1. R

    I'm being copied and I need help

    I have a website monetized with adsense, and I have some ads on Facebook Ads. Unfortunately, there are people who are copying my Facebook ads and this has really hurt me, even though I contacted the person who is copying me and asked them to stop, but it didn't resolve the issue. I will take...
  2. khalidou

    Is SEO and Ads Business well be dead with emerging of the AIs coming day after day?

    Why should i search on the web if i can ask chatGPT or bard in the coming years?
  3. wisdomchimeziem

    I need someone with an Ezoic Approved domain to Collaborate with...

    Hello Black hat World I would Like to make a Proposal for a collaboration. I need someone with an Ezoic Approved domain and Account, a domain they are willing to sell or are not actively Utilizing for Monetization.. We can connect the domain to my Blog, and then we share the ads revenue...
  4. P

    Google Adsense Quiery

    How do I get approval from Google Adsense?
  5. hh2489

    [METHOD] to APPROVE your rejected website in Adsense NOW ✅

    Hello to all BlackHatWorld users, my favorite community. If you've been frustrated and discouraged because Google Adsense keeps rejecting your website, you're in the right place. In this article, we will explain how you can go from having a rejected website to having a site ready to display ads...
  6. Rollfic

    Youtube and AdSense

    Let's say 3 of your monetized channels are connected to 1 Adsense account. If 1 of the channel gets demonetized or deleted, does it affect the other two channels? I think they allow to have 2 AdSense accounts nowadays? Can't have multiple right?
  7. kerafb

    How Can I Find Adsense Arbitrage Scripts Like This? How can I buy?

    How can I find such scripts? Where is it sold? I would be happy if people with knowledge could answer. Thanks
  8. B

    Ways To Make Money Building Facebook Pages?

    Hi, so I have a couple of phones on which I can build a little phone farm. With tools which I can build many different pages at a time. I’m planning on growing pages with specific niches and then growing traffic from that. Grow a blog with that niche then lead traffic from the Facebook page to...
  9. M

    Need Help With Hosting & Ai Autoblogging

    I need help on the best shared hosting that I can use to host 25 websites. Each website will post 10x a day with free stock images. So in total I’ll be posting 250 articles a day. Also I need a free Ai content generator that can create 250 articles a day at very cheap price or completely free...
  10. crypt03nthu

    Can I re-apply for AdSense after getting approval from Ezoic?

    Well, I applied for AdSense initially on a website with an organic traffic of more than 10k/month but they rejected it with no specific reason. After 2 days, I applied on Ezoic for the same website and they approved the account. Ads are also appearing and earning has started as well. So, can I...
  11. A

    Have I accidentaly blown my site? I've hit a nice keyword that made me 100x my AdSense daily earnings and now I'm limited.

    So yesterday I've written an article and it suddenly bursted my traffic. I did nothing blackhat, no fake traffic, absolutely nothing. But the traffic boom was so big that today I had more than 100x the normal daily profit. It were supposed to be around $0.06... It is around $6 today! And now...
  12. GringoMonkey

    Google Adsense Scrapping PPC Monetization

    Starting next year Google Adsense is replacing the pay per click payment model with pay per impression. Meaning publishers will no longer be paid per ad click, but for each time an ad is displayed. Read more below...
  13. A

    [JOURNEY] First SEO site ever, aiming $1/day

    So I started a personal project this year, around June, but I learned about SEO and decided to use this project to put what I've learned in practice. It's a hard call because most traffic comes from my country (tier 3 - brazil) and niche isn't very lucrative at all (mostly education). I think...
  14. ClaxMan

    2024 AdSense Impressions Update - (Major Update)

    Google AdSense, a platform that helps website publishers earn money through digital advertising, is making two significant changes. First, they are updating the revenue-sharing structure. In the past, publishers received 68% of the revenue when using AdSense. Now, this revenue share will be...
  15. GoldenFreezer


    Terms of Service • You can request a replacement within the first 7 days after the sale if flagged no matter the reason. • We will not replace a Google Ads account if it's banned due to the user's own payment method. • We reserve the right to modify our Terms of Service at any time. • Review...
  16. omar abdi

    Google Adsense Discrepancy Between Estimated and Finalized Earnings

    Hello BHW Community, I've recently encountered an issue with my AdSense account where there's a significant discrepancy between my estimated earnings and the finalized amount, and I'm hoping to get some clarity or guidance on how to resolve it. Here are the details: Content Earnings Issue: My...
  17. R

    AdSense Ad Limit for Taboola Traffic

    I got aad limit for 3 of my AdSense accounts. 90%+ Traffic source is from taboola. it's been More than a month still the ad limit is still there. Any solution?
  18. StarKrypt

    [Query] What's the best/simple long term blogging platform to earn through affiliate marketing?

    If I have $0. (Real) Should I use Free Web Hosting (poor support and experience and provides limited resources being free) Or the classical, Blogger? The blog can be lightweight simple and I'll be working for a long term unless I find another profitable method to earn. I'm not planning to use...
  19. G

    Adsense Account

    I need the USA Adsense account pin verified urgently.
  20. V

    Clicking on My Adsense Ads for the Past 2 Years But Something Strange is Happening Now

    Hi Friends, I am self clicking on my Adsense Ads for the past two years, I have a website where I am getting around 60,000 pageviews per month but I haven't been able to earn even $100 in one month for those pageviews (target niche location is India). Then I decided to try self-clicking on my...
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