1. R

    I need someone for Stress testing for my website

    Hi, I need some to stress test a website for me, If anyone can do it contact me please. Thanks
  2. Orozuz

    How long to test this? (Gone Wrong)

    Hi. So, I've been testing some new stuff (new for me) and as usual, is converting zero and generating zero income. I can't trust my criteria anymore, so, I rather ask: for how long do you test a method, until you abandon it and start another one? (making literally zero, not slow or...
  3. bytebandit

    [FREE] Gathering All Members from Telegram Groups / Channels!

    Hello, awesome BHW community! Today, I am excited to present a unique offering to this fantastic community that has been a consistent source of knowledge and inspiration over the years. In my ongoing efforts to give back, I am providing a FREE service to gather all members from your Telegram...
  4. bytebandit

    [FREE] 500-1000 Telegram Members (NON-DROP) for Your Public Channels/Groups!

    Hello, wonderful BHW community! I hope this post finds everyone in good spirits. Today, I come bearing gifts for this amazing community that has showered me with immense value over the years. In a bid to give back and express my gratitude, I am offering FREE Telegram members to any public...
  5. Test 2

    Test 2

  6. Test 1

    Test 1

  7. Castamir

    Please let me know what you think about this landing page design

    Hello, so I made a dummy version of a simple landing page which I intend to use later. Disregard the text and the cheap domain, how user friendly is the design? Basically, what I need is a simple landing page, but I need to know if it's too simple. https://historyofaguleri.site/
  8. MgicalaEarner

    Wtf is this, This BS nft sold for $270k

    this is really crazy https://hypebeast.com/2021/9/ftx-nft-handwritten-test-270k-usd
  9. ForSpam

    Checking OFFERS with 100$ and Facebook Ads

    Hi BlackHatWorld Im want starting blog here. With simple idea: take 100$ and 1 offer then i start ads in facebook. Will be provide detailed info about: -Results -Creatives -Software what im using And in this thread im don't anything sell. ©ForSpam
  10. GainTheImpossible

    Doing a test with blasting 2.5mil backlinks on my website

    I open this thread for those who are curious about my test. The test is: blast my website with 2.5 mil backlinks ->> GSA blasts. I consider them "safe" because the lists are good. Anyway, I will be waiting on the results(3-5 weeks) then I will update this post with what happened. Rank or...
  11. X

    [Beta Testers] QuestionPulse: Desktop-Based Quora Monitoring & Alert System

    Hi BHW, I've created a new desktop-based tool that constantly monitors Quora for new question questions with the keywords you've entered, stores them in a database, can email them and the URL to you, and can send push notifications to your mobile device(s) when new questions are found so you...
  12. Crewchief007

    CoronaVirus Test Results Came Back Negative - So Why The Tears?

    This is why you cry after testing negative for covid-19!
  13. rajlorfel

    Questions on using Adroll to promote CPA offer(s)

    Good day, I am not sure if this is the right (sub)forum to ask. I have some questions regarding using Adroll (to promote a CPA offer - a dating offer) as I am relatively new to using this platform and also relatively new to CPA. I am doing a first test on this offer. Questions: 1. If I am...
  14. Myitsolutions

    FREE - I will give Fiverr SEO Test - 5 Persons Only

    Mod edit: content removed due to potential security risk
  15. Turan

    I'm looking IG followers

    I'm looking IG followers service. Do you know which smm panels give the test balance?
  16. A

    My Trip In Making Money Online

    Hello BHW members! So this is my first thread and I love this site because it's very very useful and you guys are helping a lot and sharing methods (for free or for money) is extremely helpful. I want to start my first post here with my journey in making money online. First of all, I am from...
  17. RSocks

    Mobile proxy

  18. R

    Can someone rate my site speed?

    Here is my site I am confused with my site speed as all speed test sites are showing different results don't think I am promoting my site. Please check homepage and at least one webpage and comment me how the speed is:techbroot.com
  19. Elin Dotsya

    What Is Your Dungeons & Dragons Alignment?

    I pretty much always get True Neutral. Here's the test: http://easydamus.com/alignmenttest.html
  20. donut020

    how to properly test keywords on Bing/Adwords?

    let's say I have a huge List of 1000 buyer keywords, would you target them one-by-one (in different AdSets each) to see which one converts? How long do you run them and when do you say the Keyword is a winner/loser? I read it's recommended to wait for at least 100 clicks but i think i'll burn a...
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