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  1. GringoMonkey

    [METHOD] How to Become a Successful Influencer

    It is coming up to my 50th birthday and I have spent most of my adult life in publishing. First in newspapers and magazines then in Internet Marketing. From churn and burn content sites on google, pdf’s on Amazon right through to today’s Social Media Influencers. I have tried it all, with...
  2. GringoMonkey

    [METHOD] Monetizing Social Media Accounts - $0 to $30,000 per Month!

    I noticed a lot of people looking at how to grow and monetize their social media accounts. So, rather than answer each thread individually it is easier for me to write a method thread. I own a social media agency, where I pair brands with influencers and thought it might be quite useful for...
  3. W

    Monetizing Instagram account

    Hello! I have an Instagram account related to one city in US where I post a few photos every day. I got an approval for reposting from 100+ photographers and I use their photos and give them a credit in the caption of my posts. Over the past few years, I gained around 20k active followers, and...
  4. D

    Monetising Travel Instagram Account. Help needed!

    ABOUT Hi there! I'm new to the forum, even thought I have this account since a long time. I just found out that there's this Instagram thread where you guys post helpful stuff and started reading more and more about it. This is how I found the software that I'm using at the moment for growing my...
  5. arberzylfiu

    Instagram + OG Ads

    Hi everyone. I opened an instagram page a month ago. Now I have 1000 and some followers. I was wondering how to connect instagram with OG Ads and at which follower number should I do that(that will approximately get $20-$50 per day)? Also, does the followers/following count matter(Because I have...
  6. PChanger

    I have 8x15k Instagram Accounts! Best way to monetize?

    Hey BHW, I have 8 Instagram accounts that all have around 15k (100% real) followers. Account 1: 15.4k Account 2: 15.1k Account 3: 14.9k Account 4: 14.4k Account 5: 14.1k Account 6: 13.7k Account 7: 13.1k Account 8: 9.7k (it took me about 9 months with instagress to get here from scratch.)...