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  1. kyree1223

    wassup ya'll looking for some feedback...

    I own a little tube site a work in progress if you will..using smart tube pro...well the search engine included doesn't seem to cooperate so I am looking at building/implementing my own. Of the different ways to go , what would you suggest? thanks!
  2. M

    Does the Google dance / sandbox still happen in 2023 ?

    I have been gone from the internet marketing and SEO game for 3 years or so. Just now finally starting to get my feet wet again. So far I have noticed that most of my pages once they get indexed they seem to stay in their place on Google days and weeks following their index. But a few days ago...
  3. Muhatrima

    SEO Experts, What is your experience ?

    What is your experience with the following domains, which one performs better in the eyes of Google/Search engines. lets say people are searching for " This Site" on google Wich one would be better?
  4. hreflang

    How to get 300,000 query search from google in 1 seceond for SEOs :((

    I want to creat google keyword rank tracker service for SEOs as a product. Now, If i have 100 user per month and they want to check 100 keyword daily per plan i should be able to do 300,000 Google searches per month. None of the apis worked for me and can't support this amount of searching. How...
  5. Dark Hat 007

    Did your KWs drop drastically on 16th/17th July? New Google Update?

    This is crazy; it's either I didn't escape the May Core update or Google is running mad. I experienced series of drop yesterday, my traffic (for this journey) halved by 95%-- LOL See these screenshots. there are about 6 -9 other similar screenshots. Some others experienced it too from...
  6. P

    Fastest method to rank a brand keyword ..?

    what is the fastest method to rank a Brand Keyword , And what kind of activity and work to do and how much it will take in fastest way 7 days , 1 month or more ...
  7. Ashk881

    Apple might launch their own search engine

    Found something interesting. What do you think? Will Apple go an extra mile launch an internet crawling , fully public search engine? Or will this just be an extension to Siri?
  8. T

    Why is google not indexing new website these days?

    Hello everyone, I have been trying to index new content on my two-month-old website for like 20 days now, but google won't even crawl it. I have submitted for indexing in the search console multiple times but it still won't index. While new content on my other websites that are like 2 to 3 years...
  9. DrArchive

    CPA Tips - Google YouTube

    Hello, again! I have taken into account your advice (let's say). I finally opened my eyes and left the "Make Money" niche. I know, it was stupid Now I found a niche where I feel comfortable, I have the knowledge and it has a good score on Vidiq, BUT I mean, it has little competition but the...
  10. BlackShield

    [CASINO TIP] Engage your visitors with interaction

    There you can see some images at the bottom of the page. If you click the image, it will open and show throughout the screen. You can close the image with the x symbol. >> The point is that the website owner wants his visitors to engage with the page with some innovative method. >> This is not...
  11. BreeLik

    New thing in Black Hat SEO? Indexing search results?

    Was testing some new dorks when I came up with this. High authority domains have search pages indexed and the text in these pages is completely spam, if not shit. So, is this a new trend, the beginning of a new trend or a pretty old method? PS: These are all different domains
  12. Snqke

    How To Protect My URLs From Getting Removed From Search Engines Due DMCA Copyrights?

    Hello guys, I need you're help or experience to "How To Protect My URLs From Getting Removed From Search Engines Due DMCA Copyrights?" as the title show any body have any idea or tools may help or make the url get deleted after a long time.. Thanks ♥
  13. C

    SEO Expert Needed For Blog

    Hello, I need someone experienced in blog SEO. I need to gain traffic to my blog site and improve my SEO. Can you help? Let me know! Thanks
  14. ianasystems

    website Title and Description in search engine

    i have created my website with wordpress and completely indexed in google search engine. but the problem is this when i search my website name in google its perfectly showing me results of my website. Title and meta description same. example i have added Title in wordpress : Hello World Meta...
  15. P

    How do people make their Google CSE/Search Engine rank?

    I'm still trying to make a CSE rank on Google- If I use a website like Google Sites to embed the CSE, that's all fine and I can make the page rank... But how do people get their search engine/CSE ranking on Google for specific searches? For example: -Search for something on Google -In the...
  16. Casper_T

    [Idea Validation] Digital goods selling platforms aggregator search engine

    Hello dear members of BHW, Just recently I have started using one of digital goods selling platforms out there in the market. You know - creating account, then creating shops and adding virtual products. Then I just checked whether these product links are being indexed by Google and saw that...
  17. P

    Bing Rss does not return value sometimes

    I have a problem when trying request bing rss. My request example is The results returned are not stable. Sometimes it shows with many items sometimes doesn't(You can change keywords for more). Do you know what is the reason? Does Bing still...
  18. Starblazer

    Google made a home movie about how their search engine works

    Google is promoting this video from the Chrome new tab. It's a 1 hour video discussing their search engine. Like any typical home movie, this one started in a dusty basement with boxes of old footage. Some conversations in 2019, a field trip to a data center, and an unexpected stop at a...
  19. T

    Neeva led by Google vets raises $40m to build an ad-free search engine

    Neeva aren’t brand new but trying to challenge Google with charging users subscriptions based on privacy and believe they can beat Google by offering better results with less ads? Do you think this will work? Source:
  20. hansdvd

    I need some help

    Hello to all BHW member. i have some question for you and i need your help. i have some landing page, I always do backlinks regularly for the landing page. but i have some problem. in some keyword, my landing page stuck on 3rd-5th page on google search engine. almost 2 months like this and still...
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