1. E

    Looking for a PING CALL expert

    We need to complete our project to perform (telephone) ping calls on our market. Currently, our concern is : which (or what kind of) telephone operator choose to terminate our outcalls, in order to not being billed for these unsuccessful connections. We can understand, develop, try solutions...
  2. E

    Is Pingler any good?

    On there home page, there is an introduction video, where the guy claim that the links you ping get index faster and you get more traffic. Really? Please enlighten me HOW?
  3. tina007

    need suggestion for ping site

    anybody used this www,pingmylinks,com is it harmful for my blog if i auto submit 1723 directories? do i need again directory submission?
  4. A

    Tool, plugin to ping all post of a wordpress site or drip them somehow

    I have a site with 5000 post/products I want to get these posts indexed by pinging them all just like they would ping if i were to create/update them. Is there a tool that would auto ping x posts/products a day or somehow update 500-1000 posts a day so they would get pinged? Or what would be...
  5. UrbanMedusa

    Pinging 2016

    What are the best websites/ways to ping a website in 2016?
  6. sweetiepee

    Do you ping your backlinks in hope from them to be index faster?

    Hi Everybody, I hope all is well with everyone on this wonderful forum :)! OK, so I have had fiverr gigs building backlinks to a particular domain(301 site). I have a quick question since I have received the backlink reports from the sellers should I have those backlinks pinged for the purpose...
  7. J

    Help! My Pinterest boards got delisted by Google and I didn't know pinging is black hat!

    Hi everyone, Help! My Pinterest boards got delisted by Google after pinging just ONCE for each board! Used Pingler. Only 1 board got a second ping. At first 1 board got #2 on search then after pinging about a total of 4-5 boards in just a few days I see my boards no longer on search! How to...
  8. FormerBoxer

    Pinging Backlinks

    Whats up guys, I been creating niche related backlinks to some of my keywords that are on the 2nd and 3rd page... I'm trying to get to that 1st page. Should I Ping those links? If so any recommendations? Also, you think some of these niche related links I'm creating will push it to the 1st...
  9. P

    How to get my EDU/GOV backlinks to show in AHREFS ??

    Hi there! My niches are german. I have set a couple of edu and gov backlinks on forum profiles, in comments etc. I also pinged them with german and english ping services. But the problem is, only ONE has been indexed (which I see in ahrefs). So what is the problem? Is there a way...
  10. P

    [HELP] Need ping auto script.

    I need ping auto script when someone click my url/page url then the script send auto ping to google or ping o matic. I need suggestion from People here, Is there any possibility? If yes please help me thanks. Paketb
  11. g4m3r

    [GET] Bulk Ping Free - Index links as fast as possible

    Bulk Ping is the best software to index your links as fast as possible. Ping THOUSANDS of Links each second Index your Links in just a MINUTE Free LIFETIME support and updates Free to use demo version Easy to use Get your FREE license now: Step 1...
  12. J

    PageRank(PR) go down by Ping content Search Engines?

    I'm having 10 technology oriented blogs,recently updates held in Google. In that updates my PR(Page Rank) was down. But am used unique content only so am analyses how my PR is down? But regularly i was doing Edit,Remove and image Alt text editing in that post.when am doing this work ping into...
  13. WebmasterWorkforce - one of the best free ping services out there is no longer free..

    Whenever I would run across a thread talking about free ping websites I would always suggest Well, that has just changed - because they just changed. I was wondering why there all of a sudden was a que to get pinged over the last week or so, well now I know. You can still submit...
  14. PartyNeon

    INSTANTLY Index Any Link! (Without Pinging!)

    I've been using a very nice tip that will index any page without pinging. After doing this... my pages show up in the SERPs in seconds! Google+ Profile Shares Here's How it Works: Unlike simply +1'ing a URL, a Google+ "link share" must be done from a profile page. You can't simply throw a...
  15. PartyNeon

    To Ping or Not to Ping. That is the question!

    With all the talk about Google looking for new ways to catch SEO, people always wonder if they should ping links. I don't know the right answer, I don't think anyone does... But I can give my own insight. Ping these links: Web 2.0's 3rd/4th tier links that might not get crawled automatically...
  16. J

    is it necessary to ping my backlinks to get indexed?

    Ok so here is my seo blueprint Tier 1 - i have web 2.0 pointing to my money site created with senukex Tier 2 - i then scrape wikis with scrapebox & blast using EWP which point to 2/3 of my web 2.0 Tier 3 - scrapebox/xrumer blast to wiki links this is what i have accomplished so far, i plan...
  17. M

    BLACK HAT PRO needed! Email pinging system required

    Hi there, I currently am receiving facebook scrapped emails and a high bounce rate when I try to market our products. I need a system put into place that'd allow me to send re-engagement email campaigns to our actual customers and that'd allow me to send emails to those scrapped facebook...
  18. R

    [req] Pinging 20k URLs w/ Scrapebox

    This is just a test
  19. UnixGuy Make's free back links and many many other things free!!!

    Hello everyone i would like to share a tool i use daily with great results its called bulkping and pretty much you just put your url in and add your keywords your trying to rank for and thats it will do anywhere from 1000 to 3000 backlinks with high pr its a great tool and its free Check it...
  20. N

    Ping multiple pages at once

    Does anyone know of a website that will let me Ping multiple pages at once? I have a blog of around 280 individual pages. Normally i just use sites like googleping or pingates but i only input my homepage. Is there a site where i could input all my URL's at once?
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