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  1. Goldandsilver10

    WWE - Braun Strowman vs Tyson Fury & Brock Lesnar vs Cain Velasquez in Saudi Arabia - 31st October

    Hello Sports/fight fans - looks like WWE have signed Tyson Fury and plan a showcase Pay per view event in Saudi Arabia. Probably be broadcasted all around world, this will be a major worldwide event. This is a proper pop corn/fizzy drink moment for the wrestling fans. I heard the school kids...
  2. Determined Diva

    Online Classes

    Disclaimer: This thread was originally written to ask questions pertaining to online classes but has expanded more into a general business model looking for establishment. Therefore please disregard the thread topic and any inconvenience caused is most regretted. Thank you! Hello everyone I...
  3. B

    Country Targeted App Installs

    I need 2,500 to 3,000 installs for my android and iOS app for targeted country: Saudi Arabia Kindly let me know if anyone is agreed with CPI or Total cost and maximum installs per day.