Aug 31, 2020
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Hi every one , I need some help , i'd like to make some money online and build my career , i chose CPA and i want to learn more about it.
if you can advice me with a course or something , so i can understand what is happening.

Don’t hope for any magic course that can make you money instantly instead go to MY journey sub forum and learn from others experiences.
Don’t hope for any magic course that can make you money instantly instead go to MY journey sub forum and learn from others experiences.

I'm not waiting for a golden sollution , I just need some guide to start , and find my path .
thank you for replying
Don't give up so soon, you need to read a lot to start making money online. :)
Let me narrate my journey briefly:

Got interested in online business in 2006. Learnt about the Wealtjy Affiliate.Got exposed to different forms of affiliate business models. Tried Clickbank and Adsense. Made a few hundred dollars in about 6 months. Made nothing from micro niche sites while trying to presell Clickbank items. I think CB is more of a refund bank. Then tried domain flipping. Registered about 10 domains in a month and successfully flipped 3 and turned 100 dollars into 2000 dollars within 6 months. Then tried site flipping at Flippa.Constructed 2 WP micro niche sites. Sold them for 150 dollars within a month. The RoI on this was: invested 55 bucks including the listing fee and sold them for 75bucks each. I am 54 years old now. Was 40 when I started my journey in grabbing what IM is. Here is my take in a nutshell:

1) Affiliate marketing is extremely difficult in the current scenario. The RoI has reduced considerably

2) trading model still works well as the business legacy is: trading will never die. That is:selling Things on profit.

3) Passion based business modeling works the best, is most lucrative in the longer run. Tostep into it: perform an IKIGAI exercise and do a self assessment of what you want to do.

I am telling you: look inwards and stop looking outwards. The ideas can be self generated.
The big affiliates have become so big that there’s not much room left for small timers and beginners to get anything out there.

instead, sell services,enter some arbitraging model and you will surely be in a green zone.

All the best.
If you need guidance you can check the websites of the companies you applied to.
They have a lot of guides on how to get started.

Interesting enough you chose CPA without knowing a lot about it.
First do your research and then see what fits you, now the other way around.
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