1. noellarkin

    Wordpress Desktop Workflow

    I just made a few test sites using XAMPP, locally. Its so much more convenient to test out plugins and themes on localhost. I was wondering if I can develop an entire website on XAMPP and then just upload it to Cpanel/DirectAdmin. I remember doing this for static HTML pages YEARS ago with FTP...
  2. Zedcov

    FTP Account not working

    I just created an FTP account But when i check on FTP connection menu there are no active FTP account. Anyone know what's going on ? i need this FTP account to connect it into MalCare plugin to clean malware on my website.
  3. FirefoxAurora

    WordPress Upload to FTP

    Hello everyone. If the post is not related please delete and sorry about it! :) I want the following files (zip, gz, gzip, rar, 7z, exe, txt, doc, pdf) to be uploaded on the FTP server via WordPress uploader. I am also using WP User Frontend from weDevs and want the file upload to do the same...
  4. Adilpro

    Storage box for hosting server backup

    Hi, Can you please suggest to me a good storage box service that accept FTP connection I have a website and I need to do a fast backup from web panel CWP to ftp storage
  5. Xandr24

    Ftp upload adult content

    Good day to all! I am looking for a server to download using ftp porn video! Who knows such or knows how to search, please help!
  6. gigglesworld

    Need a simple script developed

    We are in need of a small script that will allow us to pull down pricing from a marketplace website, do a comparison to raise or lower our pricing to compete with other sellers. We have an old script that once worked but no longer does, we don't want that application fixed we want a new one...
  7. R

    Admin problem adultvideoscript

    Hello, please have your problem when we want to log in to admin so do not let me. I'm still pointing to login. Together, neither a registered user can log in. I have entered my password correctly. Where can it be a mistake? Official support can not be used. Please help me. Script is...
  8. mastertanvir

    Movie download speed more than youtube from a website

    Hello, I am from Bangladesh.I use a broadband connection of 1mbps.Upload speed 5mbps.I get 25 mbps speed downloading from my broadband ftp server. I get 2.5 mbps download speed from youtube.I checked that I also get same speed from downloading apps from playstore.Except these I get 1mbps from...
  9. beakerhat

    Question about File Manager and FTP

    I used FTP long time ago. I forgot all about it. Recently, I got the business plan with hostgator. I didn't know my site's folder was gonna end up at File Manager. Someone else did it for me. Now I hear File Manager has limited disk space. My site will have graphics coming from other people. I...
  10. lepman

    For Web Developers - A Great Tip on Fast FTP File Transfers! Save hours.

    Hi BHW, I mess with websites all day long. Literally, writing code and transferring files to multiple hosting accounts constantly. Sometimes my tasks include uploading/downloading big folders for backup purposes or moving sites whatnot. The size of the folder is not the issue but the number of...
  11. D

    Introducing myself and asking for help for a noob matter

    Hi all. My name is Chester from Alabama. I'm new on SEO and wanna learn everything! But Starting from the basic, I have to admit I'm totally noob. I'd like to ask your help about setting a website from the start: - I bought the domain and got the hosting. Then redirect the domain dns to the...
  12. efwebs

    Is there an alternative to slow FTP Upload/Download?

    Uploading or downloading individual files isn't bad, but whenever multiple folders are involved, the upload/download process gets very slow as it navigates in and out of folders. I'm using Filezilla right now, but I remember having similar experiences with other FTP programs. Are there faster...
  13. H

    Best Ftp Server Help

    Hey. I wanna ask if you know a good site to buy ftp server and if it is cheap to i gonna use it :)
  14. J

    100% free & unlimited ftp hosting

    I'm aware that a free FTP host isn't really anything special but to have one with unlimited storage and bandwidth is... If you want the site then post here and I will PM you and I'll send it over to you so that my thread doesn't die and to avoid breaking the link posting rule ! Regards, Josh...
  15. orzyman

    (HELP) upload files to website by ftp

    hi Bhers am having problem uploading files to my site using ftp program, btw am using filezilla. i don't know the folder to upload the pages into and even if i add it to any folder i doesn't show up on my site, am noob when it comes to stuff like this type :D but am good at snatching your...
  16. M

    Want to know about FTP setup process?

    Hello, It's really the best to learn anything related to this forum. Thanks to all who are sharing their opinions. I want to know about FTP setup? Hope somebody here to share about this FTP? Thank You.
  17. kentabg

    I want to host ftp with new movies games and porn PLEASE ADVICE

    So i have access to huge database with new movies, dvd porn and games with crack. I need some good and fast unlimited hosting. I want to charge my customer with montly fees, i will upload new movies and games every day. What hosting i need to be safe? The price for BHW members will be...
  18. J

    The stupidity of Fiverr users

    Here is a great one, check this out - 2nd comment down http://www.fiverr.com/users/kristinemcleigh/gigs/setup-wordpress-seo-and-backlinks The guy posts his IP address, his account username, and his password in a public forum. Now I am not suggesting anyone do anything with it, but damn, that...
  19. B

    php+ftp webspace accounts up for grabs

    hi. got a nice list right now i wanna share with you. if you want to keep one of the accounts simply log into its cpanel and change the password/email how you need it. pastebin.org/447727
  20. M

    Encrypted FTP / Browser Encyption Advise

    Just wanted to know what people had for programs/advise on browser and ftp encryption? I have been working on sites for a few years now, and I am starting to worry that my passwords could be hijacked. I am not privy to internet networks, but I have been safe. I have had only one virus (...