cpa + pinterest

  1. Chuchitas_009

    Please help, I can't convert to CPA.

    Well guys, I signed up for the Adthorized CPA network and well, I don't know what happens, I don't get to get any conversion, just clicks and host but no conversion, I receive 50 or more messages a day, my niche is for adults, please help.
  2. K


    Hi every one , I need some help , i'd like to make some money online and build my career , i chose CPA and i want to learn more about it. if you can advice me with a course or something , so i can understand what is happening. AND THANK YOU.
  3. Moro007

    Best way to promote a CPA adult offer?

    Hello guys, I'm new with CPA and i wanna start with CPA adult offers , so i want just to know what are the best ways to promote my offers , with organic traffic like youtube , social media , Website or blog ....etc , or with a promoting plateforme like TJ or Juicy ads or something else ? Thanks.
  4. Frazinjer01

    Email/Zip submits CPA

    I just want to know if I get paid once they enter their email and it goes to the next page to fill in their phone number?
  5. MagicNeon

    Hello everyone, i have recently joined. And my goal is to learn CPA marketing

    I am trying to find good organic traffic to send it to my CPA offers. Currently i am using maxbounty as CPA network and Instagram as traffic. I am doing everything manually right now , but my goal is passive income. Please give me some tips like: Best automated tools for organic growth...
  6. A

    Strugling 3 years for my 1st dollar

    Hi Guys, I just want to ask about the different ways to promote CPA offers i've tried many of them for more than 3 years and i didn't scced in any of them so would you like guys to help me and many others like me, just hints and i will read and try more Thnx in advance for everyboy
  7. survivorghost

    CPA + Pinterest Traffic ✔️✔️

    So I have this Pinterest account that drives about 2m traffic a month. I wasn't monetizing that traffic and then I decided to use CPA offers to make some money out of it. I got accepted in maxbounty and now I am trying to pin something and put the offers link with it, it says that link has...
  8. durontobalok

    Newbie Member of BHW!

    Hi there! I am new member of BHW. Basically I want to know about and learn about Internet Marketing and CPA / Affiliate Marketing. If there anyone who are expert on cpa marketing. Please let me know how can i get sucess in this marketing process. Thanks
  9. AprilAllen

    what is the best way to promot my cpa offer??

    I have started working on cpa network. please suggest me best platform and techniques to promote my cpa offers.
  10. seoxz

    Cpa help

    I am new to cpa heard about some people making a lot of money using maxbounty peerfly and etc. What are the best cpa offer providers.? What is the best way to get accepted into one of these companies? Tools that would be required in the journey? Best marketing methods. I know i am asking...
  11. cgt web

    How you can get your CPA and affiliate links on facebook and other social networks.

    Hi guys, I have been a member here a little while now and have gained so much knowledge from this forum but I am still a so-called noob. Many people already know this but through reading through various post's it seems many people do not so I thought I would try and help out. I see a lot of...
  12. alice252293

    Social media + Adult CPA networks question!!!!

    Hi guys, I'm been promoting for adult cpa networks for 2 months now (Porn reupload method). For the first month I spent a lot of time on this. But right now I know tips, tricks to get regs so I only spend one hour a day on this method. That's why I have a lot of free time. I wanna switch to...
  13. webseye

    Let's have some discussion about the effective CPA strategy.

    Looking for some effective strategy for housing cpa offers.
  14. kohli cool

    [JOURNEY] Exploring Pinterest (Traffic+cpa)

    After using Facebook and twiiter for years i stepped into Pinterest a couple of weaks ago. It may not be quite as big as Facebook in terms of pure users but it’s actually not as far behind as you might think. It has a ton of unique features that present excellent opportunities for the marketer...