My first website ever!! How is it? How to monetize? [Check it out here!]


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Jun 25, 2011
Hey buddies.

I've only been into IM for a few weeks; and i think its really pretty entertaining. So i decided to start with PPC, with adfly on twitter.. it failed. many of my accounts got suspended due to spam. ( yes i tried different links, ways etc. )

I found out that the best and most stabile way to get good cash and still have time to your life outside the pc was to create a website!

I heard about Wordpress and made a little website in about 2-4 hours... I found out that a good niche was health => weight loss etc.

so now the site isnt 100% done but pretty much down the road if you know what i mean :)

So my question to all you old IM veterans is how do i make some decent money out of this site? I've got SEnuke X, and No hands SEO to get theese backlinks...

Im thinking about sended google adsense a submission?


I'm making the same site with a better domain soon, the name was just because this site is my first = test site =)

- Since im only 15 years old 10-50$ per day could be truly AMAZING :).

And sorry for my semi-bad English.. I'm from Scandinavia in europe =)

Please reply
I'll check back later for any replies. ill be really glad if you could help me out a bit here ;)

any advice is good!
Everything aside, check back the site and get out of duplicate content issues. Your site is full of dups and you'll have hard time without unique content.
I think he might be implying that your site gave him a virus, but regardless, it seems that you might struggle to rank because weight loss is a very competitive niche unless you've found a tiny but well search sub niche within it. Also when you do get your new site up make sure you get an EMD
have you checked the text in 1st article? looks like uber-spinned :D

1) sort out the content
2) remove meta lines (under the menu)
3) logo could be more simple - readable
4) the text after the logo has to be longer
5) did you know that you haven't got description meta tags? ... sort it out
6) sitemaps? ... create them :)

and, remember to add images to each of the article

otherwise - it is ok :)

that was very short

good luck
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