1. speed_optimize.jpg


    Troubleshoot Crisis Control Website Speed Optimization, Server deployment, Backup, Translation and Payment Gateway setup
  2. HiQ

    How to benefit from 1500 cloud servers?

    My friend and I have a side project, and in this project, we currently have approximately 1500 VPS and cloud servers. We are heading towards 10,000 servers soon. Almost all of these servers do not utilize more than 20% of their capabilities in our project. I've been thinking for a while about...
  3. speed_optimize.jpg


    Troubleshoot Crisis Control -Website Speed Optimization, Server deployment, Backup, Translation and Payment Gateway setup
  4. SecuredNet

    Plesk vs CPanel

    Hello what is best webhoster panel
  5. Carol Andrei

    Need advice for server specs

    Im hosting a porn website from my old PC, it was fine at first but as the site grew videos are not loading, i want to build a dedicated server, need advice for a server for like 500 users watching videos simultaneously, and no, i dont want to use AWS or other. The videos are averaging in size...
  6. justmeus

    Looking for someone help me set-up a Telegram crypto group (verification and bots)

    Hi guys! I'm looking for someone who can help me set-up a Telegram group for a project i'm doing. Here are some of the needs: 1. Verification 2. Raid protection 3. Commands set-up (/chart, /contract) It needs to be a server comparable to other projects their Telegram servers. Comment + DM...
  7. speedie

    Under-utilizing my server

    Hey guys, I have only used 2GB of 600GB disk space of my SSD. The server has 16GB RAM, and unlimited bandwidth as an unmanaged Linux Ubuntu VPS. What I sell are digital products and services on one website. How can I use this server to its full potential? I mean some autopilot shit that earns...
  8. DeepFuccks

    Best Adult / DMCA Ignored Dedicated Hosting

    Okay so I need to find a new server ASAP! Just got a notice from Hetzner that I must remove my site within 24 hours after someone made a completely false claim that it contains “revenge porn”. Prior to Hetzner I was using vicetemple which I never had issues with. The only thing holding me back...
  9. J

    SMM landing page with Wordpress

    Hello, I'm a beginner so I need your help. I installed the Smartpanel script but I don't like the design of the landing page and I don't have much experience with css to change the design. That's why I have the idea to use a website builder like WordPress with Elementor. Is it possible to...
  10. TooCorny

    Nginx or Apache & Best PHP Handler for Wordpress Sites

    Hello there guys, I am reading some documentation about nginx and apache on plesk forums and I see some contrary information about nginx and apache. Everybody says that nginx loads websites faster but on the other side some say that tapache might be better for wordpress to avoid...
  11. GringoMonkey

    JV - Your Server, My Monetization

    I have a number of projects that require reliable servers and someone to manage them. If you can handle that i can monetize your servers. If a jv appeals to you, feel free to let me know and we can discuss in more detail.
  12. creativemaster

    (WTB) RDP remote desktop connection

    Hey guys i am looking to buy a RDP Remote Desktop Connection RDP should be from Australia i need Australia Remote Desktop Connection let me know if you have maybe it would be a one yer contract or monthly plz give me your cheep price i have very specific budget thanks awaiting for your...
  13. T

    stop software from accessing specifc file

    I was using ads.txt long before it became the standard for publisher ids for site advertising. So I have windows software that download ads.txt file from my server which is supposed to contain text ads. instead now it download ad publisher id entries. Is there a way for example to use...
  14. Ndiqi

    1gbps Unlimited Bandwidth SSD VPS / RDP ★ US, UK, EU, ASIA, Australia, Canada ★ Windows ✔️ MacOS ✔️ Linux ✔️ CentOS

    Hi there, Welcome, we're selling RDP / VPS service. Simple plan and pricing for your needs. All plans comes with 1gbps unlimited bandwidth. 1 Core 1GB RAM 30GB SSD Price: $10 / month 1 Core 2GB RAM 55GB SSD Price: $15 / month 2 Core 4GB RAM 80GB SSD Price: $20 / month 4 Core 8GB RAM...
  15. averjr

    Discord Server Boosts ⚠️ Get 50% OFF ⚠️

    Introduction Do you have an existing Discord Server, but lack the features? You can now upgrade your server for less. Background Information What can I get in this service? Discord Server Level 1 Perks +50 Emoji Slots (for a total of 100 emojis) 128 Kbps Audio Quality Go Live streams...
  16. T

    Running my own dedicated server business?

    Is it feasible to buy a 1U,2U,etc server and rent it out and then pay it off and buy another, rent it out and pay it off, then again and again, etc...?
  17. T

    Looking for a dedicated server between $50 to $100 located in China

    Hi, I am looking to rent a dedicated server located in China for between $50 and $100. Does anybody know of any providers that would work? Thanks, Tim
  18. GSproxy

    Ghostealth | Rotating Datacenter Proxies | Unlimited Bandwidth | Instant Setup & Massive IP-Pool

    However, before you consider buying a subscription, we would like to point out that we offer a free-trial. This is to ensure that you only spend money on our product if it is suitable for your purpose. You can request the free-trial just after >> SIGNING UP << FAQ What is our Refund Policy...
  19. Muhatrima

    Is there A video Editor That Uses Solely Ram

    I have a Server that has high amounts of Ram, But no GPU, and I tested a lot of video editing programs, even the ones that are usually on the lower end of specs, but I am yet unable to find a video editor that uses more Ram than GPU. Any advice on this would be appreciated. My Editing Consists...
  20. BoobsLover

    Can someone recommend best Cloudflare alternatives to hide my origin server IP?

    Hi, I'm currently hosting my web app on AWS EC2, I kinda have copyrighted content there. I received DMCA complaints twice and I believe AWS has eyes on me for next couple of complaints before they suspend my account for good. I host my web app on AWS, because it is powered by many of their...
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