Introducing myself and asking for help for a noob matter

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    Hi all.
    My name is Chester from Alabama.
    I'm new on SEO and wanna learn everything!
    But Starting from the basic, I have to admit I'm totally noob. I'd like to ask your help about setting a website from the start:
    - I bought the domain and got the hosting. Then redirect the domain dns to the ones the hosting company provided me. Then I was able to enter in my website through FTP but every single file I upload on the root cannot be seen (ehm the root folder is the one marked with "/" which contains folders like .cpanel, tmp, public_html etc right?). I just get the message 404 NOT FOUND.

    Where do am I wrong?

    Thx for any advice
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    Welcome to BHW and enjoy your time around!

    as about your problem, you need to upload in the "public_html" folder so that your files are web accessible like
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