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  1. S

    CPA Guide

    what do I need to know to start studying CPA, I read many threads on this forum and found a lot of success from CPA players, but I have never had experience in this field, is there a clear guide to starting from zero?
  2. InternetAnon300

    [Journey] to $100/day profit in Affiliate Marketing

    Started looking into Websites & SEO ~3 months ago. Since then have fell down the rabbit hole of Aff Marketing. Going down the path of using ads/paid traffic to generate revenue. Probably Push Ads as I have heard good things about them & I have no experience in any ads. What Resources Do I...
  3. L

    Agent accounts?

    Hey guys, Where is i can buy agent accounts?Previously looked at different affiliate networks, I'm not happy with the low quality of their accounts. Recommend please...
  4. pumpPROFIT

    What's about AI in CPA niche?

    I recently heard about Facebook's active use of AI technology. Do you think that after the development of the technology, the process of "makе money" will become more complicated? I am waiting for your opinion guys!
  5. pumpPROFIT

    I am looking for new CPA networks

    Hey Guys, I looking for a new network, with favorable offers, experienced guys please advise. Thanks guys!
  6. karlochi

    Target CPA not doable

    How many times did your Target CPA was way more then expected? My best methods for making sure that does not happen: -less targetting area -more negative keywords for own sake -making sure your Target CPA aint to small and not doable (research your historical conversion data)
  7. docthelegend


    any cpa network that accept without those painful verifications ? ialready have cpabuild and now they are in danger they did get banned many niches (rewards,coins,cashapp,..) if you have any weekly payment cpa network and easy to get accepted please share with us .
  8. J

    CPA affiliate marketing

    How to create a private mirror link for CPA offers or CPA content locker, of course you guys will say CPA build has this feature but " The main question is how to create a private mirror link in other CPA networks like CPA grip are other networks who does not have this feature " as a affiliate...
  9. jonessaha

    Cpa + Google Threshold Accounts

    Hello i am planning to promote cpa offers with my google ads threshold accounts What I have right Now : -Unlimited domains -host -threshold accounts -cpa accounts What I will Need : cloaking service or a bypass for giveaway offers in google ads Any Suggestion on how to bypass cpa offers in...
  10. Mirimanga

    Monetize horror movies with broadcast rights

    Hi all, I recently bought a catalog of slasher/horror films and shorts, that I hold the legal broadcasting rights for. They are very niche and a lot of blood going around. How can I monetize them? I'm excluding Amazon because I'd be a drop in the bucket and I think the content is too "bloody"...
  11. Ammar777

    Can I make 1 million $ in 2024 if I start now ?

    Hello guys, I am new with you and I am here to learn from you the techniques and methods of making money I own a computer and the Internet, and I do not have money. I want to master the field of cpa and email marketing. I started my career. What do you think of this? Please, whoever has a...
  12. arsignupar

    How To deal with advertiser who shave leads & trick the tracking system ?

    Well, to be honest i don't want to talk about the low EPC or The CRT, But some tier 3 advertiser just don't care about the publishers ! And i don't why the CPA network does nothing against this and let them do whatever they want. it's clearly something not okay, maybe the tracking system is...
  13. L

    How to find a profitable offer in 24H

    Hey everyone, First of all I like this forum and whenever a question I comeback here and search and I find a lot of information. Let’s start : In the CPA world you always need to find a good offer that converts but how ? You need : Smartlink WW from any network. Tracker Traffic source (you...
  14. T

    [Journey] Ogads + YTAds (50$/day?)

    Hello everyone, Welcome to my first CPA journey, It's going to be YTAds + Ogads Content Locker In the last year I focused a lot on CPA Marketing and this is my first experience with paid traffic and I decided to start this month with YTAds. I have already started doing this, I have invested...
  15. ppdash

    Crackrevenue,cpagrip,cpabuild need help

    im new to this feild and i really want to make some money from this. i've tried to get traffic for cpa offers from youtube and facebook but no one converting.i bring arounf 200 a day but no one is converting.i want to ask that is there any way to sign up on our own cuz like 2-4 usd means a big...
  16. Sense8Digital

    Best CPA Content-Locker Networks ?

    What are the best CPA / Content-Locker Networks for beginners ( that will easily accept you )
  17. designer style

    Need a Blackhat/whitehat CPA method!

    Need a Blackhat OR whitehat CPA method, please if you have a method share it with me have started CPA marketing
  18. Elkhalid

    hello can recommande me some ways to make money on cpabuild ?

    hello i have cpabuild account and i want to know some way to make money please any course to follow or some methods to start with free traffic i don't have budget to start so i can start with low budget thanks a lot for you guys
  19. W

    Hi I am waliullah new here

    Hi i am waliullah new here
  20. #IM

    Threshold Google Ads - FB Threshold Ads + Clickbank - CPA

    Hi, I have my own method to create Google and FB threshold accounts for which i can run PPC ads, but still i cant monetize it good, need some help here, and want to start to promote affiliate offers. What kind of Clickbank offers that are converting right now, as i tried selling a product from...
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