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Jun 1, 2018
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We're constantly working on improving BHW and making the forum a safer place that's easier for everyone to use. That means we're pretty much always making updates on the back end and behind the scenes. If we're doing it right, then 9 times out of 10 you won't notice that we've done anything at all, or you might just go to do something and think 'Hey, that was easier than last time'.

But sometimes, you might find things are a little slower or glitchy while we're making changes. We'd rather keep you in the loop when we're up to stuff, because we're nice like that. So, here commences our update thread! Whenever we're working on something we will let you know here. 90% of the time we won't post here we're not a "bug fixes and updates" crew. So we'll only post when it makes sense to.

If you do ever run into issues or think something isn't working as it should be, let us know with a support ticket, or by posting in the Forum Suggestions and Feedback. Wherever you can, it always helps us to have as much information as possible, so screenshots and lots of details are very much appreciated. We'd like to keep forum support and ideas for improvement in those channels, so please don't use this thread to discuss them.

The updates we post here will, at times, be vague. That's intentional. You guys understand that a lot of the internal stuff has to stay under our hats in order to keep the forum secure. I'm sure you'll forgive us this little bit of mystique, when it's required. Rest assured, when updates are front-facing, you'll get the full low-down.
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27th October 2020: Auto thread bumping for marketplace sellers

This week we've released an add-on that will help sellers on the marketplace connect with their buyers, whilst staying within the forum thread bumping rules.

It shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone that we have rules in place to prevent marketplace thread bumping. But now we have implemented a change to support those rules.

You can find out more about why we’ve released this functionality in this dedicated thread.
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9 November 2020 Live feed: Custom home page

We’ve released a way for BHW members to create their very own personalised home page. For the time being, it’s only available to paid members, so that they can play with it and test our resources before we consider making it available to anyone else.

Find out more about this new functionality with our detailed walkthrough and video.
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23 November 2020: Email provider updates

In the last week or so we've been sorting out email-related gremlins. We aren't going into details on this internal update, but you shouldn't notice any issues. In fact, you might find things a little smoother. As ever, if you do have any problems, please just let us know.
7 December 2020: Image serving update

Due to a post from @redarrow in Forum Suggestions and Feedback, we were able to identify an issue with images not appearing in a few unique circumstances. This has now been resolved and all images are once again live for all users.
For details on how to post an image in your threads please visit How to: add images to your posts
5 February 2021: Newsletter links

Following feedback from forum users, we have now stopped using links in the newsletter PM. This change came into effect as of 1 February 2021.
We've hired two new in-house moderators who have passed their probationary periods.

You all know BTB well, but for those of you who don't, not only have they put in loads of time cleaning up the forum, but they were one of our top volunteer moderators. Naturally, we couldn't pass up the chance of officially hiring them on as an in-house staff member.

@BassTrackerBoats is now helping us manage the marketplace through training any new in-house marketplace reviewers and by reviewing services.

Echo was hired on after responding to our job listing. Not only do they have a lot of experience in the industry, but they've shown a great aptitude for learning how to review threads and have already made some great suggestions on improving the marketplace.
Rule 5.1 update for clarity. "Your banner should not contain claims which are false, misleading, non-quantifiable or passing off such as "Position 1 guarantee" ........"
BHW will be down for a couple of hours on the morning of Tuesday, May 25th BST (London UK time) for essential maintenance related to the ongoing development of the BHW forum.

This relates to core functionality and won't have an immediate impact on your enjoyment of the forum but will allow us to provide future updates in the coming months.

We will provide regular updates on our progress and expect to have the forum fully operational again the same day.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause. But it'll be worth it. :)
A minor update was pushed out this morning some of the updates include:
  • Improvements to the Rich Text Editor experience.
  • Improved checks on a user's "about" section display.
  • Fix height resize / aspect control on some embedded attached images.
  • Mobile display optimisation on some devices.
  • Security updates.
  • Improved adblocker notifications.
  • Other backend improvements.

As usual any account-based issues please log a ticket with support.
Any suggestions and feedback on all things BHW please post them here
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