1. A

    Youtube Gaming channel and ReUsed Content.

    hello everyone, this is my first thread, i was recently facing some news, which idk if it is true or not. ive heard that gaming youtube channels which are faceless are no longer getting monetized , even if you put your own voice over it. i was planning to create a gaming channel (gameplay) while...
  2. Omen40

    Position: 1, Impressions: 1 - all over again

    Hi, as a newbie I have a question that might be kind of stupid, but I'll ask anyway, as I wasn't able to find an answer for it yet. What does this kind of post/page behavior in SERPs indicate usually? (Image below) It's a post on an established domain (~2 years old) which all in all has/had...
  3. A

    Tiktok link issue

    Hello, i have weird problem with link in bio. It was weird for me that I don't have any visits on my site so I login to another account and the link wasnt visible. I login on another account and link was this time visible, so the link isnt visible for everyone. Is there any solution to this...
  4. Alma

    Trailing slash - GSC page with redirect issue, could internal links cause this?

    Hey, For a long time I have had this issue in my GSC: After going through them yesterday, I have realised what might be cause of this. All the urls listed there do not have the trailing slash "/". I have checked my WP permalink settings and they are correct: , so that means all my posts...
  5. K

    How to cache/index backlink fast?

    I am posting articles on third party sites and links are not cache/indexing. how i can do it fast?
  6. Chiku Arsen

    Which version of Adobe After effects works on windows 8.1 ?

    The latest version works only on windows 10. I have windows 8.1 installed. Wanted to know which Adobe after effects version will be compatible with windows 8.1
  7. Haxkyboy

    Social Media Help needed

    Hello, Guys Need some help with social accounts I Have Created My first website so i have done some seo and now trying to do social media. I Dont know much about social media posting can anyone help me out and give me proper guide or tools any tips and tricks that can help me. if there is...
  8. ristoriel

    Ranking ISSUE

    I found a low competition keyword with monthly searches up-to 2k, I registered a domain based on that keyword literally 1 year ago. I started my website again and this time it's an auto-blog, Google has indexed half of the content but my website is still not ranking for that keyword. Why is...
  9. SeedPhrase

    Whats wrong with my Browsers??

    from 2days whatever am searching in any of my seeing these 5 sites first. When I click any one of them I see this custom search engine. what's wrong?
  10. NProductions

    BHW IS Not Deleting on of my OLD thread. ! i reported to take this down for many years. Unfortunately, your recent report has been rejected: Post in thread 'I Want To Re-sell SEO Services on ( 1 - 5...
  11. MrGrayHat

    Anybody else got CLS issue in Search Console?

    Hey Guys, anybody else here who has a CLS issue showen in the google search console? On Desktop google shows me CLS 0,32, and its growing day by day. i optimized my complete website and checked every CLS of each URL, and its allways perfect (0,017). I used 2-3 different tools and its proven...
  12. keithdu45

    Custom Instagram Bot Issue: Unavailable page message (Chrome headless)

    Hi, I’m building an Instagram automation bot and I’ve been having an annoying issue. The bot is using a chrome headless instance controller via puppeteer. The bot browses Instagram, picks users and interacts with them (might open & like a few posts, follow, unfollow). Nothing special. Overall...
  13. Sunil Thakur

    Facebook ads - Face mask ads issue - Rejected

    hello everyone, Is there anyone who has facing problem with mask restated ads issue in Facebook.
  14. Foletto

    Can Someone help please

    Hello BHWcommunity, hope ur doing fine! so ihave a problem im' new at wordpress & elementor i edited a new header with elementor but my sidebar always appears under it the picture shows the issue sorry for my bad english ! thank you for ur time Can someone help me please and thank you!
  15. R

    What is the issue ?

    Hello BHW, I did properly on-page SEO of my website as well as made a 600+ referring domain backlink ( 40+ guest post ) even one of my keywords is not getting in google first page. My All competitors made an approx backlinks only 120 referring domain but they have come in top 5 positions...
  16. Meerakat

    Wp Quiz Pro Decided To Fuck Me Over

    Yes, the so called quiz miracle just decided to fuck me over. I was making a personality quiz which had 20 questions so far, during this time I kept clicking save as draft and did it again but this time I lost every questions and results and was just left with 1 question! Can anybody please...
  17. Chiku Arsen

    Is something wrong going on with INSTAGRAM??????

    I have posted a story on my new insta profile and for the first time and out of 36 views till now 20 are verified account viewers??? Anyone else having this issue or i really got those verified accounts vieweing my story??
  18. sohom

    Sorry! wrong question

    Hello BHW users Are you able to make a comment on ? Since I can see, 10 minutes ago some one commented there, so many of you must be able to make comments there. It is strange, that I am able to create a new topic there, but unable to...
  19. H

    Your Page may be at risk for monetization restrictions on my facebook

    Hello today I got this problem on my facebook page it says that I used inauthentic means to generate engagement. And I May not have access to additional monetization tools what is the reason and ho to solve it?
  20. sohom

    [HELP!] 21 Posts from my BHW Topic get deleted!! Is there anyone else facing the same issue?

    Hello BHW fellows Yesterday, when I posted a reply in my BHW thread: from Member Downloads section. That topic has total 80 posts. And my last reply was on...
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