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    Hi to all,

    Here the deal, make a message in a group, ping and see with stats results, for the moment 2 real visits it's me and 10 pages seen i do a little pingomatic submission.


    1- do not see all pinging with sites more than 10 sites when you submit in pingomatic, here the list

    Results: Ping sent. Ping sent. Feed Burner Ping sent. Syndic8 Ping sent. NewsGator Ping sent. My Yahoo! Ping sent. Ping sent. Blogdigger Ping sent. BlogStreet Ping sent. Moreover Ping sent. Weblogalot Ping sent. Icerocket Ping sent. News Is Free Ping sent. Topic Exchange Ping sent. Google Blog Search Ping sent. Spinn3r Ping sent. Bloglines Ping sent. PostRank Ping sent. SkyGrid Ping sent. Collecta Ping sent.
    of course waiting a little and do it again in a moment changing content do not know if the game is good or not, just want to know if it is good to update content as often as you can

    so let's test and have a look