1. sohom

    Learn a new Linux command every day :-)

    Hey friends, Most of the people here are directly or indirectly working with websites. Few of them are managing their sites on their own & the rest of them are out sourcing. And till today, most websites are being hosted on Linux Server. So why don't we collect all day to day Linux commands...
  2. U

    Guys, which WordPress Plugin you're using currently for SEO?

    WordPress Plugin for SEO
  3. py5918

    "Have you ever used I have a few questions.

    "Have you ever used I have a few questions. It can generate hundreds of AI articles in 10 minutes. If I post these hundreds of articles all at once to my website, will Google consider it a violation? Has anyone tried this before? If this is not a good practice, how many posts...
  4. ekuin0x

    How to get website traffic with no social media traffic and 0 budget?

    I'm lunching a website and but have 0 followers on social media and 0 budget, how can I get traffic with organic search only and how long will it take?
  5. A

    Searching for the TOP Guest Post Seller - KZ, Gambling

    Hello darlings!!! I am the head of the linkbuilding team at a gambling/bookmaker company. My team and I are interested in quality, trusted and cheap sites to host my regular guest posts with a do follow link to them. My needs: GEO - Kazakhstan. DR from 20/30 through Ahrefs From 300 organic...
  6. cojocusd

    I own Any monetization idea?

    As the title says I own the domain Currently have no traffic. How would you monetize it and start a brand out of it?
  7. Lolipop77

    Making a website to share your pay-per-download (PPD) links

    Hi everyone, I was wondering why no one had made a website where anyone could share files with their PPD links and then make money from it. There would be way more links and files! People would update links. You could find movies, software, music... Instead of making our own forum or website...
  8. The Accountant

    Looking for someone that can clone a simple wordpress website

    Hello, im looking for someone who can clone a very easy Website and do very little changes (like changing the name). PM me with your offers or to get more information. Im a newbie so answering here will do nothing as i cant pm you ... Thanks for your time.
  9. cgxfxgolden

    Need someone to build me a investment company website, professional but not complicated looking

    I am making an investment company and i need a website with someone who knows how to make one and provide me some BH SEO and advice. would like to see the website before paying.
  10. B

    I lost all the traffic from my website - What's the problem?

    Hello, I've a news website it's about anime, manga and stuff (In spanish). I created the website on Aug 2023. I started gaining a lot of traffic immediately something i didn't expect for a new news website (200 to 4000 impressions and clicks) but since Sep 2023 the website started going down...
  11. The Accountant

    Cloning a Website

    im looking for someone who can clone me a website or even better tell me what tool can do it.
  12. T

    Need advise for a Website :D

    Hi there. Wanted to ask a question. I want to build a website for my new business. So I did a little research and figured out that the best way to build a website is with WP. I learned the basics, posts, pages, header, footer, what is a widget, what is a plugin. My new business will be based...
  13. rxnaldo

    [JV] My business idea + your traffic/skills

    ¡¡Hey BHW!! I am looking for help for a project that i would like to start, preferably i am looking for someone who knows how to code php,laravel,python... and could collaborate in making the project a reality in exchange for a percentage of the profits It is a long-term project idea, so i am...
  14. G


    Hello everyone. I want to know, how I can use Airbnb's API and Booking's API in a platform or an interface like Google Calendar. And how to monetize on my website using SEO, ADS and the booking feature of both applications. It this possible? i don't see any post about it
  15. S

    Hiring a web dev [WordPress]

    I want to hire someone who can do for me this type of website: 1- 2- 3- I want the exact same thing, what is the price for this and why Do not PM me, please state your price here on the thread, I want to hire...
  16. S

    Who knows which panels were used in these websites [Wordpress]

    Who knows which panels were used in these websites [Wordpress] Are these made using WordPress? 1- 2-
  17. mrsmilyy

    what is the software or website or AI used in this courses ?

    Hy, what is the software or website or AI used in this courses ? do i need surface pro ? and what is used to paint and write and stuff like this ? it's seems very easy thanks in advance
  18. S

    Can anyone vouch for someone good with web dev? a lot of people sending me random stuff

    Can anyone vouch for someone good with web dev? a lot of people sending me random stuff
  19. S

    [Word Press] Looking for someone to build a website shop for me, my budget 1000$

    I am looking for someone who can build me a site for Reddit services: 1- Someone who can handle SEO pages 2- Someone who can do the shop with API integrations 3- Sign up / database / woocomerace 3- WordPress plugins/ themes to make this cheaper for us 4- Website design and a lot more will be...
  20. S

    Web dev, I want to hire someone to create for me a website about Reddit services

    Web dev, I want to hire someone to create for me a website about reddit services Contant me on telegram or here: @qMatrixp
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