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Oct 25, 2018
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Disclaimer: This thread was originally written to ask questions pertaining to online classes but has expanded more into a general business model looking for establishment. Therefore please disregard the thread topic and any inconvenience caused is most regretted. Thank you!

Hello everyone

I have a Master's degree in English Teaching & Linguistics (MMU,UK) as well as a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration.
The aforementioned qualifications are quite odd in terms of comparison but due to my domestic situations and aggressive patriarchs of the family, I was subjected to opt for a 'good girl' job and pursue a 'Good girl' career which entailed disregarding my BA degree and going along with teaching learners of English language. As you can clearly see, the underlying theory behind my career or vocational switch was based on complete nonsense and utterly old values inculcated by equally dominating patriarchs from the era before mine. Hence, I succumbed to the cycle as well unfortunately.
All was not to go to waste as I stumbled upon internet marketing whereby I could amalgamate business skills along with my grasp of linguistics. The reach was absolutely endless because it gave/has given me the tools to present information to the reader in a way that he or she will understand and graduate to a level of potentially purchasing the product or service being advertised to them by myself.
I can keep going much to the chagrin of everyone else! Nonetheless, I must keep it to a minimum since I know how valuable your time is.

I'm living in the middle east presently where the social and professional environment demands usage of English and Business vocabulary, presentations etc. I must say that I am amazed by the rich culture and heritage; however, the usage of English language and the internet (sans Facebook,Twitter,Snapchat et al lol) has been thwarted heavily due to unavailability of options that the locals have here.


1. Companies, restaurants, clinics, law firms, private lawyer offices etc do not have websites

2. No one gives a hoot about their reputation and SEO was born here 5 years ago so people are still in the learning phase.

3. Youngsters are getting into online shopping and it has started here recently.
Therefore no dropshipping except for on a massive level inclusive of giant containers and forming a LC at the bank etc. It's terribly tedious.

4. People think IM is a scam. Having said that they fall for nonsensical scams all the time and believe the Nigerian email scam lol.

It is literally the wild west!!!

This forum is full of so much intellect yet so much support that it's a delicious combination to be able to be a part of this wonderful paradox :)

What would you do if you were me? :)
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