1. neverpooragain

    My affiliate program / your marketing expertise to bring in affiliates

    Hi, I am looking for an experienced marketer who has the knowledge to grow my group of affiliates. My affiliates get $98.5 commission for every sale. You'll get 25% for every sale your affiliates make. My product is an online course providing the opportunity of creating an online business. DM...
  2. S

    [JV] My video editing skills + Your clients or Monetized Channels.

    Hey! As the title says, I am a video editor by default(LOL). I love art in general so turning something into a 'piece of art' is basically what I spend my time on...
  3. ratrace

    TikTok shop in Indonesia!

    Dear Members, I have a thrilling opportunity for experienced TikTok shop marketers who have been successful in another country and are now seeking collaboration to dominate the Indonesian market. I manage an ID-approved TikTok seller account based in Indonesia and am on the lookout for an...
  4. AllOutAnime

    [JV] High Quality SMM - My Instagram Automation + Your Clients

    You can check my journey for credibility: https://www.blackhatworld.com/seo/my-journey-to-greatness.1516469/ Selling SMM services is extremely popular but most of the time the quality and support of those panels is very poor. I know there are many people that pay good money for quality...
  5. mr_helium

    [JV] - Your SEO/Niche Blogging + My Photography Business

    I am a wedding photographer of 7 years, and I have to re-branding because I am re-locating. Since it's a new domain, it has not ranked yet. The domain is www.[Brand]weddings.com, so a good start for a blog already. Looking to do niche and local SEO blogging to rank and booking more weddings...
  6. Promise Obi

    Your Web3 community my product

    I'm trying to promote a new Web3 Dex to at least 10 users using the product. It's a new platform with literally a small community. I'm looking to collaborate with a token/Marketer that can help me promote this product within 2 weeks. Pay is guaranteed Hit me up let's work
  7. IamNRE

    JV Million dollar business

    Happy new year. I used to think doing things alone is best for business, now that I'm older and wiser I realize teams are needed to get big things done. You can't do everything by yourself. I'm looking to put together a 4 person team (ideally other Jr VIPs) and test a few non-J curve...
  8. edindesign

    My Spotify Accounts and Tools + Your Marketing and Clients

    Hello guys, I am looking for a partner. I have 200k spotify accounts around 20k premium accounts and i have tools (bots) that can jump into accounts and we can use them for live streaming, for listening song and videos and for farming. I want somebody who would have clients and promote this...
  9. Carlods99

    [JV] Make Passive Money by renting your Ebay Account to us (Max 10 people)

    Hello everyone :) I am offering a good JV/Second income to you! If you have an eBay account that you don't know how to use or you want an extra income. What do I need?;) eBay account at least 8 months old with email, cellphone, bank account and documents verified. Access to the bank, if you...
  10. L

    Our Models - Your time

    As summer gradually transitions to a close, we're gearing up for a focused effort to increase our earnings during the upcoming fall and winter seasons. We're actively seeking individuals to join our venture. Who are we? We are a group of seasoned affiliates with extensive experience in the...
  11. IamNRE

    businessman / manager wanted for [JV] Earn upto $10k+ per month

    I'm looking for someone trustworthy from any of the following countries that would like to setup a business with me & my business partner. Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Gibraltar, Greece, Hong...
  12. Apexworks

    My Domains & Web Hosting Accounts + Your Web Design Skills & Content

    I own +2000 domains, mostly generic keyword domains, all are more than a decade old. I'm looking for a JV partner who has time on their hands, and web design and content creation experience. We develop one domain at a time (or many, up to you). We develop, monetize then flip them and split the...
  13. Kamilion

    JV with my 600+ Quora Accounts

    Hi I have aged 600+ quora accounts with many answers,upvote,comments,shares and views. Accounts are born on January, March and April. Profile with images and all has answers. Looking for JV, comment your offers.
  14. 4

    Our DEX Automated Market Maker for NFTs + Your outreach to NFT projects that want to join our platform and add their NFTs to it = $1000 per project

    Our AMM (Automated Market Maker) DEX for NFTs is getting traction. We have many partners and investors. Dozens of NFT projects have joined but we are looking for more NFT projects/ collections, both new and existing NFT projects. We are looking for several people (or 1 person) who can reach out...
  15. blackcommoner

    My coding skill + your tinder live accounts creation idea = Huge potentiality

    Dear friends, I am looking for someone for JV who is experienced on tinder live accounts creation. I will code bot and automation based on your idea. I developed tinder bot, and ran for many years. It was working good until it got new update. And i am too much busy on maintaining my projects...
  16. Iwanttowin

    [JV] Looking for a skilled web developer team

    Hi, I have a well-established file download website, the files are 1-300 GB in size respectively. I want to introduce Saas for faster download. I currently provide fast downloads for free. i am planning to provide free users with a 1mbps speed of download and paid users will be given unlimited...
  17. B

    My team of develoeprs + your clients

    Hi, I have a team of developers, and your method of getting clients, (you can use freelancers sites or what ever you like) I am looking to partner up with more than one, I am willing to offer 30 - 40%
  18. J

    [JV] Your Clients + My Branding Skills

    I'm looking for serious Partners to get us Clients wanting to build their Brand, including: - Web Design - Logo / Graphics - Email Marketing Service (Copywriting + cold Mailing) - Content creation (Keywords research + Content) Please if interested send dm. Only serious inquiries.
  19. seancoder

    [JV] Your Targeted Leads/Sales/Traffic my Plugin and Bots

    Ive a plugin(Crypto Related) and couple of bots that I would like have some sales generated. Interested in partnering with folks who can drive targeted traffic and sales or have a host of clients that might fit. Would split 60%-40% per sale which should be fair enough.
  20. GainTheImpossible

    My Native English Speaker Writers + Your Clients = $$$

    Hello guys, Looking for a JV and I need someone with existing clients. My writers (I currently have 2 people) who can write pretty much anything: - Amazon product reviews - Lists of the top 10/15/30/50 - "How to" articles - Best "hair product" (as an example) - Blog articles - With the...
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