1. P

    about seo phrases tactics

    how to make phrases in seo to submit off page SEO activities.
  2. abdelhake

    What is the best English course For beginners ?

    Hello guys, I want a course to learn English from the ground up. I have collected many vocabulary, but I want to learn it from the ground up and learn grammar and pronunciation as well. If there is an effective course that helps me with that, I will be grateful. And also for those who wanted to...
  3. sklavier

    "What you get is what you see" or "What you see is what you get"?

    Which is more correct, "What you get is what you see" or "What you see is what you get"? I always get confused between these two because they seem equivalent to me. This is just for English language / idiom purposes, not for SEO.
  4. lioneds

    A question to English natives

    I would like to know why your books are full of stories that are most of the time useless. I start reading, and then over time it starts to be very annoying. the writer spends most of the chapters telling stories about his wife or whatever. storytelling is very useful, but I feel that it is...
  5. D

    Starting a YouTube channel as a non-native English speaker.. Suggested?

    Dear BHW-community, whats your opinion on the following topic: I want to start a YouTube channel, though english isn't my mother tongue (or let's say it was and my dialect is pretty heavy, etc. - there are bunch of reasons), but for one reason or the other using my one voice-over won't deliver...
  6. U

    How to Write in English as a Non-Native?

    I have an upper intermediate English level, but I am not 100% fluent. So I am afraid my content would be weird or too ESL. I had the idea of writing content in Spanish, then translate it to English and check it with Grammarly. Is this a good idea? (I am a Spanish native speaker) Will I have...
  7. GideonKe

    How to not waste your life?

    I often ask myself, whether I am wasting my life doing what I do in this very moment. As in "yes, I earned 10 dollars doing what I did, but 10 dollars, just 10 dollars, for that much work" or simply "I am not watching any movie or playing any videogame, it is always a waste of time" or "I...

    Why is there no interest in non-English content?

    Hello my friends I am sorry for my written errors because I am not a native English speaker. I specialize in Arabic and French content, But I am also interested in English content. Since I entered the forum, I found many topics and important informations, but it is only concerned with English...
  9. marce12

    Help to make a proposal.

    First of all, I want to clarify that I am not a native English speaker, excuse me if I am not clear. I have a website 15 months ago and I have and content is 400 dental clinics , I show contact location , some lines of text, map and little more, also about 50 articles on the subject. I have...
  10. draco02

    I need an article writer

    Hello, im a 18 year old Student from Germany, i want to start going into the SEO and website Business; i did a few jobs the last few weeks and earned a bit money which i want to use to build up a portfolio containing 10-50 websites I need a native american/english writer that is able to write...
  11. R

    look for a native english speaker

    Hello, I need someone who are ready to answer more than 1k questions in english like this : find error : https://prnt.sc/r6a1e6 wrong word : http://prntscr.com/r6a1lk documents : http://prntscr.com/r6a1sc
  12. CMG

    English to Romanian Translator Needed

    Hi, guys. I am looking for an English to Romanian Translator needed to help me translate a document. It is not something too big, but I need it done today. If anyone is interested, let me know. The budget depends on your rate, really. Thank you!
  13. vedeus

    [HIRING] Need Native English Copywriter (Long-term projects)

    Hi, I'm kicking off the eCommerce website so there will be always a lot of demand for content. I have also some secondary projects and I want to work with a copywriter on the long-term. Who I'm looking for? Native is a must! Reliability and having fun writing :) Your work? Product...
  14. Sanjuwa

    How to identify native English content

    As my mother tongue isn't English, I face lots of trouble in writing and outsourcing native English content. If anyone can point out how to identify native English writers' content it's highly appreciated.
  15. Marcus Wills

    Need a English native negotiator

    Hi, I have some issues with American, Canadian and Australian news publications, I need a person who will be able to speak with editors and admins of the website administration, I will provide you with all the information about the project and what you need to do. You should have access to the...
  16. Bonata7

    English YouTube Script

    Guys I am doing a YouTube channel in my native language. But I was thinking if I can crate an English one then I can target a huge audience. But my problem is I am not fluent in English. I tried to convert articles from other languages to English using google translate and use as a script...
  17. X

    Looking for a full-time/freelance English writer in the Casino/Betting niche

    We are looking for a freelance or full-time employed person (since we have a lot of work) to work in our casino/betting websites. Job will consist in writing in SEO pages to rank for money keywords, write offers, news and slots and casino reviews. No agencies. Price negotiable, but looking...
  18. Olumideee

    How did arsenal manager learn to speak english so fast?

    Hey guys! why football coaches are able to learn new languages so fast? they have grammatical mistakes but regarding the time they spent learning the language, it's so amazing!! arsenal manager just learned english during the pre-season and now he talk in confidence to the media! i...
  19. Determined Diva

    Online Classes

    Disclaimer: This thread was originally written to ask questions pertaining to online classes but has expanded more into a general business model looking for establishment. Therefore please disregard the thread topic and any inconvenience caused is most regretted. Thank you! Hello everyone I...
  20. elitesolutions

    IG Custom Comments (English Accounts)

    Hey there BHW I am in need of IG Custom Comments from English accounts with instant delivery. Need this on daily basis several times a day. Please contact me with details. Thanks.
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