cpa + facebook

  1. spamco

    CPA Smartlink Redirect

    hey guys , i was spying on cpa offers , i found this smartlink like in 60 - 80 % ads , its everywhere here is the smartlink domain name > yealnk '' com / afu.php can anyone please tell me what cpa network this smartlink belongs to thanks,
  2. K


    Hi every one , I need some help , i'd like to make some money online and build my career , i chose CPA and i want to learn more about it. if you can advice me with a course or something , so i can understand what is happening. AND THANK YOU.
  3. Moro007

    Best way to promote a CPA adult offer?

    Hello guys, I'm new with CPA and i wanna start with CPA adult offers , so i want just to know what are the best ways to promote my offers , with organic traffic like youtube , social media , Website or blog ....etc , or with a promoting plateforme like TJ or Juicy ads or something else ? Thanks.
  4. R

    (Method)Targeted audiences

    Drop ship sport and fitness equipments what to target? How to target?
  5. Mrz.Paul

    Best way to promote a CPA offer?

    Hello guys, There are many experienced CPA marketers in this thread I believe so I want to ask them what are the best platform that u promoted ur CPA product and what really worked for you. Thanks.
  6. Simo Zini

    {Help} 200$ Ads Coupon + website+ cpa + Affiliate

    Hello My Friends.. = Today I Very Need Your Help Guys To Guide Me What To Do With This Tools To Earn some Dollars $$ + I Have More Than 200 $ Coupon Ads In Facebook And Twitter.. + i`ve Got a Lot Of Empty Domains .. .Com + And An Account In Cpabuild + Groovefunnels Account For Building...
  7. T

    How I Made Up To $22,000 Using FREE Traffic On Facebook (Twist) 2020

    Hello. I am a new comer here, i want to share a method which i have used since Oct 2019 (Last Year) and method is still working...i decided i want to give back as i have made my money and also open up new ideas for others. The method is SIMPLE BUT the traffic is so damn laser targeted you...
  8. D

    My CPA Journey to 50$ a day or more!

    Hello guys, I am a member since 2018 but I was visiting this forum for a little bit longer without an account, then I decided 2018 to take action and did build my movie streaming website for tier 3 country and I was successful I've been in the top 5 google searches for like every tv-show I...
  9. Ali Mekebret

    CashNetwork CPA Approval Methods

    hello everyone currently iam working with mobidea cpa network and i have greet result with it . but i need to move on cashnetwork to get more greet offers . Please i need someone work with cashnetwork to send me a invitation link . Thank you advance
  10. CyberGen

    First compaign! Give me your opinion!

    EDIT: sorry for the title! Its campaign. Hello everyone, so during about 2 days Ive made the best landing page I could to promote a cpa product. I think it's very nice and looks pretty professionnal. Ive made a noice juicy thumbnails and now I am trying to find good words to make a juicy...
  11. BlackDesign

    Is anybody here doing FB ads CPA?

    Hey guys, for the past few days I've been watching some videos on youtube regarding FB ads cpa , how to prepare the landing page, some cloaking techniques etc Yesterday I started some campaign on facebook , there was 38 clicks on the link and only 4 clicks on the ad ( I had quiz funnel ) and I...
  12. D

    Which CPA networks are beginner friendly?

    I wanted to ask this because most of the networks ask a shitload of info about how I am going to promote their offers. Just wanted to know which are the easiest ones to get into and are legit.
  13. jul3s

    [Method] Get high CTR with this type of landing pages for CPA and Affiliate offers

    Instead of wasting time and money to create a new landing page for every offer I want to test, I push traffic to the landing with AI bot where I get a chance to ‘talk to them’, get names, emails, make them share, educate them about the offer, etc. This way I get higher CTR to the landings as...
  14. RooT-00

    CPA + FB Ads

    Hi guys this is my first time to run Cpa offer on facebook and I've a problem I think My CPC = $0.50 Offer = Supermarket offer Country = Denmark Gender = Females Age Group = 30 - 60 No Interest What to do to get low cpc
  15. typina

    My Journey in CPA

    Hello, im Krisetya from Indonesia. Today i write my journey at BHW to boost my passion to making money online. Previously my main IM income from SMMA (Instagram), the revenue is quite good, I can fulfill my life and college cost. But, you know that recent IG algorithm make all page in...
  16. mstapha999

    What is the best method to use fb ads threshold accounts?

    Hey BH experts! Recently i've managed to get some old facebook accounts and get a 25$ in each account of them for advertising, now i'm jst stuck 'n trying to find the best method to follow in order to profit from these accounts, literally anything that can get some cash... i'd really appreciate...
  17. O

    facebook ads traffic contains a lots off vpn and proxies

    hello blackhatworld i have been getting traffic through Facebook ads to offre in my affiliate network but my affiliate manager said that it has a lot off vpn and proxies in facebook ads. can any one know how to prevent those vpn&proxies traffic and let only real users
  18. Kabi12

    Question about Propellerads + Ogads

    Is traffic propellerads good? for Content Locker ?
  19. A

    Strugling 3 years for my 1st dollar

    Hi Guys, I just want to ask about the different ways to promote CPA offers i've tried many of them for more than 3 years and i didn't scced in any of them so would you like guys to help me and many others like me, just hints and i will read and try more Thnx in advance for everyboy
  20. dontfarm

    [Case Study] Crypto Offers with Facebook Ads

    Hey guys! We have prepared this case study with one of our clients. Want to share this experience with you and give you some motivation for that everyone can make a lot of money, just don't give up and always test, test, test and you will find your profitable campaign. All the next steps...