1. hexproxy

    ⚠️⭐ $1 Static ISP Proxies | Premium Windstream, AT&T, & Sprint IPs | Unlimited Data | ZERO IPQS Fraud Score | HEXPROXY.COM ⭐ ⚠️

    COMMENT "BHW60" AND GET 60% OFF Frequently Asked Questions How can I purchase your proxies? To get started, go to and create an account. After that, go to the pricing page and choose your preferred plan. During checkout, you may use a promo code if you have one. Once...
  2. Aureus

    Large Databases of Semrush Keywords in Various Niches! A Lot of Keywords with Traffic and No Competition! Volume, KD, CPC

    What is the best way to use these databases? For example, you can make simple websites and earn money on Google Adsense, Amazon,, Viglink, Dating affiliates,,, etc. Semrush Keyword Difficulty Very easy, 0-14% - Your chance to start ranking new pages Easy, 15-29% -...
  3. osdiablo

    Need help finding a wordpress theme

    I'm looking to purchase a wordpress theme having functionality of hotel booking as well as travel tour booking. I've looked in themeforest but couldnt find a suitable one. Can someone know of or help me find a wordpress theme having features as: - travel tour package booking and hotel booking -...
  4. Sartre

    Where's your dream place to live? Looking to move soon

    We're 3 years in the Canary Islands for now, and while the weather is nice, there are not a lot of big city opportunities here, shipping takes ages (sometimes up to 2 months), and it feels like a village, in general. The place went pretty much dead since COVID and never revived. Money is not an...
  5. H

    How to find best Twitter hashtags FREE?

    I am promoting travel offer on twitter. So, how should I research the best working hashtags (travel related) on Twitter?
  6. KJREDDY247@

    Paris: be aware of pickpocketers

    Been to many cities in Europe this year but paris is the one single place where every one that I interacted with suggested me is to "be aware of pick pickpocketers" Stayed there for 4 days and saw around 4-5 times different people were crying for the same. I am not even talking about the places...
  7. GNews

    Travel: What countries have you traveled to in your lifetime? your favorite experience?

    What countries have you traveled to in your lifetime? My travels have landed me in: 1) Canada 2) St Maarten 3) Curacao 4) Aruba 5) Trinidad 6) Dominican Republic 7) Costa Rica 8) Colombia 9) Italy 10) Serbia 11) Croatia 12) All across the US of course... before it all I would have to say my...
  8. OhSEO

    I want to monetize my travel blog the best

    Hello everyone, Please check the below metrics of my traveling blog, I do my best to make it on the top, I do hired native speakers for each article, most of my articles ranked page #1 without offpage SEO, BUT I make literally zero dollars from it, I was planning to rely only on Google Ads, but...
  9. xelliso

    What s Best and cheapest website for booking flights?

    Next is blackfriday and i am planning to travel Turkey and from there to many asian countries least 6 is there ant cheap website where i can get cheapest flights? Any blackfriday website ? Your help is highly appreacited :) NOTE : DEPART FROM CASABLANCA
  10. DuelMaster

    How to rank small city/travel site

    Hi there! How do I go about ranking a travel site located in a small city/town? The goal is to rank locally for all the tourist search terms, such as "restaurants in city". But eventually, the goal would be to reach a national audience in order to get more people coming to the city/town...
  11. hreflang

    [Need] I need list of blog backlink (indexable & Do-Follow)

    Hi dear user I need a list of Blogs to build Do-Follow backlinks Can you give me a list of themes? or tell me some sources?
  12. Queen Heidi

    Time to travel ......!!!

    What will you do ..if you have a time travel machine ? Where will you go ? Past or future ? And why ? Time to answer....:p:D -Queenheidi
  13. Chibimaruko.K

    Travel Affiliate Program

    Hello, I worked for an OTA where the affiliate program grows very slowly. If you have ever worked for an OTA as affiliates, could you share the followings: What drive you to join the travel affiliate program? How much do you earn monthly?
  14. T

    Save up to 75% on hotels

    A lot of my peeps can enjoy such discounts All other major hotel websites make money by marking up the hotel price (taking margin) or geting a commission (between 7-18%). We don't add margin or take commission. That means the prices are rock bottom. We only charge a subscription, so you keep...
  15. K

    How to monetize a 205 000 Travel Tumblr

    I have never made a single $ from that Tumblr and I never promoted anything. Looking for a way to monetize it. Any ideas are welcomed.
  16. W

    How to start TRAVEL BLOG

    Who know how to start Travel Blog please help. 1. What kind of platform should I take it 2. How to choose Which topics will be the most interisting and the most viewable? 3. Which size of Articles I need, LONG or SHORT? 4. How to make my audience FAST 5. Where I need advertise my blog? 6. How to...
  17. MicroLeaf

    [MOTIVATION] How Black Hat SEO turned my life around & allowed me to travel the world

    What's up brothers. A few of you requested me to show some travel pics from the digital nomad thread. I keep telling myself I'm not a digital nomad because most digital nomads I know tend to be those who work remotely for clients whether it is from a big organisation or from some employers...
  18. R

    Travel Website

    Can someone tell me how can i create a similar feature in my Wordpress site: What I want is a plugin or any code that I can embed that will display automatically the price of the hotel.
  19. EmpyreanSword

    Have Any of You Immigrated to Other Countries?

    I haven't immigrated to any country, but I hope to. I've lived as an expat in several places like the UAE, but I had a terrible experience there. Have you got any stories to share about your travels?
  20. J

    How many of you are so called Digital Nomads?

    Woking online = location independence. Anywhere with a laptop and internet connection is our workspace. Are you living abroad from your home country and where abouts?
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