1. czuvfruibk

    Web3 project needs support specialists from different countries

    Support professionals from the listed countries are required: India America Germany Japan China Mandatory knowledge of native language, ability to convey a thought competently, stress resistance, communication without mistakes. From 20 years old, elementary knowledge of cryptoindustry. Write in...
  2. odyssee

    My income - January 2024 From Bottom To Top

    Dear BHW-Community, I'm back, more authentic than ever. Here I give you my income report for January 2024. I put a lot of emphasis on authenticity this year and therefore this post is not formulated in collaboration with Chat GPT or similar AI helpers. It's been a long time since I've written a...
  3. S

    Affiliate Tracking Problems

    Hello guys, I'm at the end and don't know what to do next. I have an affiliate site that has brought me around €6 to €15k per month over the last few years. Since November, income has almost completely disappeared. I use 2 very well-known affiliate networks in Germany. Both always brought...
  4. Dor87

    Is paying a VPS with a GPU worth a 24/7 streaming?

    I want to stream 24/7 on YouTube, I have two video generator softwares. One doesn't require a GPU and is pretty fast but results in a much lower quality and requires me to study the inner workings which is taking a long time as the code is not commented at all. The other one requires a GPU, but...
  5. VladuslavUkra

    Make money online

    Hi, my name is Vlad and I'm from Ukraine, can you tell me how to make money online from at least $50 a day? Who earns in what way now? Resale on services or traffic is not mine. I'm learning quickly, and if you have a job for me, write to me in DM. Thank you very much!
  6. Twistler

    How Much Have YOU Earned This Year And How?

    Out of curiosity, how much money have you earned in the past year and how? You do not need to say specific amounts for privacy reasons but a rough estimate. Personally, I have earned just under 10k from my drop shipping business. I am in school, so I was not able to scale it unfortunately.
  7. B

    My Earnings With ClickDealer Cpa Affiliate Marketing

    These are all my earnings I've made with ClickDealer
  8. B

    My Earnings From LosPollos Cpa Affiliate Marketing

    My earnings yesterday with Los Pollos
  9. harrywilliams

    Should I Continue a Site with No Growth?

    I'm doing a blog related to engineering. Over the last two years I have published over 50 articles. This is the current status of the site. Last 16 months GSC Last 6 months GSC Last 3 months GSC Past month GSC Ahrefs Overview Ezoic All Ezoic last 30 days daily Here is the...
  10. F

    What shall i do

    I currently have 190 euros coming my way. I received this by doing a promo on 1 of my tiktok accounts. My question is how shall i use this 200 euros to make more money. Any suggestion is appreciated i was thinking about hosting a movie streaming site but i dont know how to do that yet
  11. S

    What do you think about my Website Earnings?

    Hello Everyone, I haven't posted much stuff here but i am learned alot from this forum, i will give back when i am certain about stuff, so i started a website around 5 months back and gradually build it and now its earning around 20-25$ per day, but i am not sure if i am getting enough revenue...
  12. B

    We’ve found some policy violations on your site which means that your site isn’t ready to show ads

    I am trying to add my new websites to an already approved new adsense account and i have been getting this error: "We’ve found some policy violations on your site which means that your site isn’t ready to show ads" I have tried using changing my content and also bought a new domain name too...
  13. U

    how I can start an earn money site or app

    Hi guys how i can start a site or app that people can do things like watch videos or download apps and earn points from it and they can change it to money like and how much money I need to start there is lot of sites have the same concept PS: I will start a journey on BHW if i start this
  14. U

    Earn money apps and sites

    hi guys how I can start a site can people earn money from it like "money app" and other apps and sites that tells you to download apps or watch video to get points . And how much money i need to start Any infos will help me a lot PS: If i decided to start with this I will do a journey on BHW
  15. M

    freelance + marketing = profit

    Hi, I am from Ukraine, give advice on how to make money on the Internet from home for a beginner ?
  16. vedeus

    How much $ Youtube question

    I have this simple questions about YT. Let's say for example you'll get 4$ for each 1000 views on youtube from adsense. 1 Channel - 1 Video with 100 000 views = 400$ 2 Channel - 100 videos with 1000 views each = 400$ What I'm asking is that if it makes a difference in earnings if you have 1...
  17. USA282

    My earnings are stuck in Freelancer for 3 months. What do I do?

    I signed up on Freelancer in Nov and made $100 by doing some content writing work. Since then, I've been trying to withdraw my earnings but it's just stuck. Freelancer tells me that it has something to do with the payment processor. But honestly, that's not my F***ing problem if they're having...
  18. ziko12345

    Ogads earnings

    Here i my ogads earnings for today, i am from 3rd world country and i am also in university so for me this is pretty good.
  19. Luca Jones

    Some Motivation For Your Journey. What is the most motivational picture you seen?

    Everybody needs some motivation from time to time especially when it comes to IM. Some people keep on failing, others are giving up while some others are living their dream. They did not achieve their dream without at least failing a couple of times. What is the most motivation picture you got...
  20. crissdinesh

    AdSense - Enabled for Blogger Custom Domain; Not for WP site

    Hello BHW, My custom domain blogger has AdSense which is earning less $. It's around 1.2$ per day. The site is 1 year old. I know that blogger's SEO is poor in nature due to the lack of many advanced features. So, I started a WordPress site but AdSense is not approving it (twice). The weird...
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