How you can get your CPA and affiliate links on facebook and other social networks.

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Aug 7, 2017
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Hi guys,

I have been a member here a little while now and have gained so much knowledge from this forum but I am still a so-called noob. Many people already know this but through reading through various post's it seems many people do not so I thought I would try and help out.

I see a lot of "noobs" trying methods and they are like hey, Facebook removed my link or Pinterest banned me so this is for all of you experiencing difficulties direct linking link shorteners.

here is the thing, Facebook and pretty much all social network sites pretty much hates link shorteners and 9 times out of 10 know's what is behind them. Social networks hate affiliate links and more so CPA links.

What I would recommend is one of 2 options, the free option, and the paid option.

free method:

make a landing page, there are many ways you can do this, either using free webpage editors such as:

Or by using free blog providers such as:

Now yes this will require a little work, maybe an hour or 2 and if you are unfamiliar with website editors or blogs hit up the glorious YouTube and you will find plenty of resources to help there.

Paid method:

simply sign up for hosting and a domain name that is relevant to your CPA niche for example if your promoting job offer, buy a domain such as or something along them lines.

I have 4 domains that I pay for once a year and hosting which I pay £30 a month for but if you're just getting started you can get a free domain and hosting for around $5 a month at

After that just set up a redirect again if you don't know how to do this hit up youtube or contact your hosting provider. You can then put into Facebook and it will redirect to your CPA offer without the link being removed.

Really hope this help guys :)