1. zioqw

    website for world most popular crypto casino.

    I am seeking a skilled web developer to help me build a website for world most popular crypto casino. The main objective is to create a website that features a comprehensive review of a specific online poker room with all their bonus system and all posible information about original website of...
  2. R

    Looking to make Figma to Real Website [$200+ daily]

    Looking for a regular, daily web dev who can convert my figma designs (landing page only) into responsive websites within 2-4 hours. Can be HTML/CSS etc. or a platform like Wordpress or alternative. Whichever is fastest while retaining function. Timeframe of 2-4 hours is important (and this...
  3. samkalt

    Html Code Of This Fantastic Landing Page

    Can someone provide me html of this landing pages, i need to landing pages to sell my own products Here's the links: officialcopybot(dot)com Getzapai(dot)com grab1kday(dot)com grab100k(dot)com
  4. unsungwarrior

    Looking for a WordPress designer/developer!

    I am looking for someone who can help me with fixing/creating/modifying wordpress websites as well as landing pages (that not only look great but also convert). This includes theme customization, plugin tweaking, and ensuring everything runs smoothly and securely. Proficiency in HTML, CSS...
  5. ZEESoft Custom Web Development_Aproved bhw thread-min.jpg

    ZEESoft Custom Web Development_Aproved bhw thread-min.jpg

  6. Evgenio999

    How to create your own file hosting service?

    How to create your own file hosting service? I need to put a link to an EXE file on the site, but file hosting services often block the link. So I thought it was possible to create my own personal file hosting service and not install virus protection so that there would be no blocking? Tell me...
  7. davidbrown3

    Developer with HTML CSS for hire, 5 days, 30.10 - 03.11, full working day

    Hello, I am looking for a web developer with HTML + CSS for next week from 30.10 to 03.11, for 5 working days from 08:00 to 17:00 GMT+1. If you are competent to do that, please send me details about what your price and services. telegram: @evanlees Thanks, David
  8. A

    How to extract linkedin companies URL from linkedin search using python

    I'm trying to scrap company's profile URL from a LinkedIn search but I got "not found". Every things worked well in my code here it is: import requests import csv import time import numpy from bs4 import BeautifulSoup from time import sleep from selenium import webdriver import pandas as pd...
  9. J

    Converting Html, css, js, phyton(backend) into Wordpress

    Hey, What are the best ways to convert html, css, js and python code into Wordpress system. My client wants to get it done. He gave me github file it has everything into it. So, what are the ways i can make it into a wordpress site so my client can be comfortable with minor changes they want to...
  10. tazarbm

    how can I obtain a lightbox effect on image click in HTML page?

    Hi, I am trying (well, it's almost done) to create a landing page to promote in Google Ads, and I'm using an old-school HTML editor named Kompozer and I can't figure out for the life of me how to obtain a lightbox effect on image click in that HTML page. Well, it's not like I know coding to be...
  11. A

    How can I extract number of LinkedIn search results

    Hi please I need help extracting the number of results for each keyword in .txt file. For example, my keyword is "buy cars", the element I want from the search is "172 results": Now let's say I have 100 keywords in a .txt file and want to extract the number of results for each how can I achieve...
  12. Linu

    [WTH] Need a developer who are into PHP And Html

    Need a developer who are into PHP And Html for one of our website. Connect me through Skype. Payment mode only through Paypal. No newbie only experienced person needed. I mean Jr VIP (For safety purpose only) Here is my skype id- Please mention...
  13. ATuringtest

    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Convert YouTube Videos In to full HTML Blog Posts ⭐⭐⭐⭐

    ++++ Your are buying a service ++++ that converts your YouTube Videos to full HTML webpages /Blog Posts. Which will then be delivered to you via your email as an attachment. Including : H1 Headers. H2 Headers. AI grammar and spelling correction (results will vary). Full AI Extracted keyword...
  14. Nw_Work

    Any server side coding expert with knowledge on websites here?

    In sticky situation with this code which has been installed when a hacker managed to get in and wordfence and other tradional security plugins was unable to pinpoint source, now 2FA for login is setup and all users were forced logged out but still that code running in background thought cleaned...
  15. Negi Ji

    Feeling distraction in learning languages, What to do?

    Hello guys, Really need your suggestion here as i want to learn front end programming languages but feeling kind of distracted or lazy while learning this. Should i go for online or offline course as i am facing difficulties in learning languessg by myself, will this solve the issues or i will...
  16. snowmanstudio

    How to copy all CSS style from my selected element?

    is there any extension? Suppose I select a Newsletter/Hero Box and want to all copy all css style used for that box.
  17. J

    Looking for a coder ASAP

    I came across this link locker a few days ago and I need someone who's able to replicate it but with my own stuff. I already got the domain ready Here is the source: view-source:
  18. F

    I need help extracting videos from a website

    Guys, I have a study site, but I want to know how to extract clips from it. Do you have any idea that I have an account and everything you ask me for, tools, etc.
  19. N

    How Can I Index Like This?

    Can anyone help me how can I index html link instantly like this? I tried posting link in google news site, submiting in search console , but still I am not able to index my links like the one above. Can anyone please guide me how to achieve that kind of quick indexing result?
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