1. strafe_

    How can I reach artists and musical producers with my Facebook Ads?

    Hi everyone, I'm about to create a series of ads for Playback and Giggles services on YouTube and Spotify on Facebook Ads. These ads will be directed towards artists, producers, and anyone who uploads content to these networks. I'm about to create a series of ads which show my pre-production...
  2. C


    Hi, Folks! I'm really new to things like that, and I've been reading the forum for hours to find a clear answer, but I couldn't find anything definitive. Such automated views and bot visits as offered (or preferably sold, lol) by Diabolic, what do you use them for? Is it to rank an Amazon...
  3. Hassan Amin


    Hello, how do I get a wide spread in Reddit and great visits to my site

    Is there a way to exchange auto-surfing with manual visits?

    Hello you guys. I need a way to exchange auto-surfing credits with manual visits to my offer/website/Social Media. Have you in mind a website that offers just that? Thanks in advance for any replies.
  5. KJREDDY247@

    Paris: be aware of pickpocketers

    Been to many cities in Europe this year but paris is the one single place where every one that I interacted with suggested me is to "be aware of pick pickpocketers" Stayed there for 4 days and saw around 4-5 times different people were crying for the same. I am not even talking about the places...

    UK Only Traffic/Visits Long Term Partnership

    Hi, I am looking for unique UK traffic/visits - low bounce rate. I am looking for a long term partner that can provide an exponential and natural growth of the traffic. Thank you for your time.
  7. Sartanion

    How to earn with lot of ppc unique visits?

    Hey!! :) I registered at otohits in past for one project I was doing and I forgot that I ran their vps app for whole time. Now I have lot of pts and I dont know what to do with it, is there any site that could pay me when I redirect visitors there? I am sure there is , but I cant find the...
  8. J4r0sl4v

    I need Spanish visitors to a website :D

    :) I need Spanish visitors to a website (not Latin America) :) I don't care if they are bots or whatever. :) The visitors can be from mobile or desktop (or mix) doesn't matter. But this is IMPORTANT :eek: On google analytics, the visitors should look organic. That means they can't be 100%...
  9. Testimonik

    Best-Paying CPM Networks for 1-2 Million Visits Per Month

    Hello, I look for the best-paying CPM networks with high requirements. I got a pretty big Porn Site but I currently use ExoClick for Ads on my site and they are paying pretty poor rates to me... I got around 450-500k Impressions per day. If anyone has a good CPM Network for a website with this...
  10. sev7n

    Getting traffic on Facebook?

    Hello friends, Lately I'm posting in groups and are giving a lot of work and getting a few visits. (Most often the group administrators, exclude my post) What better way to get traffic on facebook?
  11. A

    How can I successfully launch my blog?

    And how to get more followers on my social media pages so fast? Any tips please
  12. nappz

    Google Analytics Of 80k Unique Visits Per Day Of Health Niche

    Hi All, i have access to an analytics account which has 70-80k unique visitors per day. How can I make use of that account to profit ? Things that come to mind are- Organic Keywords - look for most searched and write articles on it Adsense Pages - Again sort by descending and write on those...
  13. shahbaztamboli

    What is a Method to Traffic by Keywords or Reffral

    Hey Hello BHW I have a Question how can i get the Traffic by a Keyword and Referral without using adwords Campaign I have used Jingling it is a good tool when i set for a Referral i only gets 1 to 2 Visit from Referral and after that all the Traffic are from Direct Source so My Question is...
  14. BizFx

    Need monetizing ideas: I can get many visits (check-ins) for FB pages

    I can get many visits (check-ins) for FB pages. FB only lets you check in once every day, so this is a slow process for someone that wants to get hundreds/thousands of visits to his page. But I can get hundreds of them a day. I mean real ones, not using a bot and not using fake accounts from...
  15. N

    Here is a question from a Newbie: Does website visits increase your rankings?

    Does website visits increase your rankings? Yes? No? Maybe? How does it play a roll if any?
  16. M

    Need more reall traffic to my site as a Personal Trainer

    I need your guys advice on this: I'm a Personal Trainer and trying to reach as many people as I can. I build a website where everyone can find all the basic info & they can also hire me as a Personal Trainer. Now these days I really want to increase my real visitors to help even more people...
  17. T

    745 Clicks/7 Visits/0 Sales Shall i Continue jvzoo?

    Shall i Continue in jvzoo? because, i reached 745 clicks/7 visits/0 sales suggest me please.........
  18. K

    How to increase visits a new site (Download Movies)?

    Good morning, I'm wanting to set up a Blog (Movies To Download) but would like to increase his visits soon to start, could anyone help?
  19. Z

    Fake website visits and their benefits

    So I have been poking around on the site a lot of and I've heard a few times from different members that the new algorithm values hi PR and lots of visits. I've used services in the past like maxvisits and had some positive improvement but it's also high bounce rate visits which I've understood...
  20. briptech

    Scrapebox new browser based ping mode: anyone using it with success?

    Hello BHWers, I have read that Scrapebox is now offering a browser based ping mode (in addition to the old ping mode). It looks like this feature can inflate page views on sites, but also on YT videos as well. Is anyone using it with success? Any guides available? Thanks in advance.
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