1. GeniusProxy

    How much should I charge to scrape data for a company ?

    Hi everyone, as the tittle said I'm looking to know how much should I ask to a company for scraping social media url of their niche. I guess it depend on the company size but what's the main thing that "boost" the value of your scrap. Imagine I scrap 4k twitter/insta account of the company...
  2. systemad

    Monetize YT Shorts with simple text videos?

    Hi! 1. I am looking into creating my own content for yt shorts, since yt allows shorts to be monetized now. It will be text on a video with music. Do you think yt will allow such simple content to be monetized? 2. How difficult is it for a new channel to be able to join yt partner program...
  3. harshmarsh

    How can I Monetize my 400K+ followers Instagram Page?

    Hi There! I have my instagram page about Tech, mobile device and gadgets where I have got 400K+ ORGANIC followers. My challenge is that I am unable to monetize my page. I tried outbound approach to brands, mentioned paid promotions, etc. but still didn't monetize a single penny. Can you guys...
  4. justmeus

    How to monetize a team of 5 developers

    Hi guys! So my friend is training a team of senior and junior developers. Because they are already done with their training assignment he asked me if they could do anything. I right now have acces to their team for a few months. What would be suggested idea's where i can monetize them on...
  5. S

    Can i monetize Youtube channel filled with funny compilation or memes from internet ?

    Just wonder are this even possible, because i found some Funny videos on the internet and compile it to 1 videos then upload it on my channel. Before i continue more further now i had 250 subs only
  6. C

    How to monetize 30k+ Telegram Channel and 200+ daily Web visitors [Adult Content]

    Hi guys, I create a TLG channel on December 2021 and I had been gaining good traffic. Lots of my posts are in popular webs (I know this cause I put a water mark on every img or video). I can say that I have more than 300gb of content just in telegram and the interactions are very good. My subs...
  7. M

    Upload Porn and Earn Website

    Hi everyone! I have a lot of adult themed content! 90% amateur, but sometimes there are studio videos, which does not allow me to upload it to porn sites and get profit from the official affiliate program! Please give advice on how to monetize it now, because a lot of free content disappears.. I...
  8. AnyIPproxies

    Monetise your mobile app

    We are looking for mobile app developers who want to MONETISE their app. We have developed an SDK which allows you to create revenue without offering ads, subscriptions or purchases. My DMs are open and happy to give more info to those interested. you MUST have - an ACTIVE app in the play...
  9. G

    Making Money Off Mobile Games

    me and some friends started making games with the hope of leaving our slave jobs the route were trying to go is making a bunch of profitable enough hypercasual mobile games to allow us to quit our jobs and start working on bigger projects. is anyone here doing this? how prifitable is it? do you...
  10. Freedom$

    Podcasting Platform

    Hi everyone, Please Apart from Spreaker, Anchor and Sounder, which other podcasting platform can I host and monetize my Podcast
  11. Kamilion

    How to Monetize 570K Youtube Shorts Channel

    Hello dear forums users. I have 570K Youtube Shorts channel. I am trying to monetize it, but with no success. The channel niche is funny videos. The things I tried: 1. Watermarked the video with CPA link 2. Pinned comment with CPA link (immediate report by users and unsubscribes) 3. CPA...
  12. zikogmr2002

    How to monetize android (apk download) site?

    Hi, I have a wordpress website ( and I'm looking for the best ways to monetize without spending money on a .com just yet. I have over 500 visits daily, and I haven't updated anything in years. I made this site before I knew I could make money online, if I knew I could then I would...
  13. Essiene

    Best way to monetize a 70k Facebook group?

    Hi, I am an owner of a Facebook group from the Etsy Handcrafted niche owners, vast mayority of members are women from tier-one countries aged 30 over, they hate spam and unrelated postings, I have a small team that has a hard time weeding out spammers, fraudsters, etc all the days, just to keep...
  14. Sarah Nicole Campbell


    Hashnode Hi! I've been registered to BHW for a while now but this is my first time to post. I am curious to get your opinions on Hashnode & if you think it is a good blogging platform? I am thinking about using it. You can monetize your free account. We'll, that's what I read somewhere. I want...
  15. V

    How to monetize TikTok account with 2.5m followers?

    I've built my TikTok account up to 2.5m over the past year and a half and the creator fund isn't paying much, so I'm looking for new ways to monetize as I feel like I've missed out on the opportunity to make money with it, also most of my audience are around age 17-19
  16. C

    [Nature Entry Video] Monetising Entry videos of a BLOG

    Hi, I've made Free blogger BLOG with 10-15 posts. I am having an Entry video when someone visits the BLOG Initially. My question is how can i monetize this entry video. BLOG's URL: Thanks CP
  17. G

    You guys think this content is accepted into YPP or should I buy a monetize channel for this content??

    this channel basically using reused content a cut clips from hololive channels. I know this person monetize this channel bcs the way he uploaded videos is enough to put ads. Youtube only allow to put ads for minimum 30secs clip. I'm thinking to work on this kind of content for my other channel...
  18. KareemAhmed

    A totally newbie wanna learn more about monetizing traffic and websites

    Hi BHW members, Last week, I bought my first domain, I changed nameservers to Cloudflare, and now I have my TLS/HTTPS setup. I also made my hosting over a 1GB ram and 1CPU machine just for testing. I'm a good programmer tho, I have a lot of things I can put on my website and start monetizing...
  19. bookingsjgoode

    What should I do? (Youtube)

    Okay so here's the deal, I'm a recording artist and years agoin 2016 I made a in the Entertainment (rap) niche channel. I totally abandoned going to the channel because I started to make music so I created a new channel. Fast forward to 2021.... The channel currently has 20.4k in watch time &...
  20. R

    A profitable way to monetize a new website?

    Other than affiliate and adsense, what is a profitable way to monetize a newly made site?