be happy to discuss...
  12. splendiddog

    [JV] My offers + Your cold outreach experience

    I have a very high ticket offer that I'm scaling currently with emails. It's taking lot of time for us to setup emails, warm up and send the emails, so this is the reason for jv, to outsource it. I need someone who can do cold emails on large scale. $400 for every client you send and we...
  13. sercilo

    [JV] My services for media buyers + your clients/niche traffic

    Hello, I am a seller in BHW and I'm selling Facebook accounts and virtual cards. My target audience are active media buyers, mostly working in sensitive niches that need FB accounts and VCCs on the regular. I am looking for people to JV with, that can help me to get new customers. Ideally, you...
  14. Ontealdon

    My SaaS Product (Subscription) + Your Cold E-Mail Skills

    Hi everyone, For the past year, I've been building micro-SaaS products that bring multiple 5-figures each month. Now, I'm rolling out a new one that I believe will sell a lot. Good thing is, it's a product that I've created with a specific group of people in mind, who are willing to invest in...
  15. Johnik

    [JV] My Token Creation Tool + Your marketing to crypto audience

    I've created an online tool to create BEP20 tokens and I need someone who can drive traffic that will convert. I am willing to split 50/50 for every sale you bring in. Please, contact me only if you already have experience with marketing to the crypto audience.
  16. OliverLukac

    Your Best Joint Venture Partnership

    Curious to know What is the best JV Partnership you got involved in? You don't have to specify, if you don't feel like it Just give us some numbers and a little bit of a backstory if you can
  17. EloquentGentleman

    Gain Additional Income w/ My ORM Software + Your Local Business Clients

    I have an Online Reputation Management software that I charge $249 per month to clients (If you want you could charge client more). Looking for people who would like to partner up and provide this software to their clients and we can split revenue 50/50. I can even complete the setup process for...
  18. R

    [JV] Your google threshold account + My campaign

    If you have a google threshold account that doesn't get suspended (payment issues or circumventing policy) then I would like you to be part of my JV. My campaigns are usually breaking even when running on a normal google ads account that why it would be better for threshold account to get more...
  19. prey24

    [JV] My services + Your Fiver/Freelancer/Upwork/Seoclerk accs = $$

    Hey, I can provide you social managing and web designing services and I need someone who have accs on freelancing sites in a good standing. I can split profit into 50/50 You can contact me for more information about my services, pls only if you are super interested.
  20. jeffro89

    You bring the High Quality content + i do the rest

    Looking for a long term content creator, better yet, a full blown copywriter. Nt holding my breath finding one on BHW but you gotta try! Looking to go into aff sites hard. Need someone who will have the same hunger and need for the site or sites to succeed. Not someone who is looking to write...