1. iammunna

    80K+ LIVE views! How they do that??

    It is IPL season and facebook pages streaming live match and gaining insane number of views, followers and getting monetization. I have attached screenshots. How they are streaming live IPL match? I have tried to stream live match in my page but guess what? When I just put IPL Live match...
  2. X

    Alternative Monetization Method For FB/Facebook Babes/Girls Pages/Groups After FB/Facebook Instant Article gone

    Intro: I have facebook pages and groups with USA/UK/CA/AUS pages with 99% Men audience. I can generate more. Monetization: I was getting $15-30 per 1k visits on fb instant article. With the amount of traffic I currently own I was generating $2k-3k per day. Issue: Facebook have retired instant...
  3. O

    [METHOD] How I made 500$ without any investment | Beginner-Friendly

    Hello BHW forum, I want to share with you today a nice method I used a few months ago to make some money before I moved to Affiliate marketing. I learned a lot from this forum in the past month and I think this is the moment to give some back :) So, you have no experience with making money...
  4. S

    What Do you do when this happens?

    Many sites experienced this in October. Using SEMRUSH, I have noticed a significant drop in traffic for the majority of websites throughout that month. Is it possible to get the pages back?
  5. R

    Facebook (Blue Tick) Needed

    Hello, I need Facebook (Blue Tick), I'm fine if it's pre-verified or you can get a new page verified
  6. S

    create pages for similar search query variations (single, plural & word order)?

    Hi would you recommend creating a page for these similar search query variations? For example - website. com/baby-toy-car website. com/baby-toy-cars website. com/baby-car-toys website. com/toy-cars-for-baby website. com/toy-cars-for-babies website. com/bab-toy-car I think by having these...
  7. Hustlim

    WORDPRESS: Same category and page - CAN I HURT MYSELF?

    Hello everyone, I have a question about SEO. I have a new website where I solve the structure of the whole website and I want to have it 100% correct. Can I have the same page title and category? What do I mean? - here is an example: (PAGE)
  8. b_hatW

    Hiring 5 Peoples [ A Team ] for Facebook page Ads

    I had a Facebook page, now which has 3k liker and followers, i want to increased it by 50k real liker or followers within a specific country, within one month, so i need 5 freelancers [a team will be better]. For one month the team will get 1500$ USD fixed no negotiations, thanks Who used...
  9. k1ng1

    Organic reach (links) on business pages

    Hi Friends, I am working with business pages FB niche recipes and in the last month the organic reach is very low. I am posting 4 posts daily every 2 hours (1 link) and photo. Page is over 900k fans and when I share the links directly to the page the average of organic reach is 4 - 5k peoples...
  10. k1ng1

    Organic reach and posting from mobile/desktop

    Hi Friends, Recently as you know the organic reach on business pages Facebook is very low especially in links. My page always is active on promote but it doesn't help in activity. I see some pages when I browse the pictures they uploaded content from mobile so my question is if the organic...
  11. R

    Buying Aged Facebook Page

    Hey guys! I need Facebook pages that were created before 2017. If you have some, hit me up! Regards!
  12. B

    How to publish links in Facebook Pages 2020?

    Hello, I have a lot of Facebook pages, they are may be more than 150 and I need to publish any content in it, but this is impossible. I try to publish 3-4 links a day (3-4 hours interval) and I was restricted to do this. The next restriction on my profile come when this ban lift (I wait may be...
  13. T

    What's the best way in working this page nowdays

    Monetization is red so i can't use for Adbreak. Adsense i don't like. is any other way?
  14. Viniyois

    Is there Facebook Post stealer bot/service?

    Hey There, Do you guys know if there is any facebook post stealer? meaning - I want it to go to certain pages and copy/paste the content to my fan page. I have few pages I want to keep active with little effort Thanks!
  15. Muha07

    Automatically share Facebook Livestreams to multipel Pages and Groups

    what plugins or websites are providing Automatically share Facebook Livestreams to multipel Pages and Groups for free, please reply I really need it. Thanks
  16. S

    Seeking Wikipedia Admin or Mod

    Only JR VIP with proven history in working on Wikipedia Pages and better admin or mod there can msg me trough PM. Send me skype i will contact asap.
  17. TrustedPilot

    7 hours 9k page likes.

    Hello guys did u saw this ? Page got created 6 hours ago,and when u click the link u must send a SMS. A lot of people fall for it tho. The page is not mine,one of my FB friends shared it :D
  18. K

    how many active fb pages can I have ?

    Hello there, I want to ask something because I couldnt find it nowhere, what is the max. number of active fb pages u can have/manage and post actively good content with links to my websites, without getting banned/red flag or whatever. If somebody has some experience in that, please give some...
  19. joaovieiraaa

    Wich one is more valuable?

    Hello, i create fb pages and grow them easily ( until 6-10k ) to sell. I mostly create memes page but now im thinking about to create a fitness (news,tips) page. Which one you think is more valuable (€) ? 1 - Memes page 2 - Fitness page Thanks
  20. EternalFun

    Can I scrape users from FB pages and groups?

    The title and can FB detect me doing this? And what is the best way to get their emails so that I can contact them?
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