1. ArthurCH

    Can anyone advise with YouTube?

    Hello everyone! Who can help with advice? I initially want to start from scratch with YouTube and so on, what niche to choose, what topics for YouTube. I tried a couple of times, the channel gained popularity, but in the end it was blocked. So, I came across your forum, I liked it, and I would...
  2. of_chad

    Help needed!

    I'm facing an important problem on fiverr. I have delivered the expected delivery, but the buyer is keep cancelling the order and ask a revision every time when I deliver the work. Anybody help me please!
  3. P

    Pls help me find a wordpress plugin allows visitors sending a card/email with my pics

    Pls help me find a wordpress plugin allows our visitors can send their own card/email attached my post/pics on blog.I tried Wp greet plugin but I did not know how to make it work.Nothing appeared on my blog after I installed and created new one ...I am so confused is there any plugins easy to...
  4. Z

    24 years old from denmark

    Hello BHW im 24 years old and live in denmark, i been on this site for a long time now only reading and reading. I gotta say this is a very useful site. Im currently trying to earn some few money from adsense not going to well.
  5. L

    My first website ever!! How is it? How to monetize? [Check it out here!]

    Hey buddies. I've only been into IM for a few weeks; and i think its really pretty entertaining. So i decided to start with PPC, with adfly on twitter.. it failed. many of my accounts got suspended due to spam. ( yes i tried different links, ways etc. ) I found out that the best and most...
  6. L

    A LOT of questions to the pros only!!

    hey out there BHW. I'm really new to this IM, and im only 15 so what the heck i just want to learn it! So right now i got 500+ twitter accounts, tweet attacks PRO, and i use adfly to earn. My questions: 2) Where can i get good proxies? 3) How big is the chance to find a good PUBLIC proxy...
  7. L

    Hello Guys, i could use some help... :)

    Hey there world.. I joined this site for maybe 30 seconds ago, and the reason for that was ive heard this forum was good for "hacking and programming".. So yes, im a 15 year old dude from europe and for about 3 weeks ago i saw about anonymous and read some stuff about coding.. my stepdad...
  8. M

    Free Scripting

    Hey guys, I am sitting here bored, if you have any quick scripts you would like coded up, I'll be glad to help. Anything extreme... I will probably ignore. I can't think of anything that would lead to be extreme, except a captcha solver, myspace adder, or some other outrageous script you would...
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