That's a good revenue, in my opinion. These offers come directly to you, or are you registered through a website where people could find you?
Also, what niche are you playing in?

Half come to me, half I go out and get. I'm not a part of one of those websites though. Military Niche. I advertisements things for apparel companies, outdoor companies, gun companies and knife companies.

Do you mind to name the niche?

Military Niche
Hi there! I'm new to the forum, even thought I have this account since a long time. I just found out that there's this Instagram thread where you guys post helpful stuff and started reading more and more about it. This is how I found the software that I'm using at the moment for growing my personal Instagram account, which is travel oriented.

I started using Jarvee on the 27th of November - back then I had 900 followers - and now after 40 days I have 4000. In my opinion, that's a good growth, but still, that's a newbie's first time when using software to boost its audience. Therefore, not sure if it's enough or if there's something I could do better in order to grow even more. You guys are the experts, I'm just learning the ropes.

I don't use Stories, I do it only on very rare occasions. I don't do Shoutouts, I don't get Shoutouts back. I don't post videos, I use only photos.

Being a personal account, all the content that I post is unique. I do not re-post other users' photos/videos. I get a lot of feedback from my friends and not only, that I should start monetising it and treat my 'travel addiction' more seriously.

The goal is to get myself a bigger audience and start getting money, products or free travel opportunities, while posting great stuff on Instagram. Easy, huh?

  • Is there something like a trustworthy website, Facebook group or forum thread where Instagram users exchange shoutouts? You see a lot of accounts with less than 5K followers that do this, but that's irrelevant in my opinion. You're looking to get a medium to big pool of users, right?
  • How can I monetise this personal account? Influencer Marketing agencies? Going straight to the brands to get your "free cookies"?
  • Are there any good Influencer Marketing agencies that you could use to get an income? Such as portals where you basically find brands/brands find you for collaborations?
  • Do things like "paid posts" or "paid stories" work for Instagram?
  • You think 5000 followers is a good milestone to get the "influencer game" started?

These being said, I'm looking forward to your answers, gentlemen.
You should go for powerlikes. After you have successfully grown your account, you can colaborate with big brands. Also you can sell shoutout on websites like shoutoutcart.
The problem with powerlikes is: They don't really work for a personal account in my opinion...
Ok, so I pretty much do what you want to do with this. I'm at 45k followers. Sorry if this post is a bit all over the place, I'm adding bits as they come to mind!

So in my experince, I only started monetising in the last year or so. 2 years ago I started being approached by brands. I've found most companies I work with approach me via Instagram or email. I didn't start gaining a lot of interest until around 20k followers. I was really lucky the first brand that approached me was very well known in my niche, which helped me like a snowball effect, one big one wanted me then others followed. I've also been approached by agencies and work with them on certain campaigns. While I keep an eye on some online "influencer platforms," I haven't found much on them yet.

What I've discovered, as a personal brand, I don't make money off my travel content, I get paid for either my personal image, or my following/engagement. Luckily my lifestyle is actually what I portray on IG, but it's a very expensive lifestyle. You need to have it as a passion and not as "money maker". Most of the brands I work with don't pay me yet, but they give me thousands of dollars of gear for me to use, which makes travelling much cheaper. I'm about to do 2 overseas trips in collaboration with 2 tour companies. One trip I'm also collaborating with a major airline. But I'm not being paid. But the experience and network opportunities will be worth it and I have a lot more to leverage when approaching big companies. And luckily these are trips I would probably do myself anyways, so I save a few grand not paying for them. The jobs that seem to pay for me are more lifestyle modelling and presenting, so my goal is to try and work towards more presenting and travel videos. I have noticed a lot of video content in my niche gets crazy engagement and better chances at going viral (eg, and account with 7k followers has videos with 110k views from going viral) Stories are a must if your travelling. People love the "behind the scenes" type stuff and you get a lot of comments and engagement. In my experience this pushes you to be more visable to more people. Plus you can make a bunch of mediocre content and still use it, instead of waiting to post the harder to make good content. Also be careful with paid posts. They have to seem really organic, or followers just don't dig them. Really intergrated it into your content rather then be like "this company gave me this, its cool." I only do sponsored posts if I can create the content and I feel it's a good fit. Luckily most brands and companies are all for this.

I started botting a few years ago and only doing likes. I got on the bandwagon before everyone in my niche did so I got a solid head start. I've started using powerlikes and they've work really well. I've seen my engagement triple in some cases. I had a bit of a shitty spell and would get maybe 2000 likes a photo naturally. Now I use powerlikes (between 400-600 per post) and some posts have been hitting the 5000-6000 mark. Definitely worth it.

Anyways, all I can think of at the moment. If you wanna chat more send me a PM, getting to the legit influencer stage is my goal this year!
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