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  3. AlbertTZ11

    I'm stuck at $20 dollars a day cpa!!!

    hello bhw community, I need help, I deal with cpa and I'm stuck at a certain amount of money, between 5-25 dollars a day, I want to go to the next level and generate tons of traffic, what do you recommend? I don't have a very big budget, what do you recommend I try: youtube, google ads, tiktok...
  4. S

    Is there any way to make $30 per day from cpabuild using facebook free traffic? Kindly help me.

    Hey, i want to make $30 per day using free Facebook traffic. Please give me a idea how i can?
  5. S

    CPA Guide

    what do I need to know to start studying CPA, I read many threads on this forum and found a lot of success from CPA players, but I have never had experience in this field, is there a clear guide to starting from zero?
  6. primeimpact


    Hi! I’m Sin :) Been in the online marketing & advertising industry for over 10 years - extensive experience in affiliate marketing sector. Lately, I’m mostly focused on social media /influence marketing and ecom.
  7. A

    Hello BHW! (+ a quick question)

    Dear BHW, Nice to see you here, anon. I've been lurking this forum and learned an enormous amount from you all. In a few short days I'm getting ready to run my first "Grey Hat" FB ad. I have almost everything in place, but just one questions before getting started. I currently have been...
  8. mvvmvv

    Adult content, what cpa network are they using?

    I saw the Vietnamese to publish .es domains on Facebook, Adult content, what cpa network are they using? like that test*****.es/p/b39e0ffa7e44b26092424978466a08bd?t=1698413678
  9. pumpPROFIT

    What's about AI in CPA niche?

    I recently heard about Facebook's active use of AI technology. Do you think that after the development of the technology, the process of "makе money" will become more complicated? I am waiting for your opinion guys!
  10. villamedia

    What’s the best way to monetize this certain type of group?

    Over the past year, I’ve been reading & learning about different niches/different things while observing different social media Of mine. Currently I’ve noticed a bunch of my friends talking about their need for remote jobs and I’m in a few groups where there are at least 80-90k people and the...
  11. docthelegend


    any cpa network that accept without those painful verifications ? ialready have cpabuild and now they are in danger they did get banned many niches (rewards,coins,cashapp,..) if you have any weekly payment cpa network and easy to get accepted please share with us .
  12. G

    Wassup, BHW ! CPA Marketing

    Hello guys ! I'm a new member of this forum and I would like to share a short intorduction. I like being called Godd, I have 17 y.o., I am from Romania and in the last period I started a journey with CPA Marketing. I am looking to learn and find some tips and tricks, so if you have any, I...
  13. B

    Use Facebook for cpa Offers

    Hi guys i've create a landing page with 1 cpa Offer but i need someone to help me how to do cloaking to my links i've got a-lot of traffic without click's i've try also some websites for filtering traffic from bot's and proxy's please if there is any idea to help don't be hesitate to .......
  14. ImB4ne

    This type of Landing Pages still work on Facebook?

    hi new on BHW by the way , found this in the morning on a facebook group and actually landed me to a cpagrip url locker... now i asking myself , these types of landing pages(short straight to subject with high CTA button) are good of something? or it's just a waste of time?
  15. T

    CPA Marketing with facebook group method US only HOW?

    Any idea how this guy is making 50 USD per day from Affmine and facebook group posting his cpa offers.. My quesion is how is getting so many USA facebook Ids. where to buy them.. ? can you guide how is he managing to access multiple facebook account from one pc.. is there a facebook multi...
  16. K

    Someone teach me how to monetize Instagram with CPA

    I have about 50 perennial instagram accounts. I have not earned any money from CPA before. My family is having financial difficulties. Nice if someone can show me how to earn CPA with these 50 accounts. Thank you!
  17. L

    How to find a profitable offer in 24H

    Hey everyone, First of all I like this forum and whenever a question I comeback here and search and I find a lot of information. Let’s start : In the CPA world you always need to find a good offer that converts but how ? You need : Smartlink WW from any network. Tracker Traffic source (you...
  18. arsignupar

    Journey ( 50$ Day ) With Facebook Free Traffic And CPA

    Hey everyone, Straightforward, i discovered a new secret method to drive traffic from FB to CPA Offers. So i decide to start my journey & i will update this thread every time i got new results. What i need : * Old FB Account * Many New FB Accounts * RDP Or VPS * A Bot * Domain or Blogger *...
  19. designer style

    Need a Blackhat/whitehat CPA method!

    Need a Blackhat OR whitehat CPA method, please if you have a method share it with me have started CPA marketing
  20. aj2smoove

    CPA Facebook ads

    Hello , anyone who can gives me some tips or to send me a video of how to promote offers with Facebook ads ,i hear a guy that he does this and i want to try too ,so if can anyone help me i will be grateful ! Thanks
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