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  1. W

    Hi I am waliullah new here

    Hi i am waliullah new here
  2. #IM

    Threshold Google Ads - FB Threshold Ads + Clickbank - CPA

    Hi, I have my own method to create Google and FB threshold accounts for which i can run PPC ads, but still i cant monetize it good, need some help here, and want to start to promote affiliate offers. What kind of Clickbank offers that are converting right now, as i tried selling a product from...
  3. A

    My journey to make over 8500$ in cpa marketing

    Hi, firsty sorry for my bad English, cause he didn’t my native language. so a little about me, I’m from Morocco I really live in 3rd world country , I have 19 years old I leave school, and now I do cpa, I have made over 8k$ in my journey with cpa YouTube. So what I do: I make my own videos...
  4. Zygfried

    [Journey] CPA network + SEO + Ads

    Hello everyone! Went through many posts about CPA networks and here is my plan: I've created a simple website about a video game some kids are playing a lot and are looking for credits to play the game. I would get traffic with both SEO and Google Ads and reward those kids with virtual money...
  5. 7

    How Can i get traffic for YouTube Cuz i have high cpm and rpm

    I need some méthode or tricks to get traffic usa and Germany if you have any Idea answer me
  6. Bratha

    Giving thanks

    I find BHW very useful. Thank you everyone who takes their time to share insight
  7. A

    Can someone help me with Youtube + cpa???

    Hi, My name is Albert, and I'm 17 years old. At the beginning of the year I heard of CPA Marketing. And for about 4 months I'm still trying to earn money from cpa. It's just that it's too hard. I tried almost all traffic methods for cpa but to no avail. For a month all try Youtube + cpa I heard...
  8. Windnfire

    Looking for Make Money CPA Affiliate Network / CFD / Crypto

    Does anybody know any network that can provide leads in the industry of crypto? Please tell if you have any suggestions!
  9. S

    Crypto/Forex vertical

    How to start running crypto/forex traffic from Google?
  10. avc975

    How to run CPA offers to Antivirus Support

    Hello Guys, Can anyone guide me on how to promote CPA offers for Antivirus Support Calls. Since Google doesn't allow this, how can we target specific audience searching for support or is there a way we can do this in google too. I know a few ways to do it with google but it turns out to be very...
  11. R

    Lead Generation on Facebook?

    Hello everyone, I'm about to run an ad for home improvement lead generation, it includes : Roofing, Flooring and Solar Energy panels installations, quotes etc on Facebook. It'd be a lead generation ad targeting people who need home improvement services, collecting emails, name, address, phone...
  12. chouikir

    Google Adwords Threshold 2022 // 350 UDS

    Hello BHW Members I am new on this Forum. Today i'm gonna show you the last Google AdWords Method 2022. Let's Get Started 1-AWS For RDP 2-Site For SMS (I like 3-Banck to Get Unlimited VCC You can use Revolut Or Or wise ----------------------------------------- You...
  13. chouikir09

    What is the best platform for cpa link Cloacking

    Hello guys I have a method about how to create Google AdWords threesold and I want to run ads on google ads but I need a Cloacking website for hiding my cpa landing page thanks
  14. B

    cpa marketing with google ads

    hey! i want to start cpa marketing anyone can tell me how can i start?
  15. C

    i need cpa methods please

    hi i need cpa methods please to get some money I am a university student and I need money to complete my studies. And the inability of my parents to help me please help me
  16. spamco

    Why Is This Network everywhere ??

    hey guys when i spy i found this network with this smartlink : onmarshtompor~com please guys what network that Owens this domain onmarshtompor thanks
  17. spamco

    cpabuild with bemob problem

    guys i cant link bemob with cpabuild when i click save and test i get this message
  18. MehtaM

    How to promote sweepstakes CPA offers like "Win a chance to get ____" on Google ads safely?

    I'm aware that Google doesn't like sweepstakes and giveaway ads. I have some questions for people who are experienced in this. Is cloaking is neccessary or a bridge page/quiz page will work? Will YouTube ads be easier than Search ads? What kind of precautions are neccessary for compliant ad...
  19. G


    Is there a foolproof strategy for promoting CPA? And it should be free
  20. S

    i want imonitize account approve

    i am try many time to get imonitize account get approve. but i do not get approve. i submit my recent working document from lospollos network. anyone can help me to get approve imonitize account. if anyone can reffer.